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Online bingo

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    7 Reviews
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      09.01.2010 00:23
      Very helpful



      It's worth a shot if you like bingo

      I joined tombola bingo over two years ago now when it was then known as sun bingo and powered by tombola. On these days I played a lot and seemed to win just as much. At the end of each month I would say I broke about even and for this I was grateful.

      Since sun bingo and tombola parted company I have played on both sites and although I do like sun bingo I am a far bigger fan of tombola. I think this is mainly due to the fact that there are far more people on this site which generally means bigger jackpots.

      In a typical month I would say I deposit about 60 and so far I have won nothing back- that's right absolutely ziltch! So why do I keep playing you ask? Because I figure I gotta win sometime right? No probay not! You see the thing thats got me hooked is the huge jackpots and the friendly community. If you choose to chat whilst you play there is a good chance you will make some amazing friends.

      Luckily for me they have a facility where you can limit the amount you spend per week. You choose the amount of course but if you try to
      deposit more than this it stops you. I like the idea of this because I know I will not raise my limit in fear of spending too much.

      There are many different games you can play on tombola. Bingo 90 is the most popular and this is you traditional bingo game. There is also bingo 50 where numbers only go up to 50 along with various others whih unfortunately I have not had the chance to play yet. The nce thing about this site is they also five you a free game. The game changed evey few weeks it you get one free go daily and there is a chance to win up to £500.

      Bingo 90 which is the most popular game hosts A game every five minutes. You can buy however many tickets you wish and they are 20p each or a pound a strip of 6. You can either dab the cards yourself of put it on automatic. Fortunately you cannot miss a call like you can in real bingo as the system knows when you have won and I know one day this will work to my advantage. Normally depending on what day it is you can win about 40 a line 80 for 2 lines and about 120-150 for a full house. Every half an hour a link is played where all bingo 90 rooms are linked up and there is a chance to win a bigger amount of money. In the evening this is normally about £1000 cor a full house and sometimes they even guarentee this much.

      On special ocassions like Christmas and haloween there are special games running where you can win large sums of money at certain times. These get very busy so normally it is a healthy sum.

      There is also always a jackpot running which means if you call ip wihin a certain amount of numbers you can win a sum of money. Because this money adds up every game and it is hard to win this sometimes gets up to around 20000 and people can walk away with this much.

      The site is extremely easy to navigate around it is quick and easy and more importantly secure to transfer money. Your card can be stored on the secure system which lets you transfer money to and from whenever you so wish.

      Naturally you have to have a username and password to log into the site but is is simple to join up.

      Withdrawing money is simple too as I used the withdrawal system when it was part of sun bingo. You can request a bacs payment up to £500 otherwise they send you a cheque. For this though you must supply Id so they can Verify your account. Payment normally takes about 7-10 working days.

      There is always someone to help on tombola and the chat guides are normally in the chat rooms to guide you along the way. They can answer any questions you may have and they sometimes do chat games where you can win points which can be changed into tombola cash to play bingo.

      As I said before I have nit yet won on tombola. I think this is because there are so many people playing in all the different rooms they have. I keep playng though because prizes are good and the site is exciting and easy to use.I know my time will come!

      Ps minimum deposit is £10 and when you join tombola will match your first deposit up to £25 eg if you deposit £25 on your first go you will have £50 credit to play with! Forgot to mention that earlier!


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        16.11.2009 21:31
        Very helpful



        Roll up for this tombola!

        I joined Tombola a couple of years ago when I was going through a stage of joining virtually every online bingo site available, to take advantage of the joining bonuses and promotions. Tombola was one that drew me in every day, thanks mainly to its free daily play game but also due to its unusual selection of novelty games. Tombola is primarily an online bingo site but I find the games available make the site stand apart from the many other online bingo/gambling sites out there. Tombola doesn't have the quantity of games available on some of its competitors' sites but it still has a lot of variety and it is certainly different from most other sites out there. I have to admit that I've joined most of the online bingo sites out there and this is actually one of my favourites. That's a little surprising as it's never proven to be a particularly lucrative site for me in terms of the frequency or size of wins but is probably one of the most entertaining sites of its kind.

        I haven't visited the site at all recently but was lured back to the site after finding a code for a free £5 bonus to spend on the site inside a magazine. Tombola is one of the few sites that allow existing and not just new members to take advantage of these sorts of promotions, which tend to take place a few times a year. Using the bonus (as with most aspects of the site) was straightforward, although new members would have needed to register. This involves providing a username, password and basic details including name, address and date of birth. Unusually, there is no requirement to register a debit or credit card to use the site, nor is there any obligation to deposit any money on the site although you are not allowed to play the free daily game unless you have played a paid game on the site at some point. Unlike other sites, players can withdraw any winnings derived from free bonus money (by cheque if necessary) without finding themselves caught up in complex wagering requirements to get at the cash.

        The site has plenty to please ardent bingo fans though with games available in an impressive (if somewhat bemusing) range of formats - 50 balls, 90 balls, 80 balls, 75 balls and even a bingo lite version! Personally, it just seems like a load of balls to me but I understand that some hardened bingo players have strong preferences for different formats. There is even a bingo roulette game which I found somewhat confusing but eventually realised that it essentially still bingo but using the roulette wheel as the method of drawing out the numbers. For some reason, I preferred this to standard bingo.

        I have played the odd game of bingo on the site but prefer to spend money on the daft games as a general rule. On the bingo, jackpots and payouts seem to be fairly average. For a game with around 150 players, one line would net you around £12, two lines £16 and a Full House around £65. In the 'room' I played in, tickets cost 10p each with the maximum spend per game being £2. I don't tend to play a lot of online bingo and when I do, I would prefer to spend less than this per game as the odds of winning are so small and I don't really get that much excitement from standard bingo games. The layout of the bingo games at Tombola is pretty clear if a little dull. The voiceover is also fairly inoffensive, certainly in comparison to some sites where I can't even bear to have the volume switched on.

        My personal favourite game on the site has to be the Hamster Race - I love this game. It is such a simple concept but so addictive (which is obviously the intention of the site!) Thankfully, I am far too tight to fritter away too much of my hard-earned cash gambling on the outcome of a race between virtual hamsters. At the risk of sounding incredibly sad, I have been known to watch the game playing, even without any balance on the site. Unlike many games, you can actually watch the race even if you haven't actually placed a bet so I make my own prediction and then when my hamster fails to win - as I am particularly unlucky at this game - I congratulate myself at having 'saved' 50p by not actually placing the bet! (I am occasionally peeved when my chosen hamster does actually turn out to be the victor but it is so infrequent that I would definitely be out of pocket if I was gambling with real cash.) Sadly, bonus funds aren't playable on the Hamster Race so the only way to enjoy the thrill of the chase for real is to part with deposited cash or winnings.

        I also love the Battleships game. This is essentially a take on the classic game where each player has four battleships which they place randomly (or strategically?) on a grid. Numbers are then chosen at random by the site and little torpedoes are fired out automatically at the specific squares, so no concentration or skill is required to play. This is all accompanied by appropriate sound effects and a world war two style voice over reading out the co-ordinates. The first time I played this I thought that the intention was to avoid getting hit, as it is the traditional version of the game. I was feeling quite smug that none of my ships had suffered any damage until I realised that the aim was to get all your ships blown up within as few shots as possible. One advantage of this particular game is that it offers a totally level playing field for all the players. The maximum and minimum cost per game is 50p, so nobody can buy additional tickets or ships to give themselves better odds of winning. This one really is pure luck. The prizes available aren't massive. Playing on a Friday evening the standard jackpot for each game was around the £20 mark and there were approximately 50 players each time so the odds of winning seem fairly small. It is very enjoyable nonetheless and I much prefer this sort of game with the unusual battleship theme to standard bingo which gets a bit tedious, particularly when you're not winning! I won £16.31 as a single winner in amongst 40 others last week. Not a lifechanging sum of money but a pleasant little win -especially as it was won using bonus money.

        Rollercoaster is another fun game which is unique to Tombola. It uses the setting of a rollercoaster and features balls which are all given an individual name. Players purchase between one-four cars which have space for 5 particular balls. As the rollercoaster spins over, balls are thrown overboard at random. If one matches a space in your cart, it fits into position and the winner is the player to fill an entire car first. The first time I played this, I thought that the best strategy was to buy all four cars but I was a little disappointed to discover that each ball only fits into each cart so there isn't that much of an advantage buying more than one car at a time. (Obviously, the odds will be in your favour as there is more chance than one of your cars will be the winning one.) Now, I prefer to only buy one car at a time as at just 25p each it is quite a cheap but entertaining little game. The silly sound effects are well worth listening to anyway as each ball has their own individual voice and silly phrase or sound as they plummet out of the rollercoaster!

        I haven't tried all of the other games - there is Cinco, a card game but apparantly this is also luck rather than skill games. This doesn't appeal to me so I tend to stick to the racing hamsters, plummetting balls and battleships! I've also avoided the Bandit game which is based on a slot machine but each spin earns points rather than cash and players compete with others in a room with those with the most points going on to win money. I'm put off by these sorts of points-based games as I just find that they mean you have to keep ploughing in more and more cash to stand any chance of winning anything back. I also find the random spinning and symbols a little off-putting too. There is certainly enough on the site to suit all tastes though and I'd be surprised if any regular bingo/slot players can't find something they'd enjoy on here.

        The free game is available for all players who have previously deposited money on the site. This is currently a 'daily pick' which involves selecting 6 squares on a grid each day over a seven day period. The aim is to reveal hidden amounts of money and win the corresponding amount, providing the correct number have been revealed. As yet, I haven't had any luck on that game, although I did win several times on a previous game and all my winnings went on the hamsters! (There aren't many people who can say that, are there!)

        After the thrills of all those games, withdrawing winnings (rather than gambling them all away) from the site is thankfully fairly straightforward. My most recent win on the site was using the free bonus money and I hadn't deposited any money previously. This meant that I could only withdraw my winnings via cheque. I placed my withdrawal request on the 9th of the month and received my cheque on the 12th so I was very impressed with the speed that my withdrawal was processed, particularly by cheque given the delays in the postal system. Having enjoyed my time on the site, I did decide to deposit some cash as well. As the minimum deposit was £10, I would still be 'in profit' from my humble £16 win and my initial deposit was matched with an equal amount of non-withdrawable bonus money, leaving me with £20 to play with (and allowing me to qualify for the daily free game).

        Depositing via card had a fairly inauspicious start for me, as the page came up with a server error message as soon as I'd confirmed the transaction so I wasn't totally sure whether my card had been debited or not. Fortunately, I didn't panic and a quick refresh of the page showed that my balance had gone up to £20. (My bank account was debited with the correct amount too.) I haven't personally needed to contact customer services for any reason other than to remind me of my username. This was sent to my confirmed email address within a few minutes, giving me reassurance in the efficiency and reliability of the site. For other enquiries Tombola offer an online live help service, email address and a freephone telephone number available between 8.30am-2am each day, so access seems pretty wide-reaching.

        For me, Tombola is an excellent way of spending a bit of free time (and only a little bit of money) online. I would advise caution to anybody that finds these games addictive because this site will certainly encourage you to come back for more. So long as you are able to show some self-restrain and know when to stop, this site is great entertainment.


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          06.05.2009 17:51
          Very helpful



          Great Bingo site with a great choice of games

          One of my secret guilty pleasures is sometimes playing online bingo! Over the years I've tried a few sites with the bonus offers you get to sign up but my favourite and now the only one I really use is Tombola. I don't spend a lot, unlike some people who you see writing that they they've spent hundreds in a day, but I do win fairly regularly - although they generally get it back!

          === The Look and Navigation ===

          The site is very bright and colourful and very easy to work your way around. At the top of the page you can access your account to credit and withdraw funds, and also access help and contact the customer service. Your balance is also shown here. Down the left of the page are all the games you can play and to right advertising - like at the moment they are giving away £5 play money to everyone just by entering a promo code that was emailed out. In the middle is news segments which are updated every few days which include recent jackpot winners and any game updates.

          === Registering ===

          I joined when it was Sun bingo but I imagine it is still just as easy. You need to give your usual information like name, email and set up a username which appears when you win and in the chat rooms, you will also need to register card details to fund gaming. The minimum you can deposit and withdraw is £10 (some bingo sites are a minimum of £30 to withdraw which I don't like).

          At the moment when you register and deposit they will match what you put on up to £25, so if you put on £10 they give you £10 free.

          == The Games ==

          This is of course the most important part of the site and what keeps me coming back to Tombola.

          === Bingo ===

          They have your normal Bingo 90 games which cost 10p a ticket, or 50p a strip up to a maximum of £4 for 4 strips. There is also a jackpot, which at the moment is £2178.27p but I have seen it go up way higher which you can win if you call in 40 numbers or less - I have never won any jackpot on the site unfortunately, but you never know! They also have Bingo Lite which is a 90's game but only 1 line and full house and tickets are 2p each or 10p a strip up to 40p for 4 strips so your money can last much longer if you play in here and the jackpot is still £100.

          Your tickets are shown in the middle of the screen with numbers being called to the left and the chat room to the right. Only the tickets doing best will be shown and it is nice and clear, not all squished up like some sites.

          There is a link game every half hour where all the rooms (15 to choose from) link up and so the prize money is much bigger but obviously there is a lot more people playing.

          They also have Bingo 80 and 75. Bingo 80 is the little boards you get at real bingo where you cover the numbers, this is 25p a board up to 4 boards. What I love about this (I know I'm sad!) is that when the game ends your board tips back so all the sliding number covers slip back!

          Bingo 75 is where you have to cover a shape like a cross, this is 10p a ticket up to £2 max.

          == Other games ==

          What I like best about Tombola is that it is not just Bingo that they have, but they don't have fruit machines which I think is great as otherwise you can lose so much money playing on them.

          My favourite game on this site (and the one I win on the most) is Cinco. I play in the 10p rooms and it is 10p a line, max of 5 lines, where you are given 5 cards on each line. The cards are then drawn one at a time and it's the first person to match all the cards on one line who wins.

          The newest game they have added in the past couple of weeks is Bingo roulette, which you can buy up to 4 lots of 8 chips (10p for 8 chips) and then the ball spins and lands on a number and it's the first person to get rid of all 8 chips.

          There is also roller coaster when you buy a roller coaster car for 25p (max 4 cars) and then a roller coaster starts and the little heads inside all fall off one at a time and it's the first person to fill a coaster car who wins.

          Hamster race is just what it sounds like, you bet on a hamster to win a race. They style the Hamsters up like movie stars or singers sometimes too.

          Bandit is another game. This has four rooms 10p, 50p, £1 or £2. I go in the 10p room and it costs10p a game. The bandit spins 15 times and like a real fruit machine you either get nothing or a winning spin. Each winning spin is worth so many points and the person at the top of the leader board after 15 spins wins the game.

          There is a daily free game which at the moment is freefall. Each day you go in and 4 planes fly across the screen and you click on them and the little tombola heads fly out and then you match them on a grid and if you match so many in a row you win free cash. I haven't won on this game but I have won a tenner on their last free game, and £20 on the free Xmas game.

          == Chat ==

          Every room and game has a chat room where you can chat to other players. I don't chat that often but when I do people seem friendly and welcoming. There are Chat Moderators (CM's) which pop in to the rooms to chat to people and answer any questions and also they do quizzes every so often, where you can win a £1 for answering a general knowledge question right.

          == My Recommendation ===
          I really enjoy this site and the variety of the games they have. I also feel the prices are pretty reasonable as you can play as cheaply or pricey as you want to - me I'm a cheapster and mainly play 10p Cinco with 3 lines, Bingo lite for 20p and 10p bandit and roulette. So do I win? Well, unless I'm lucky enough to ever win a jackpot I'm never going to win big but as I only ever put the odd £10 on I'm always pleased when I win £20 as I can play a bit longer and keep the jackpot dreams alive! I have cashed out money and over Christmas/New Year I cashed out £75 after my initial £10 deposit as I managed to have quite a few wins which is always nice.

          I think as long as your sensible and see it for what is and don't mind losing the money you've put on it can be an enjoyable form of gambling and you never know you may win either your money back or a big jackpot.


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            03.05.2009 14:11
            Very helpful



            A fantastic website to chat, play games & win prizes.

            tombola.co.uk is an online website where you can chat, play games & win prizes. Registration is free and very simple and takes just a few minutes. Once registered you can get up to a £25.00 cash match on your first deposit (deposit £25.00 and get £25.00 free).

            There are four bingo games, lite, 75 ball, 80 ball & 90 ball and price tickets vary in price from 2p up to £1.00 and this varys from day to day and week to week as they have lots of different offers on regularly and once you are signed up you can opt to receive regular updates from them.

            They also have a new game called bingo roulette where you choose 8 numbers from a roulette board and then it will spin in the numbers and the first person in the room to match all 8 will win the room prize. How much you win is dependant on how many players are in the room at any one time and there are different rooms to choose from with different ticket prices ranging from 10p to 50p.

            Cinco is a game where you are given a hand of 5 cards from a deck of 52 and then cards are randomly picked. The first person to get all 5 of their cards from their hand called out will win the room prize and this is once again dependant on the amount of members in the room. There are various ticket prices from 10p to 50p.

            Bandit is a game where you can choose to spend from 10p to £2.00 and you will receive a set number of fruit machine spins (done automatically) and the combinations available are worth a various amount of points and then there is a high score board and the person with the top score wins the members dependant prize for that room.

            Roller-Coaster is a bingo style game where you purchase a roller coaster kart and it has five people inside, the roller coaster will loop the loop and a person will fall out and hopefully match somebody in your cart. If you get all five first you win the members dependant prize for that room.

            Hamster Race is where you bet on a hamster and then they are raced against other hamsters (this is virtual so no animals are harmed) and if yours win then you get a certain amount of money back (odds dependant).

            Battleships is based on the standard battleships game and the spaces are called out, if all of your ships are found before someone elses then you will win the prize.

            Quite often tombola have promotions where they will email out £5.00 voucher codes to members of the site (regardless of whether you have deposited before or not) and any winnings from these can be requested in cheque form and arrive within around 2 weeks.

            The site is very easy to use, there seems to be no downtime, there are lots of chatroom moderators to ensure that everything stays polite in the chatrooms. Lots of members are very friendly and chat lots and I have found a couple of nice online friends through the site.

            I have had to contact the customer service department once when I actually tried to deposit but the card would not work (it definitely worked and still does) but the actually weren't able to help me.

            Some of the games are very reasonable and the prizes are quite good (although not so in the battleships game), I am a big fan of the site and although I've never actually deposited I have received almost £50.00 from them in the past year from a couple of wins with 2 £5.00 voucher codes. I would definitely recommend the website as it's a great place to chat and have fun with the potential to win some good prizes. I am therefore rating the website 5/5.


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            29.04.2009 16:27



            only gamble what you can afford to lose.

            www.tombola.co.uk is predominantly a bingo website, you register your details, add some funds (which normally is matched, you add £10, they give you £10 free) and away you go. There are several "rooms" you can play in all for different prize amounts, 1 x line, 2 x line and house, some of the also have a chat feature so you can keep up with who else is playing and how well they are getting on. There is a Jackpot in each room which gets added to after every game, this can be won by getting house in a certain amount of calls. There are also different games you can play which seems to be the norm on these website now, as many games as possible to get you to spend your money with them.

            The price of tickets varies from room to room, anything from 1p per ticket to £2 per ticket, the higher the ticket price the higher the winnings.

            I personal don't use this website an awful lot, I tend you maybe use £10 per month (maximum) however you can set amounts on individual pages so you restrict the amount being gambled per week/per day, which is a great idea for people who don't realise how much they are spending.

            As with any website where you gamble you should remember to always gamble with care and only bet the money you can afford to lose.


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            27.01.2009 18:51
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Highly recommended

            Tombola.co.uk is one of the best bingo websites around at present. Not only does the site include several bingo rooms but it also has rooms such as Hamster race, a bandit machine and you also get a free go on cannon ball each day so even if you run out of funds you can still win.

            The minimum you can deposit on this site is £10 using debit/credit card and for the first deposit they will match up to £25 which i think is great.

            It's not one of these sites that they try and con you in anyway with there small print and I have won three or four times in the last couple of days. Each room has a different amount which you can win that also depends on the amount of people actually playing.

            It also has rooms which range from 2p a game upto £2 a game so it isn't like you have to spend a fortune to win or anything. Also in each room is a jackpot that can be won so you have to keep your fingers crossed to win it.

            I've tried out a few different bingo sites and they can have conditions like you have to win for instance over £100 before you can actually withdraw any. This is how some of the sites make there money back as you would have to then keep on playing. This is not at all what tombola.co.uk is like.
            This site i would recommend to anyone.

            The only down side is that it can get quite addictive but when your on a winning streak it's not too bad. You just need to know when to stop and be sensible.


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              11.12.2008 14:33
              Very helpful



              Great fun!

              Tombola is an online bingo site. It has various other games to play on there but they are all luck based and not skill based. This means that every one has an equal chance of winning.

              You can deposit money to your account using any major debit or credit card, but not American Express. The minimum deposit is £10. I'd like to see this go down to £5 but this is the same with most online gambling sites to be fair. Deposits show up immediately and you only need to enter your details once making depositing scarily easy! Tombola will match your first deposit up to £25.

              Should you be lucky enough to win you can withdraw any amount over £10, but winnings over £1000 must come by cheque and may require you to give additional ID. Payments appear in my account usually within 3-4 days.

              There are 4 different bingo games, the cheapest being bingo lite with tickets from 2p, this is quite fun but the jackpot is only £100. Bingo 90 is the most expensive if you buy 4 strips which is £2, here I have seen the jackpot go up to over £20,000!
              There is also Cinco, a card based game where you have to match the cards pulled out. Hamster racing where you bet on a hamster. Battleships, like the old board game. And finally Rollercoaster which is a game where balls fall out and you match them to the balls in your cart. There is a new game called bandit soming out soon.

              The site in general

              The graphics are clear and fun. The speed of the site is fine, I sometimes have trouble if I'm playing 2 games at once but otherwise its ok. You can play any 2 games at once now.


              Every day you can play the free game, the current one is an advent calander called wonderland where you open a window each day to match 3. I won £5 on the last free game so not to be sniffed at. I do find this part of the site to be slow since there are so many different graphics and 'flashing bits' going on (thats the technical term lol) It is a clever way to get people back on the site daily though. Also from time to time they send out vouchers in magazines with free £5 play money in them, even current players can use these which is great!

              They have a playmates system where you nominate a friend and if you win they also get a little bit on top, its not a great deal but it gets people making friends. I need to find a new playmate as mine doesn't play any more now.


              My favourite part of the site is the chat, there is the usual wdw (well done winner) and 2tg (2 to go) chat but also people are really friendly and have a bit of banter. Chat moderators are in and out all the time but are not over the top. The CMs also do chat games, these are quizzes or games which can win you £1 for free. I usually win one of these a day

              The addictive side.

              If like me you have an addictive personality maybe this isn't the site for you, I see people on there who say they have spent £200 in one morning! Now I could never afford that but even so I have put a limit on my account that won't let me deposit more than £10 a week, this is enough to have fun without seeing me broke or addicted. I cannot go over that limit so I feel much safer. There are link to gambling addiction help on the site like gambleaware.co.uk which has useful advice on there. As long as you are sensible its a fun way of chatting and having a giggle but there are people who will spend all their money chasing that elusive jackpot. It is easy to set a limit or to arrange a cooling off period (a day or so) or even to exclude yourself for a longer period (6 months) if you need to.

              So would I reccomend the site? Yes, totally, I really love to spend an hour here or there on here, but I would also stop going on there immediately if it was becoming a problem. There is no guarantee of winning and you should not come on here to gain money. I have had three reasonable wins on here all around the £100 mark but they have been 3 or 4 weeks apart. I think I have just about broken even on this site maybe a little in credit but certainly not a huge amount. Its well worth it for the friends I have made and the excitement you get. I won just over £100 a few days ago and I got so excited I bit my lip and bled all over the keyboard I do find it quite thrilling. You also win lost of prizes of a few pounds along the way but usually these go back on games as you can't withdraw under a tenner. The site seems to be quite responsible and helps you to gamble for fun safely. I have been well impressed.


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