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This a charity website that raise fund for the early detection of breast cancer.

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    1 Review
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      17.02.2002 04:52
      Very helpful



      I was shocked to find that nobody had written a review of this site. It's partner site, thehungersite.com has over 40 reviews on dooyoo, but it is surprising that nobody takes time to pay an interest in this site. Ewith the Internet should visit this site, along with its counterparts (also the Rainforest Site) every day. I try to do so - it's charity, it's for a very good cause and it's free. The central part of this site is to give free mammograms to underprivileged women. In case you don't know, mammograms are the best way of early detection of breast cancer and breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths among women ages 40 - 55. There is an image on the main page showing that 43,000 women will die of breast cancer this year. There is much more information about breast cancer on the site itself. There is a button to click to give free mammograms. Sponsors pay and each click provides one mammogram, possibly leading to you saving someone's life. As with the rest of the site, most of the sponsors are American online shops, so they aren't much use for international users to support them, but they do deserve a visit for being so generous. The site is full of extra opportunities to give, but once again, many are US based - lots of shops donate extra mammograms when you buy from them for the first time. You can however sign up for their newsletter, and they will fund more mammograms. The site also sells t-shirts and other merchandise promoting itself, donating more mammograms again. The site is great - there is a section where you can e-mail your friends telling them about it, you can pay money to give extra cups ranging from $30 to $495, a remember-to-click e-mail service and you can see the daily statistics of how much has been given. The site looks good and once you have clicked (which you can only do once a day), it tells you how many times you have clicked since y
      ou started to do so. It's a shame that extra sections of the site aren't more international based, but still, if everybody clicked once a day we could make the world of difference. It takes 10 seconds literally - there's no excuses. The site is pretty much a carbon copy of The Hunger Site and therefore has a very similar review. This is just as important to click on every day - it could even help to save somebody close to you.


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