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Category: Environment

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    1 Review
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      23.03.2010 13:33
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      A glimpse of the future (or what it should be)

      The future is now...or rather, it should be.

      The development of our technologies that have spanned over the course of human existence, which have been developing at exponential rates, could and should have allowed us, as a human race, to live in a far more technologically advanced world than the one we know today. Technologies are available to shelter and feed every human being on the planet, and are able to create and build sustainable food and housing, using clean, renewable energy by utilising the abundant resources of the world, resources that should be available to every human being and where no person should be required to work in order to facilitate that. The problem is not with the technology, the problem, as highlighted by The Venus Project, is with the system we currently live under, namely the monetary system.

      The Venus Project website shows, through 3D animated videos and images, a world that is up-to-date with the technological capabilities that we as an entire race have developed. It shows the possibilities of a world that is free from borders, poverty, social injustices, war and crime, all symptoms fuelled and perpetuated by a monetary system. The vision is something quite remarkable. It is a world of understanding and social cooperation, of spiritual and intellectual advances. It is a world of scientific and industrial brilliance, of monorails in the sky and buses that slide up buildings, a world where cities are built on the sea and where magnetic propelled trains break the sound barrier. It is not a world of science fiction, it is all based on today's knowledge, and is a glimpse of the future we could be living, and, in the current economic climate, resonates all the more deeply as one becomes all too aware of what is possible and what is being deliberately denied for the sake of profit.

      The Venus Project is the brainchild of architect and industrial designer, and seminal futurist Jacque Fresco. Jacque, who is now 94 years old, has spent his entire life developing his ideas and designs for The Venus Project, and with his team has created a 21 acre research and design centre in Venus, Florida to further develop his and their vision. He and his chief associate Roxanne Meadows have been charismatically taking their message around the world, holding talks and discussions at various institutions and universities. It is a message that is gaining in momentum more and more and the worldwide response has been almost universal in its positive acknowledgement. Their ideas are engaging and their methods infectious. They do not try to sell you anything but rather ask for your help, to get involved by spreading the message further and make more people aware of the possibilities, and contribute with any ideas of your own.

      The website, besides the 3D animations and images, has considerable information about the origins, philosophies and templates of the project. It has information about upcoming events, with links to promotional material, lecture videos and to other sites that promote similar activities (such as the www.thezeitgeistmovement.com, the project's activism arm). The site allows you to join up as a member for free, where you would receive regular updates through a newsletter. You are able to contribute any artwork, music, videos or writing that promotes the movement. If you have any industrial design experience you are able to join their global design team, and if you prefer to donate to the cause there is a section for that too.

      The bottom line is basically that if any of their vision appeals to you, do what you can to take it further, because it is something that we are all in together and only as a collective can any change be fashioned.

      The Venus Project calls for a complete re-designing of our society by moving away from the inherently corrupt monetary system and moving toward a resource-based economy, where the world's resources are no longer controlled by a few but are utilised freely by all the world's people. The Venus Project is neither Utopian, nor Orwellian but a practical vision of what the future could be, using only the intelligent application of what we know now, the only limitations being those that we impose on ourselves.

      The project and the website certainly give one a lot to think about. To me, it's been inspiring. It has ignited a spark, and has enlightened me to the possibilities ahead and the pitfalls by which we currently exist in. The road is not going to be easy but society (and civilisation) has always evolved as our knowledge increases and a new collective consciousness takes hold. Change is inevitable and with the state of the world as it is now, for any conscientious person, it has become absolutely necessary. Hopefully, I have given you enough information and generated enough interest for you to view the website and then see for yourself, and maybe it will ignite a similar spark in you, and any future change will be one in tune with this thinking. The future is now...and it is in our hands.


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