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    144 Reviews
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      09.09.2013 13:40
      Very helpful



      A survey site to earn free money

      I was looking to make a little extra money whilst sat at home. Over the years I have come up with many different ways over the internet and whilst it will not make you a millionaire, it all helps towards various little things. Whether it be collecting nectar points, reviewing products, placing the odd bet or taking surveys.

      Toluna I got wind of as a survey website that you would collect points for taking surveys which go towards surveys. A lot of people talked about it and it seemed high up on peoples list, so I thought I would sign up and give it a try.

      You don't need to give them too much information and pretty much all surveys are open to you, you will not be restricted to what is on offer.

      You received daily emails telling you that surveys are available. Unfortunately, they love sending you emails and you could received 3-4 a day. This infact has put my sister off and she has stopped her account because of the emails that are sent out.

      Each survey can take between 10 seconds and 30 minutes. Points start at 10 and work there way into say 2000points. The longer the survey, the more points.
      22223 points will get you a £15 amazon voucher.
      You can also use your points to enter yourself into a prize draw. 250 points puts you into the draw to win a Kindle. 150 points to enter a draw to win a Mango watch.

      So the problems. A couple of them
      * You can spend 5 minutes entering the survey only to find out that you do not qualify and get no points for your efforts.
      * Surveys can crash half way through which is rather frustrating.
      * You think your in for a short survey because of the lack of points but find that 20 minutes later your only half way through and you think to yourself how your life is being wasted away.
      * It does take months of survey taking to get a £15 voucher.
      * Constant emails from them can be annoying
      * To obtain your voucher can take well over a month

      I have given up on them now to be honest. Its a lot of work for little reward. I stick to other survey sites now which reward me in other ways and find that surveys are more enjoyable, take less time and I get my rewards a lot quicker.

      Surveys may include: Mobiles, cars, business, the internet.


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        02.03.2013 11:37



        Dont wast your time

        I was a member of Toluna quite a while ago and was less than impressed with their awful customer service and their glitch ridden surveys.

        When I contacted customer service to find out why my reward is taking so very long I just got what seamed to be a standard scripted answer saying they had run out, they did not know how long it would be until they got some more and that I would be sent them as soon as they get some more in. They say waiting time is 6 to 8 weeks for delivery of your reward but you will have to be very lucky indeed! I have never had a reward that was even close to that timescale in fact I waited around six months a few times from the date of ordering just for an elecronic voucher to be emailed to me! Too many times have I completed a survey just to find that when I answer the last question I would get the message that a 'technical error had occcured', which of course means they are not going to reward you with any points, regardless of the fact that you answered every question. It was their fault the survey had some sort of error on the last question when you click the button to submit, but it does not matter that you made the effort and spent you time completing a faulty survey they they offered you. They are a big company with lots of surveys but this is a case of bigger is not better.


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        30.01.2013 17:45



        Users of Toluna would like to see the problem resolved

        There is no way to see the payment from toluna!!

        Open case against the payment of my Amazon vouchers and after contacting the Toluna for the 3 time I just got the same response over and over again:

        I have checked and I can confirm that your voucher request is still processing. As we order and process large batches of vouchers at the same time, it normally takes up to 4-6 weeks from when you order your voucher until when you receive it. We know that in this case the original 6-week time has been surpassed, therefore we send you our sincere apologies. We fully understand that you work hard to earn your rewards and we assure you that we will be processing all outstanding vouchers as soon as we possibly can. Unfortunately I cannot provide an exact processing date at the moment.

        In order to see your reward, you need to log in to your account, then select You-Rewards, then select the period you are interested in from the calendar which appears on this page. Please also check blog post regarding rewards http://ukblog.toluna.com/.

        We are sorry for the inconvenience caused and we hope that you enjoy spending your voucher once processed.

        Kind regards,
        Julie Connor

        Thank you for contacting us.

        The Toluna Team

        Further information about your case is included below. Please do not reply to this email unless you wish to reopen the case.

        Clearly not the best answer, I guess...


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        26.01.2013 14:17



        I have been a happy member of Toluna for years but now there seems to be a problem getting rewards. Normally they say 6 weeks but I am still waiting for a claim made beginning of November and this is for an e-voucher! Not good


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        26.10.2012 22:14
        Very helpful



        If you aren't in a hurry this can be an interesting site to contribute to and earn a few pounds.

        I have been using the Toluna Survey Site for about 8 weeks. There are a variety of ways on this site that you can earn points. Once you have earned 80000 points you can redeem these for a £15 Amazon voucher. Bear in mind it can take around 6 weeks for you to be rewarded for your survey opinions.

        Profile: When you join Toluna, fill out all the 13 profile sections (Home and Family, Employment etc) and earn 100 points per completed profile.

        Quick Votes: These are multiple choice questions asked by Toluna and earn you an immediate 15 points for answering. There are generally around 5 Quick Votes posted a day by Toluna. You can go through the old Quick Votes that have been posted in the previous few months. I increased my points by an additional 10000+ by doing this.

        Surveys: Various surveys are suggested for you in your Survey Centre. The more up to date your profiles are the more relevant the surveys will be. Unlike other survey sites where you are only offered one survey a month, Toluna offers a wide variety of surveys. Like all survey site though be prepared to be regularly screened out of a number of these. The average point level for a survey is about 2000 points.The downside to Toluna is it is slow to reward points and I am only just starting to gain the majority of my points.

        Polls/Topics/Battles: You can write your own polls where you can give multiple choice answers to gain other people's opinions. You can also post a topic which other people can comment on, or post a which is better battle. I have posted a couple of opinions, and was rewarded additional points as these were popular (around 1000 points), but you can't rely on these additional points. One of the advantages of Toluna as a community is it has a high standard of opinion posters who regularly contribute to the site.


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        12.01.2012 13:24
        Very helpful



        A social network site with a difference...

        I came across Toluna whilst browsing through the Martin Lewis's Money saving website, i was researching something i could do from home in my spare time to boost my income, something interesting which meant i enjoyed what i was doing whilst earning myself some little extra rewards.

        I did not want to sign up for anything that meant i got bored easily or lost interest after a few weeks of putting in the time and effort of getting it started, i wanted something i could do at leisure and in my own time which also had no deadlines or time limits.

        Toluna attracted my attention, it sounded like just what i was looking for, a fun and informative site which allows open communication between members, various ways to express your views and opinions in a way which actually counted and could possibly make a difference to the future, and allows you to earn rewards for regular participation in giving opinions, asking opinions, product testing and doing surveys.
        I signed up as a toluna member in September 2011.

        --HOW IT WORKS--

        Once you have signed up and registered you then receive a confirmation email which when you click on the link activates your Toluna account, you then can set up your account by creating a username and adding a profile photo.

        There is a very helpful tutorial page for new members which clearly details any questions you may have and helps you navigate the site easily, this also explains how the site works in a step by step guide.

        For joining you receive 500 points in your account, you will then proceed to set up and manage your account where you fill in some mini survey questions about yourself which ensures that when you are sent surveys they are relevant to you personally, these mini survey questions are called interest surveys on subjects such as home & family, shopping habits, travel, internet usage, finance, health, and employment details, all for which you earn an additional 100 points for completing and you may change and up-date these as and when your circumstances change.

        Now you will start to receive survey invites via email and you can expect to earn between 1,000 to 20,000 points from completing them dependant on the survey length and content.

        You aim to earn points for participation which you can then exchange for various rewards, you have easy to use drop down navigation buttons on your profile page which allows you to keep track of the surveys you complete and the points pending your account.

        There are various ways to earn points rather than just by completing the surveys you are sent, you can take sponsored polls which are a simple multiple choice question than you earn 15 points for answering, there are also quick surveys which vary in points and can lead you to a full survey if you qualify for the criteria which the survey providers are looking for.

        You can also create your own polls and topics for other Toluna members to vote and comment on which can also earn you points.

        Toluna is a two way participation site which heavily depends on it's members interactions between each other to aid the collection of points, the site has other features which makes it stand out from the rest like regular member competitions, a monthly prize draw and opportunities to test products as well as make new friends.

        --POINTS SYSTEM--

        Based on the polls and topics you personally create you can earn a maximum of 15,000 points a month and these are called popularity points, once you receive your maximum popularity points which is known as "maxing out" you can still continue to earn points by doing the surveys, sponsored polls and quick surveys.

        On the polls you create, if you get 500 votes you earn 500 points and for 1000 votes you earn 1000 points.

        On the topics you create...
        21 comments earns 500 points
        31 comments earns 1000 points
        41 comments earns 2000 points
        51 comments earns 3000 points
        75 comments earns 3500 points
        100 comments earns 5000 points

        In addition to this you will also earn an extra 100 points for every 80 word opinions you write on other members topics, with a maximum of 5000 points being earned in this way.

        For every friend you invite to join Toluna you earn 500 points.

        Points earned can be exchanged for rewards, some of which are posted and some are sent electronically via email, points can be redeemed for various rewards...

        500 points = Prize draw entries
        30,000 = 100 Face book credits
        60,000 = 1000 Nintendo points

        80,000 = £15 Voucher for any one of, Hmv, Love shop, Halfords, or Amazon
        140,000 = £30 Voucher for Debenhams

        The delivery of vouchers can take an estimated 4-8 weeks.
        Points are valid for a period of 16 months and will be deleted if not used in this time.

        Points are also awarded for social level advancement, you start off as a new member status then move up to beginner, intermediate, novice, expert and v.i.p and for each advancement you get a large lump sum of points added, and these points will count towards your monthly maximum popularity points.


        Toluna members form the UK only have the opportunity to register for product testing and can choose which products they wish to test.

        There is also a monthly £5000 prize draw; each time you get screened out of a survey you earn an extra entry into the prize draw.

        There are regular competitions which you choose weather to participate or not.

        On the toluna home page you have an overview of your statistics which consist of how many polls and topics you have created, participated in and the number of comments and votes you have received.
        A list of recommended topics and polls you may wish to take part in, and any news or up-dates.

        Your public profile is what other toluna members can view and consists of your public messages left form other members, a list of members whom you follow and who follows you, your ratings of up to 5 stars, your social status level of experience (new, beginner, novice, expert, v.i.p), and the last three polls and topics you created and posted.


        I admit to thinking that survey sites were a bit of a scam and not to be entirely trusted at first, and not worth the time and effort you put in for such little rewards in return, so needless to say i was quite sceptical before joining this site but my view was nothing ventured nothing gained so i am glad i gave it a chance because toluna is so much more than just a survey site.

        I receive regular email invites to do surveys at a rate of around 7-10 a week which is a comfortable amount considering they each can take anything between 10 - 60 mins to do, however it is annoying when i spend 20 minutes doing a survey only to be screened for not fitting into the criteria based on the answers i give, i do accept this as part and parcel of being a member of the site and understand that there is a risk of this happening as surveys usually require feedback across all spectrums of the public and i find this depends on how quickly i respond to the email invites as some openings tend to fill up fast as an example the age group 21-34 which work full time and live in London is a criteria which will fill up fast due to it being a larger group of the public if you will.

        I have found toluna to be very easy to use and navigate my way around, i learnt pretty fast how it worked and other members was always eager to help in the first few weeks, i was welcomed and looked after until i was used to the site myself, the layout of the site is very simple, i thought this appealing because too much cluttered pages mean confusion to me and not once have i become confused whilst using this site.

        I am drawn to toluna more regular each day as i think it is a fantastic way of keeping up to date with what is going on in the world because many polls and opinions reflect this, it is very interesting reading peoples opinions on every subject imaginable and i often learn things i did not know prior to reading, i feel it helps to broaden the mind and help with empathy and looking at things in a way i possibly would not have even thought have before, it helps to make informed choices and opinions as people are honest and share many thoughts with each other, it is not only subjects of what goes on in the world but topics and polls can also be quite personal to the creator, lots of people use it as a way of asking for advice and asking the toluna community what they would do in certain situations which i find fascinating and helpful.

        Toluna is a unique social community site which has everything and more, being able to earn points and claim them for various rewards is a bonus of the site in my view because it is certainly not entirely what the site is all about, you do get the ones who are there just to earn the points and make money out of it but i have found the majority are there because they enjoy the interaction and banter as i do, somewhere we can freely express our opinions and thoughts without being judged or ridiculed for it, it is a place which encourages morals and which is very informative and enjoyable, my experience with the toluna members have been excellent and i have made a few new like minded friends along the way of the same age and interests, it is a very varied site which is ultimately very useful and engrossing to be a member of.

        Toluna does require regular participation to benefit from and i would say the points kick in evenly after being a member for over a month, it took me a month to earn enough points to redeem my first voucher and after that the points were added quite fast, this is because survey points can take 4-6 weeks to be added to your account so doing surveys regularly means a regular addition of points. Two weeks after claiming my first voucher i had enough points to claim another which i was pleased with, the reward don't seem much at £15-£30 a time but i think that it is a nice little earner for a little treat every now and again and because i enjoy being a member and taking part then it never seems like i have to put in too much effort so the rewards are an extra bonus to me and not the reason i primarily use the site.

        Would i recommend?.... yes, if like myself you are looking for something to occupy your spare time with something which is fun, informative, you can learn from, you can make new friends, and earn rewards from but at the same time not take it too seriously and just come and go as you please as there is no commitments to it, you basically get out of it what you put into it and toluna is very much a two way street and depends on having a good following of other members.
        I enjoy my daily toluna fix tremendously and will continue to be a member.

        --HINTS, TIPS, ADVICE--

        Here is a few words of advice and tips i have picked up along the way and will be useful to someone considering joining Toluna...

        Create a spare email address account and use this for your surveys, it means less spam is sent to your main address and is easier in general management.

        Cash in and redeem rewards as soon as you have enough to claim them, you are not protected if the site decides to close down and will lose any points and rewards which are not claimed.

        Always be honest when answering the survey questions, it does pay to tell the truth because companies who create the surveys will often corroborate previous answers so any dishonesty is always uncovered and this can result in a loss of points and rewards.

        Only sign up for one Toluna account, trying to use two or more accounts by using separate email addresses can result in an instant ban from the site.

        Any source of extra income has to be declared to the Inland Revenue and you must pay tax on your extra earnings, being a toulna member and participating in reward based surveys is regarded as being self employed.


        I have rated this site a 4 out of 5 stars as your success depends on the amount of input you are willing to make as a member, and if you were looking to join this site just to make money then i think you would be disappointed, the rewards are fantastic but you do have to earn them and the time it takes for vouchers to arrive can vary wildly.

        Thank you for reading

        (Also posted on ciao under mojo-mojo)


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          06.12.2011 14:52
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          see review

          I used to love going onto Toluna and taking their surveys and polls. The rewards were awesome, and the prizes you could get were relatively good.

          The layout was quite confusing at first but after a while i got the hang of it. It's great for socializing and seeing what other people think.
          Over the past few months the website has been getting more and more slow. This is probably due to more and more people signing up to it. But I get about 9 emails a day, offering to do surveys which is great but whenever I do them i get about half an hour into them and they tell me i don't qualify and that i won't be getting any points. This is both frustrating and time wasting.

          I also did about 12 surveys over a couple of days and managed to get about 30,000 points which they said would be in my account the next day. It never happened. I emailed them and they said that give it a week as they were experiencing some problems. So i sat, i waited....no points came. After about 3 weeks of waiting i emailed again, only for them to tell me that they had no record of me taking those surveys, even though it clearly stated on my profile that i had taken them. They didn't believe me.
          So it's 6 weeks on, i'm still owed te 30,000 points. I also recently noticed that the amount of points you needed to get the rewards had almost doubled, so it's now super hard to get the points.

          I gave up with them and i now use ValuedOpinions survey site where i actually get paid decent points and money. I have earned myself about 30 pounds from doing about 20 surveys, each of about 20 mins long. Now that is decent.
          Overall i think this website is good for people that have a lot of patience and don't mind sitting around for hours on end doing surveys for points. I on the other hand would rather earn money or gifts for doing surveys, because at the end of the day
          no one should work hard to take surveys and not be rewarded, thats just unfair if your doing it for nothing, i mean if you are fine with not getting anything out of it then fair enough. But in most companies they pay a lot of money for peoples opinions so i'm not going to sit back and be fobbed off with some ridiculously small reward.



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            22.04.2011 14:52
            Very helpful



            Poorly structured reward system and techincal issues leave a lot to be desired.

            Toluna is an online service that exchanges answers to questionnaires for a variety of rewards. Every time you fill out a survey, you receive a pre-determined number of points. These points accumulate within your account until you decide to exchange them for high-street gift vouchers or competition entries.

            The surveys themselves are a mixed bag. Sometimes you'll be asked to fill out questions on home entertainment, health, telecommunications, lifestyle products, food, and so forth. The variety on offer does keep things interesting; even the most ardent worker would be bored of filling in ten surveys in a row to do with their mobile operator.

            That said, it does mean that if you don't fit the ideal profile, you're not going to be given the opportunity to answer questions on the subject. For instance, if the research company wants information on families that own three or more cars, and you own two, there'll be no points for you...

            Even if you do happen to qualify to take the test, the researchers may already have enough respondents in your demographic. You may find that after answering half a dozen stock questions (age, residential area, gender, etc) you'll be rejected. Obviously, this is quite frustrating, made all the worse by it happening time after time. On one occasion I was rejected in this fashion ten or more times in a row.

            This system of rejection is not an isolated incident by any means. As it happens so regularly, Toluna offers you a free 'prize draw' entry each time you're pushed out before the survey completes; it's a nice appeasement the first few times, but as that elimination counter hits three digits you'll probably feel more in the way of resentment than gratitude.

            This, of course, assumes that you're able to take the survey in the first place. If you're running an archaic copy of Internet Explorer then you'll probably not experience half the issues of everyone else. Should you deviate from a Windows operating system you'll find survey compatibility issues arise more often than not - several of the external research companies use multimedia that isn't compatible with anything other than IE6 and Windows XP.

            And then, of course, there's the other extreme; on three occasions I've sat and answered substantial surveys to over 95% completion, only to be ejected for no apparent reason: "Thanks for all your detailed private information, but you don't qualify; and no, you won't be receiving any points for the thirty wasted minutes of your time".

            So are there any positives to be had from the survey experience? Sometimes. Though they are few and far between. If you do happen to find a questionnaire that invites you to join in, you may find yourself being shown exclusive, never-before-seen products from top industry players. I've seen trailers of movies that are in post production, been asked about script outlines to blockbuster movies yet to be made, given my opinion on conceptual products and their worth, plus I've had influence on all kinds of functions and features on products I'd like to see in the future. When Toluna's partners trust you with these responsibilities, you are made to feel quite valuable.

            THE TEST AREA
            Another aspect of Toluna's service includes item testing. This ranges from new toothbrushes all the way to 3DTVs. The number of products on offer is also directly related to the value of the item; while there may only be three new Xbox360 consoles ready for testing, there might be several thousand packets of a flavoured curry sauce.

            Either way, I wouldn't be too excited by the proposition of testing products; in the six months I've been a member, nothing has made it my way despite numerous requests to take part. With tens of thousands of members, it feels like you're applying to take part in a glorified tombola. Knowing that if you ever become a 'special chosen one' you're only likely to be rewarded with a new type of cleaning cloth or wacky-flavoured KitKat is particularly demotivating.

            As I've already touched on, every month there is a prize draw to win several hundred/thousand pounds. But as with the product testing, you're unlikely to ever see a penny. As prize draw entries are handed out after every unsuccessful test, you can easily accumulate a hundred or more per month; as such, there's plenty of competition for the coveted cash.

            While it's a nice enticement, I wouldn't put all my hopes and dreams into ever winning the prize draw.

            The reason why you're using Toluna no doubt. Vouchers can be purchased for 16,000-18,000 account points. This may not seem like a lot of points when you initially sign up for the service. However, as you slowly phase out those quizzes that aren't relevant to you, you'll find that you're not going to get much more than a few thousand per day at most. Finding enough points quickly becomes tedious and you may find that grasping for a few hundred points feels increasingly less worthwhile.

            When you finally have enough for vouchers, you'll be glad to know there's a fairly significant range of choices on offer: you'll be able to trade-in for a range of different stores.

            For my first voucher trade-in I decided on 'Love2Shop' vouchers; these can be cashed in virtually anywhere on the high street. Just before Christmas 2010 I put in my order and waited for the £15 to arrive. And I waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. In fact, it took until mid-April 2011 until they finally hit my doorstep!

            As far as the service goes, I'm fairly disappointed. With slow voucher delivery times, a poor selection process, seemingly impossible to win prizes and test products that you're never picked for, it's hard to recommend much about the service that appears to tolerate your work at best.

            While there are some advantages to using the service if you're a profile match, you'd be hard-pressed to find many people who are. My advice? Stick with dooyoo instead - it's a far more rewarding experience on every level.


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              18.04.2011 17:05
              Very helpful



              i wont return until they sort my vouchers out!

              i joined this site December 2010. And here's the reasons why this should be avoided.

              1. Voucher Delivery Time.
              there is a 6-8 week wait for your vouchers to be sent out to you. But believe me, you will very RARELY get them within that period. We're now nearing into May and i have still not yet received my £15 Amazon voucher which i redeemed on the 27th January 2011. When i first joined there were many people writing about how they were still waiting for vouchers they claimed in September 2010 and didn't get until January-February 2011. There was a notice from the bosses of Toluna saying there had been a massive delay in paper vouchers because of the snow, yet no reason why those who redeemed E-vouchers had not yet got them.

              2. Point Scheme.
              you have to reach the 80,000 points mark to redeem a £15 HMV, Amazon, Halfords, Love2Shop or CD Wow voucher. And 60,000 points for a 130 point The First Club Voucher.

              it will literally take at least a month of constant voting on polls and taking surveys to reach the 80,000 mark. UNLESS you make popular opinion topics and polls. But here's the thing:

              *A TOPIC OPINION* : you have to have 21 replies to receive 500 points, 30 replies to receive a further 1,000 points and so on.. you can not write anything bad about Toluna or it will be removed. There was on topic about Gay Marriages on there and it was removed by the editors for no apparent reason and without warning.

              *A POLL* : A poll needs at least 500 votes to even get a mere 500 points. Which is very hard to reach.

              *MEMBER STATUS* : you start off as a 'new member' and you get ranked by other members. they give you between 1-5* and when you reach the 5* mark, you get promoted to 'intermediate member, where you get 10,000 points and you get points every time you're promoted.

              *SPONSORED POLL VOTES* : i do these more than anything. you only take a minute or two to do each poll and in return you get between 15-150 points per poll depending on the length.

              *THE SURVEYS* : you will often be redirected to a survey depending on the answers you give on the Sponsored Polls. more often than not, you will be told 'you don't qualify' or 'you've already done this survey' - i try everything to avoid being screened out of the polls and put into surveys.

              *THE MEMBERS?* there are a lot of people on the site who often get 'cloned' meaning someone copies there profile or hacks it and will then start leaving nasty comments on that persons friends page, or topics. when this happens, many people will get offending messages and there will be a lot of babyish behaviour.

              In my opinion

              Unless you want to waste your time and effort in having to wait months for your vouchers and by the time you get them you have already bought what you needed at that time and end up wasting them. I won't return to the site until my vouchers are processed and i have contacted Toluna telling them so.

              It is however, a great social place. i have met a lady on there who has a daughter a week younger than mine and it's lovely to be able to chat away to someone with kids as close to mine. :)


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                09.04.2011 22:49



                Al these reviews are harsh

                This is just a short review to offer my opinion on this site.
                I have read a few of the other revies and think they are a bit harsh. After all the site is offering money or vouchers for answering a few surveys. Not really hard work is it. What is there to complain about? You dont pay any money you spend very little time answering the surveys as most take about 10 minutes to do and you get points for quick polls which take seconds to do.
                I have been a member since November 2010 and have so far earnt £145 in Amazon vouchers with some products sent to me to try and then keep free of charge to boot. What could be better. There is no such thing as a free lunch and you need to work for things. Maybe it is because we have become a nation which lives on handouts that we expect something for nothing. I am very greatful for the vouchers I receive for doing a few surveys and if I have to wait 8 weeks for them that is fine. I waite 4 weeks for my pay each month in my normal employment so 8 weeks is fine.
                Lets not be negative about Toluna who's reward system is the best out there for survey sites. As a comparisant, I joined other sites at the same time (I wanted a Garmin Oregon and couldn't afford to buy one so thought I'd earn one!). I have had £20 pay out from one and £10 from another.
                At £145 payout from Toluna is that really a bad site for rewards. I think not. Stop expecting a free lunch and espect that somethings you have to wait for very similar to a payslip after 4 weeks.
                Toluna you are doing great, keep up the good work!!!


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                  07.03.2011 22:08



                  Don't waste your time with Toluna - would like to give no stars but this isn't possible

                  I don't have anything to add to what other reviewers have said about Toluna and the points system. My negative review of this company is due to two issues.
                  The delay in payment is completely unacceptable. If other companies can pay out in days (sometimes even hours) there is no reason to make members wait up to 8 weeks for payment. I believe these delays are a subtle way of saving money - how many members just give up waiting?
                  Now for my main complaint; Toluna advertise a monthly £5,000 prize draw that up to now appears to be a non event. I have written to them and asked them to explain the anomalies surrounding this draw but have had no reply.
                  I asked them to explain how a random sweepstake for the last 3 months has given prizes only to New or Novice members - the members are grouped as New, Novice, Intermediate, Expert or VIP depending on their use of the site. It must be nearly statistically impossible for all winners to come from the same group when Toluna claims to have 4 million members in 34 countries. So, you may think it could happen that all winners are in the New or Novice groups BUT very few of these members appear to be active on the site when this is a requirement of participation in the sweepstake! Some of the winners haven't been active for months so this makes their entry in the sweepstake impossible; because according to Toluna's rules you have to be active!
                  As other reviewers have said, the Toluna website has a large social element so it is extremely suspicious that not one lucky 'winner' of £5000 can be found who has shared their good luck with their Toluna friends. When people get promoted to the next level and get a few extra points they thank their friends and everyone congratulates them. Very strange then that when they win £5,000 all 20 winners every month for the last 3 months thank no one or even mention it!
                  So basically the prize draw appears in my humble opinion to be very odd and together with the delayed payments this means that I have to give Toluna a VERY poor review.


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                    28.02.2011 20:14
                    Very helpful



                    Not to be, Toluna

                    I recently scoured through numerous different survey and review websites such as dooyoo, in an desperate attempt to find some way of earning a bit of extra money for doing a little bit of extra work. Toluna is not the best way of doing this.

                    -How To Sign Up-
                    Simply go to www.toluna.com and click sign up, it's free so there are no bad points to it as of yet! All you do is fill in a few details, then youa re taken to your profile and are asked to complete some interest surveys - each one completed earns you a measly 300 points, and once all of them are completed you earn a bonus 2000 which is a nice little sum.

                    -How To Earn Money-
                    Firstly in this paragraph I'd like to point out if you;re looking for somewhere to earn money, stone cold cash, toluna isn't the place. Toluna sends a number of prizes in exchange for points - vouchers for HMV, Amazon, Debenhams and more - all at 15 pounds value. These all cost 80000 points. Also, there is the option of spending just 500 points on a sweepstake entry for that month, in which you could potentially win some money, but it's a gamble.

                    -Point Earning-
                    There are a number of ways you can earn points on Toluna, the easiest is to answer the short surveys on the home page, they earn you normally between 20 and 80 points each time. They're very simple and take about a minute to complete, worth it I say. Then there are polls which earn either 15 or 25 points, these are quick and easy too, you can also make polls yourself which earn you points when people answer them, great! And then there are sureys you can complete, long ones, between 5 and 40 minutes (sometimes less and sometimes longer!) and these reward you with a variety of amounts of points the most I've seen on offer was 10,000, sadly I got screened out :( You also get 500 points for referring a friend if they sign up to use Toluna.

                    I tihnk that although Toluna has many many of earning points, it takes such a long time to reach the required 80,000, that it just isn't worth it. Now I'm pretty sure there are better websites of the same type as Toluna, however I am yet to discover them, so if anyone knows any please do tell me! Thankyou in advance to anyone who does. The problem with Toluna is it takes such a long time! That's basically it. I've spent hours clicking on polls, short surveys and doing a load of long surveys, the time taken could've been used to earn more money, in a shorter space of time, doing reviews right here on Dooyoo, it really isn't a good way to earn money online in my opinion. Plus at the end of the day it's a voucher! Not even money! However I've been told you can sell Amazon vouchers at face price very easily on Ebay. However I'm yet to reach 80,000 and I've been using the site for a month, every day I've been on it! And still nothing! I'm currently on about 53,000, or so it says, but I know I have earned more, I'm waiting for today's and yesterday's points to be added. I've also heard there are problems with the time it takes for the payment (or voucher should I say) to be received. It shouldn't take that long, but who knows with Toluna, they love to take their time, and adore making others take their time too.

                    Overall it isn't a website I am fond of and I would love to heard from anyone who knows any better ones which you can earn money on.


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                      21.01.2011 13:22



                      I have been a member of toluna for quite a while now and the surveys they ask you to undertake are many and varied.The Problem with toluna is the rewards system, i have been waiting for an electronic voucher since November and again have been told there is a delay in receiving them.Another survey site that i am a member of rewards members with vouchers too but here the similarities end my other survey site releases the electronic vouchers within hours and i've even receioved one twenty minutes after applying for them.If this other site can act this quickly why can't Toluna


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                      21.01.2011 08:28
                      Very helpful



                      All in all worth your while

                      Toluna.com is a survey site which allows you to earn points towards vouchers, entries into sweepstakes and other such things. It is one of the most popular and most used of the survey sites as well as one which provides the most frequent surveys.

                      After a simple sign up process and filling out your various profile pages for which you receive a decent chunk of reward points you can get going right away. The first thing you will notice is that you can answer polls on the site which usually are only 3-4 questions long and can earn you a small handful of points. These are uploaded throughout the day so unlike other sites every time you log into to Toluna you will have something to do. Depending on your answers to these you may be invited to other surveys, longer ones usually between 10-20 minutes long but some fetch high up as 45 minutes. These will give you payouts worth thousands of points and boost your total well. You need 80,000 to start cashing in for the main £15 vouchers so these boost that well.

                      The site also sends you emails inviting you to surveys and this is all based on the answers given in your profile pages. These are the larger surveys and can net you thousands of points per day. However, what I find is I get screened out of 50% of them so beware of that too and make sure you read the questions properly.

                      The surveys are usually fun, interactive and avoid being just bog standard boring ones like on other sites and mainly covering consumer goods and entertainment.

                      It takes quite a while to build up credit, particularly your first dose as the big points don't credit for a few weeks. Once cashed in your voucher takes around 3-6 weeks to come.

                      The site also runs tests of products although these are hard to get. You need to apply and wait to see if you are accepted but with so many people using the site they are hard to come by.

                      If you want to use the site for more than just points you can make fun polls, ask opinions and discuss products but mainly people who use this are answering surveys aiming for the vouchers.

                      Worth a look!

                      also on CIAO


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                        12.01.2011 23:38
                        Very helpful



                        If only everything in life was this simple....

                        I've been a member of a certain survey earning site for a while now and have been very interested in reading peoples reviews concerning the site, many of the reviews being somewhat negative.
                        So, as I have been a member of the site for quite sometime know, after being transferred from ciao.com surveys, I thought I'd give you my honest opinion about it.

                        The site I am talking about is called Toluna.com.

                        ** WHAT IS TOLUNA.COM..?

                        I won't go into a deep technical rundown on where it is based and who earns what from who and why. I will just say that Toluna is a site where you can earn a few extra pence by answering a few simple question, filling a few surveys or even bt asking other members their opinion about your chosen topic.

                        ** HOW DO YOU JOIN..?

                        Joining is easy, and more to the point it's free. You fill in a simple form which includes choosing a user name and a password, with other information such as you name, address, country you live in etc. etc.
                        You can choose to participate in surveys by clicking on the Yes/No option, then you click the 'get started'... you then verify you account via the E-mail that toluna sent to your registered E-mail account...simple a that really.
                        So now you've registered it's time to earn some points... beginning with a 'complementary' 2000 point, to get your account started, for filling in your interests surveys, this is so that the right surveys are chosen for you.

                        ** THE SITE ITSELF...

                        The site is so easy to navigate around, with the home page, or dashboard, being self explanatory.
                        Once signed in to your account, via the 'sign in' link on the top right of the home page, you can access any part of the site via the dashboard. You can see how many points you've got, check to see if there's any surveys for you to complete, check/update your profile and interests

                        Also on the Dashboard are your statistics, which include polls or topics you've created, votes you've made, opinions you've given and received.

                        Then there's the opinion/sponsored poll section where you can answer other members questions, complete the very very short surveys or even choose to complete the longer surveys.

                        ** HOW DO YOU EARN POINTS..?

                        There are a few ways of earning points...

                        * Completing Surveys... these are sent to your registered E-Mail account and can take between 5 and 40 minutes to complete, depending upon each survey.
                        Once you have completed a survey the points you have earned usually go onto your account with-in 24 hours.

                        * Sponsored Polls... These are short polls which you complete on the actual site after you've logged on, These polls are a matter of answering a few questions, one two three or maybe four, then you'll either qualify for a survey or be taken back to the home page where you can continue the sponsored polls.
                        Each sponsored poll tells you how many points you will earn, usually between 15 and 50, sometimes you may get one that's over a 100 points, but they all go onto your account immediately, unlike the survey.

                        PLUS... you can sign up for the product testing section by clicking on the link on the home page.

                        You can create your own polls and opinion topics for other members to answer, choosing to ask almost anything you want, (although racism, foul language and rude behaviour is not aloud). These polls do also gain points for your account but the points are limited per month.

                        ** HOW DIFFICULT ARE THE 'SHORT' SURVEYS..?

                        Most of the question on the site are so simple to answer, such as..' how old are you?'... 'do you like shopping?'... 'have you heard of...?'... 'do you won a car..?'.
                        These questions all earn points and the points are added to your account instantly.
                        You will sometimes qualify for a 'normal' survey after answering these easy questions as it is a way of finding out if you qualify for certain surveys.

                        ** WHAT ABOUT THE LONGER SURVEYS..?

                        These surveys can take between 5 minutes and twenty minutes, although some may state more than twenty minutes but these do offer around the 10,000 points reward.
                        You may be screened out of these surveys in the first few minutes if your 'profile' doesn't fit with there needs, but if you do manage to get to the end of the survey your account is credited with the stated points.

                        ** THE REWARDS...

                        You will have to accumulate points by completing surveys or just answering a few quick questions...
                        The points you will need are...

                        * 500 points for a prize draw entry.
                        * 60,000 points for a 130 point 'The First Club' voucher
                        * 80,000 for a £15.00 vouchers such as Amazon, love2shop, HMV, Halfords, CD WOW and even Debenhams.

                        Once you've acquired the necessary points in you account you then scroll onto the reward you want and click on the redeem button... that's it, you've now redeemed your reward.

                        ** WHAT ABOUT THE PRODUCT TESTING...

                        This section is where you can register to test products which toluna need testing at the time, such as HDTV's, iPOD, camera's and even blenders, or there's even a chance to test pens, make-up or even tooth brushes...
                        Once you've registered you are advised to check your details just in case you are one of the very few lucky ones who gets a chance to test a product as the product is sent to the address you have registered on the account.
                        If you do get something sent to you for you to test then you will receive an E-Mail a few weeks later for you to tell the world about the product.

                        ** WHAT DO I THINK OF IT ALL THEN..?

                        Well, that's a good question, (even though I asked it myself), as Toluna does have its pros and cons.
                        It is easy to earn the points, regardless of whether you want to complete the long surveys or not, as those small amounts soon add up, so I suppose the amount of points needed to redeem for a reward is fair, in a way.
                        I do realise that 60,000 points may seem a little excessive, let alone 80,000 points, but you'd be amazed just how quickly your points actually accumulate, especially when I tell you that I only complete a few of the surveys, making my points grow via the 'personal recommendations' or the sponsored polls' on the home page.
                        If, like me, you're not too keen on filling in surveys then this way is the option I recommend.

                        As for the product testing, well, this is a little hit and miss really, it is all a matter of whether your name is chosen out of the many thousands of members on the site. But as registering takes only a few seconds, and you never know it may just be your day to get that laptop to test out, it is well worth getting your name on the list.
                        I have been asked to test out one product so far, which was posted to me several weeks after I registered to test it. The product itself wasn't a 42inch television or a Sony play station 3, it was a... wait for it... it was a Retractable perfume-scented ballpen with new generation ink from Agatha Ruiz De La Prada... yes it was a pen which smelt of strawberries, but it does prove that Toluna does send out products to be tested

                        The community on the site seem friendly enough and do answer questions with some knowledge, and some humour, plus, if you are nervous about asking about something don't be, someone else has probably ask something very similar somewhere.

                        I would make a comment on the Toluna staff themselves but I have not yet had to contact them, but if I do then I will certainly update my review and let you know how the contact went, (hopefully it won't be as bad as several people have suggested).

                        In all, it is an easy to use site which offers some good rewards for clicking a few buttons.
                        It can be a little frustrating if you keep getting screened out of the surveys but if you complete the 'sponsored polls' you'll soon see your points mount up.

                        The one downside to this site is the length of time that Toluna spend to send out the vouchers, especially the E-vouchers which, considering they are electronic, can take up to 8 weeks to arrive into your account. Although sometimes people have waited longer for there vouchers.
                        Personally, up to now, I have earned 3 amazon e-vouchers and have received one so far, this arrived just 6 weeks after redeeming it.
                        The second I redeemed just before Christmas and am still waiting on that one, although up to now it has not passed it's deadline so I'm not worried, as yet.
                        The final one, which I redeemed a few days ago still has plenty of time to arrive.

                        Would I recommend this site to you..?
                        Yes I would, (but this could change if the rumours about the vouchers is true), as there is nothing difficult about it and it is a safe site to use with some good rewards to be had.

                        Go on, give it a go, you may just earn a few quid ready for next Christmas, and in these stressful financial times every penny counts.


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