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Buy games and consoles at some of the cheapest prices on the net.Sell to us your unwanted games/consoles for credit or HARD CASH! We will buy all xbox,ps2,xbox 360, Nintendo ds, psp games and much more. Track all your items that you want to buy and sell in your own personal wishlists and 'sellboxes'

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    2 Reviews
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      19.02.2012 22:30



      Avoid like the plague - internet is flooded with complaints from furious customers

      Trade Your Stuff / Trade Your Games UK are terrible. You can see in the reviews on many review portals that they have a huge number of tremendously unsatisfied customers, people who are furious at how they've been treated.

      I bought a computer game from them and also tried to trade in a game, and, after patiently going through their buggy site, eventually completed the process, receiving a confirmation message.

      After that, nothing happenened.

      I haven't got my game.

      I have emailed and phoned them a squillion times, with no response. Nobody ever picks up the phone, no matter what time of the day you call - try it yourself and see.

      I discovered the Manager was a 'gentleman' by the name of Indy Sangha. I've been informed by somebody who knows him that he lives a cushy life off the back of this rogue business and his other tenures: if you look him up online, he works as a highly-paid Investment Manager at Ingenious Media. I have tried to contact Indy Sangha for *months and months* using a variety of means and he never gets back to me.

      Stay clear of Trade Your Stuff / Trade Your Games UK - they are dodgy as hell.


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      08.01.2009 16:38
      Very helpful



      I would be happy to use this site again to buy or sell

      Tradeyourstuff.co.uk is quite a new site which allows you to sell old games and consoles, and also to buy second hand games and consoles.

      You are only able to trade and buy for the following platforms:
      Nintendo DS
      Nintendo Gamecube
      Sony PSP

      I recently used tradeyourstuff.co.uk to sell several DS games so this review is of the selling process at this site.

      ~Navigating the site~
      This site is easy to find by putting 'tradeyourstuff' into google or other search engine.
      The home page has the 'tradeyourstuff' logo at the top of the page underneath which are 7 buttons:

      Home. Games. Consoles. Sell. Wishlist. Sell Box and My Account.

      If you do not already have an account you can browse games and consoles available by clicking on the Games and Consoles buttons, respectively.

      If you want to register for an account (which is free) go to My Account. This will take you to page where you can register your details, which are the usual Name, Address, Date of Birth sorts of detail. You are not requested to give any bank details, which I liked as I don't like sites that seem to need your bank details for no reason.

      By clicking on the 'Sell' button it takes you to a page where you can see the sort of prices that the games and consoles are selling at. For example as used boxed nintendo DS Lite is currently being purchased for £50 by tradeyourstuff. Here you can see if there are any items fetching good price, which you may be considering selling.

      Once you have an account you are able to use the 'Wish List' and 'Sell Box' pages. The 'Wish List' lets you keep track of any games or consoles you are hoping to buy, and your 'Sell Box' lets you keep track of the games or consoles you have idicated you wish to sell.

      At the top of each page are 'Buy' and 'Sell' drop down menus. So you can go directly to buying or selling, no matter where you are on the site.

      This site is very easy to navigate. You always know which section you are in as the button is highlighted in orange, and if you decide you want to buy or sell an item you can go quickly and easily to the relevent section.

      ~Selling a game~
      Go to the drop down menu and choose whether you are selling a game or a console. Type in the game or console you are selling and it will give you a price. If you want to sell it- hit the big blue 'Sell' button beside the price. Simple.

      I found two small problems when I was using this system. One was that it always reset to console on the drop down menu so when I was selling more then one game I sometimes searched for the game under console an it said it was not on the system- but then maybe I'm just slightly silly. The other problem is that because it is quite a new site it doesn't have the largest catalogue, some games I was looking to sell just weren't on their system. I guess that as they expand they will get more titles...or maybe I was just trying to sell rather obscure titles!

      When you are ready to sell go to 'My Sell Box' and view basket on the right side, where you be able to 'checkout' almost as if you are buying games.

      One thing I really liked about this site is that they give you money towards postage- 50p per game. So if you are selling an old Xbox game for £3.77, you get £4.27 in total. If you sell several games you get an extra 50p for each, this soon adds up. If you are selling 5 games and extra £2.50 is not to be sneezed at!

      Once you have 'checked out' they send you an email with an order number and an address to send the items to. You have to include the order details when you send it off so you an either print the email, or copy them out. I found the email arrived very quickly, with no problems.

      The next day I sent my games by recorded delivery. (This is optional, I just wanted to make sure my games didn't wander off) and my bit was done!

      I haven't used any other sites for selling games, but I was very happy with the amount they were offering for the games, it seemed quite generous to me.

      I must say that I was very impressed by the service. While I was attempting to sell one of my games the site kept sending up an error message. I went to the 'Contact Us' section and sent an Email, not expecting a reply until the next day as it was 10.30pm on a Sunday, but i had a reply with an hour saying the problem was fixed and I could not sell my game. Brilliant

      Once they had received my games it took 3 days for the money to clear into my account with them, I guess they were checking that they worked etc but once that is done you can ask them to send you a cheque, pay you by paypal, or you can spend the money on buying more games from them. I chose for them to send the money to me by paypal. I think this option is great as it is better than having to give out bank details. It did take a few days to clear into my paypal account, but I received an Email explaining that there had been some technical problems and apologising. As I was not in a major hurry for the money it wasn't a problem, but I appreciated the email.

      My only slight grumble is that you can check the progress of your order in 'My Account' but all it says is 'In progress'. I would have thought that it could have given more info such as 'order received' or 'being checked' so you have a better idea of what is happening, but it wasn't really an issue.

      After my order was complete I received another email asking if everything had been ok and how I had found out about the site. It didn't sound like a generated message so I appreciated the follow-up contact. I kind of imagine this site is run by a few guys who are just starting out...


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