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    1 Review
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      06.08.2000 23:33
      Very helpful
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      The Text This Week (www.textweek.com) is one of the best Christian resources on the internet. It is primarily intended for the clergy but it has attracted a far wider audience due to its comprehensive and diverse nature. The title of the site refers to the lectionary (the biblical texts traditionally read in churches each week over a three year cycle) and these texts form the focus of each weekly update. But behind the scenes is a vast scripture index which covers most of the Bible in great detail. There are at present three main sections to the site: the Scripture Index, the Art Concordance and the Movie Concordance. The Scripture Index is arranged at its top level as one would expect by biblical book title in the order found in the bible.The 'general resources' for each book contains a broad range of links to online commentaries, background information and more general articles relating to the specific biblical book. But each book is also subdivided into texts and under each text are further divisions. Reading the text - offers various translations of the text. Historical References - give links to ancient commentaries from the Church Fathers, Calvin, Wesley etc. and Contemporary References gives links to modern online commentaries and articles which relate to to the text in question. Many of the articles are written by some of the top scholars in Biblical Studies and offer different and challenging perspectives on the texts. This, in fact, is what makes this such a good resource for unlike many Christian sites this is not limited to one perspective and is not restricted to conservative viewpoints. It includes, for example, links to the Dictionary of Sex in the Bible and feminist articles but it is careful not to go to far. The Art Concordance contains links to religious art both on and off the internet. It is alphabetically indexed under names (such as Abraham, David etc), topics (such as the Last Supper) and subjects
      (such as Lying or Mountains ). Each topic covered has links to relevant pictures. Under the Last supper, for example, there are over 30 links to works of art . The Movie Concordance has two sections : the Movie Title index and Movie themes index. Movie themes is again arranged alphabetically and covers movie scenes which have or have been interpreted to have a spiritual or biblical theme. Under the theme 'Confrontation with Evil' are over 20 films with a summary of the particular scene. This entry includes Apocalypse now, the Exorcist, the Matrix etc. The movie index has lists of the most recent films on screen and video/DVD and includes Gladiator, Chicken Run etc. In Gladiator, for example, the following themes have been identified: afterlife/Heaven, Ascension, Baptism, Clean/unclean, crucifixion, John the Baptist, and Joseph. In Toy Story 2 someone has used Woody's kidnapping to illustrate baptism. Links to related articles are also included under the movie - under Amadeus is a link to an article entitled 'Mozart & Salieri, Cain & Abel: A Cinematic Transformation of Genesis 4.' Such articles and insights can give a different perspective on films and allow you to watch them again with fresh eyes. The site is owned by Jeenee Woodward who was not able to pursue a career in higher education due to having to care for her son who has severe autism. This is truly sad but she has certainly made a wonderful contribution to the internet for which she should be applauded.


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