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Category: Television

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    1 Review
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      09.08.2010 15:21
      Very helpful



      Not for everyone

      My friend invited me to this website where you are "paid for watching TV"... What it is is basically a series of TV show quizzes where you earn points for getting correct answers and can then exchange points for rewards. Read On.

      Just go to their official site and sign up. Within minutes you will be a member and can start earning points. You can also be invited to join in which the person inviting you will get some points when you join... but it isn't that significant in terms of amount.

      Start doing quizzes!! Each day you can participate in a maximum of five TV show quizzes and they are generally programmes shown 6pm onwards and it covers the main channels (ITV, Channel 4, Five, BBC, Sky). In this way it is quite restrictive in the types of programmes it asks you questions on, but you can select from about twenty which quizzes you want to do.

      Programmes that appear pretty often are CSI, Simpsons, "Gok shows", news, Big Brother and sometimes movies. If you watch those often, this might be a great panel for you!

      Each quiz has a different amount of questions they ask. A 30 minute programme generally has 13, whilst an hour long one has 18-20. In order to get more points, it is obvious to pick the longer quizzes for more chance of points. Each question will earn you 100 points, with specific advert questions expanding to get you up to 500 points.

      Upon signing up there are also short surveys they ask you such as technology, shopping and TV. Doing these entirely plus the daily quota of TV quizzes upon signing up will earn you 40,000+ points on the first day.

      What do you do with all these points? There are a number of reward schemes-

      - Pay For My Stuff
      - Auctions
      - Shopping Spree

      Pay For My Stuff is basically like a prize draw where you pay points for a chance of winning your bills paid.

      Auctions is just what it is. Select gifts are put up and users bid on them until time runs out. Items listed include day out vouchers, toys, CDs, electronics and other. Generally the items are pretty rubbish and the minimum bids usually are about 100-200k which really ISN'T good value at all!
      Lastly, there is the Shopping Spree, which again isn't a guarantee of a prize. About every week or so, three retail vouchers (HMV, GAME, BOOTS etc) will be listed and a timer will run. When the timer hits zero, you can click on a particular voucher to claim, but of course numbers are limited. There are 15 £5 vouchers (75000 points), 10 £10 vouchers (100,000 points) and 5 £15 vouchers (125,000 points). The odds don't seem good, but if you have a good enough internet connection and you are free when the timer is going to hit zero, I would highly recommend this feature.

      Having stalked this feature upon joining, I managed to claim a £10 GAME Voucher within the first two weeks of being on the site, which is pretty good! However, having read the terms more clearly, delivery of rewards takes 10-12 weeks which is ridiculously long!

      Joining and getting points isn't hard at all; I make about 5-10k points a day but the hard part is claiming a reward. It seems like a worthy panel to join, as it doesn't take very long to do the quizzes but if requires that you are patient enough to battle it out for the shopping spree vouchers (which require a fast-ish internet connection to win)!! I will wait for my GAME voucher to arrive and assess if I will continue using it... but at the moment, it's not THAT bad!


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