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      09.09.2004 03:24
      Very helpful



      www.theblitz.org -What is the website and what does it do- Put in the simplest terms this is a war gamers site run BY war gamers For war gamers. The website has a selection a war games for which it helps co-ordinate online play Usually by e-mail (Known as PBEM as the game progresses by players sending files to each other) the website has the following games and their derivatives: American civil War, Campaign series, Classic wargames, Combat command 2, Combat mission, Napoleonic, Panzer campaign series, Steel panthers, Squad battles, The operational art of war, Uncommon valour. For each of these games there are separate message boards where the players communicate with one another, posting challenges etc. Players report games and the results are calculated and are then added on to both participants scoreboard, which is held on a database. -How would I play a PBEM game? ? AS PBEM?s are the heart and soul of this website, thought I should do a little about how they work From my experience I will use an example that I use a lot. First of all I would register with all the ladders for games I Own, in this case lets say for the game Combat Mission. I would first post a topic on the ladder board entitled ?CMBO PBEM game wanted?, I would then hopefully get replies and would discuss details of our game, who is what etc. then I would send the start file t my opponent who would choose his forces and send it back, I would then do the same. My opponent would then place his units and then give them there first orders and then send a file back to me, I would do the same and the game would progress. - Navigation- Navigation is mainly done by a kind of taskbar type thing at the top of the page, I find this easy as once you know where to go it is simple to get there, here?s a run down of the navigation and a little bit about what each section is. HQ ? Command - Chain of command o Club History: This is the history of the w
      ebsite for all those who want to know o Club Officers: This shows all of the people who run the site, what they do, how you can contact them etc. - Rules Of Engagement o Table Of Contents: Otherwise known as the Club Rules. These tell you how the club does certain things. § Membership: this tells you a bit about the members, what the club does etc (In essence a nice welcome) § Joining & Boot Camp: describes what a member has to do to be put on a game ?ladder? § Getting Started: This tells you where to go if you?ve just joined § Games Supported: Which games are supported on this website § Ladders: this has a little description of what a ?ladder? is and how it works § Ladder Status: tells the member if there status is active or inactive, the difference is that if they are active their results no longer appear on the game ladder but are kept on the database (note a member only becomes active when he/she completes their first game and reports it) § Challenging: How challenges work, when they are considered to be accepted as you are under on obligation to accept every challenge you get § Reporting a game: How to report a game so the result is registered on the game ladder (you can agree with your opponent not to report a game beforehand) § Discontinuing a game: What happens if communication between plays stops and a game stops for a reason, there are set protocols for this, if no response is received within a certain time (usually 3 weeks) one player can claim a total victory) § Surrendering: if you no longer want to play and want to surrender you have the opportunity to negotiate terms with your enemy, for example instead of having a total victory your opponent may settle for a tactical victory § Table of ranks: Shows the ranks of players on the game Ladder § Scoring: how the website awards scores, this varies from ladder to ladder § Team Play: how a group of players can play another group of players §
      Cheating: On this website we all have a low opinion of cheating, if you report a game that has never taken place you will get found out as an e-mail gets sent to both players when you report that game § Member page: this shows your details, how many games you?ve played etc § Privacy rights: tells the members that their details are respected § Resignation: how to leave the website § Suspension: what happens if a member ?misbehaves? § Dismissal: the website reserves the right to dismiss anyone from the site § Message boards: basically an appeal for moderation on message boards, which are monitored § Awards and medals: Members are awarded medals for reaching benchmarks, (for example completing 100 games) - News o This has sections of news for different ladders G-1 Admin - Join: this is where you sign up to the website - Report game: This is where you go to report a game, you give who you are, who you played, which side you played, the type & size of game you played and the outcome for you. The results are calculated and added to your scores - Training Ground o How to PBEM: Play-By-Email, this section describes what you have to do to actually work the multiplayer aspect of your respective ladder o Player guides: General Help - Your member page: This has your general details, what ladders you are on and what games you have played and how you did in them G-2 Intel - Articles o Game Reviews: Reviews of various games, you can submit your own o History articles: articles on anytime in history, written by members and you can add your own o Scenario design articles: articles on designing scenarios o Strategy articles: Articles on strategy, written by members - Game action o After action reports o Image gallery o Campaign series online gaming section - Newsletter: these are fairly regular - Polls: Questions the blitz ask in order to try and improve our gaming exp
      erience G-3 Ops - Ladders: In essence a scoring boards showing how you are doing against others who play your game - Message boards: Where members communicate with each other - Tournaments: Here you can register for external tournaments hosted by members - Chat room: A chat room G-4 Supply - Scenarios: Here you can download scenarios for various games - H2H Productions: This is a group that produce scenarios, Mods etc - Links: Links to other war gamers sites and the like - Downloads: Here you can download demos of games etc -Final Say- I would check this website out regardless if you?re a ?war gamer?, it most likely has a link to an online gaming site for a game your interested in. however if you are a war gamer I would have to say it would be a sin to not be registered with this site. The number of games supported is set to rise so there will be more choice.


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