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Software Testing

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      09.12.2009 18:08
      Very helpful



      Reliable and have always been paid on time

      I wanted to review this website to give anyone who is interested an insight into what it's all about.

      www.utest.com is a relatively new start up company based in America that brings together an online community of professional testers and business alike that are looking for clients to test their products for them.

      If you are company that needs your software tested for functionality, usability and durability via a global chain of testers who are registered with UTest.

      What is testing:
      For those who don't know much about Testing, I have been a tester, or, Quality assurance engineer for over 10 years now. My job involves taking various websites, desktops applications etc. and testing them to make sure they are fully functional before they go live to the outside world. I would do this by writing a series of test scripts in order to test that everything works. For example, this site itself before it went live would have been tested to make sure that buttons worked, links worked and all functionality around the site was available and ready to use fo us. Bugs are raised on anything that doesn't worked and then fixed

      What is UTest and what are the benefits:

      For businesses:
      If you are company of whatever size and need your web, desktop or mobile application tested then it's well worth contacting UTest to enquire about the prices and possibilities open to you. You can choose and on-demand model that means that you only pay for for the test cycles you want. You can be put in touch with a wide range of testers from across the world so get great exposure with your product.

      For users:
      I first signed up to Utest back in June and have so far made $275 which has been transferred to my preferred method of payment, Paypal once a month since June with no problems. I joined the website after a recommendation from an ex-colleague and thought I'd give it a go in my spare time to make a bit of extra cash. It is perfectly possible to make more than I have if you have the time.

      How does it work?:
      Well when you intitally sign up for utest and sign in you have to fill in your profile details and work experience. You don't necessarily need any testing experience to use this site but it does help to have an idea of what's happening. The profile will run through no only testing experience but what operating system you use on your computer and browser versions etc for the purpose of testing any releases that come up

      After signing in and completing your profile you will receive emails that fit your profile and to let you know that a new release is available for testing. Once you see this then you can sign into your account. Upon signing on you will see a list of current projects at the bottom of the page. They will have statuses of Active and Locked. The active releases are those that you can test and raise bugs on. Once you find an active release click on that particular one and read through all the details of the release and what is entailed before embarking on trying to find problems with it. Sometimes there can be alot to read through but you need to do this to make sure you understand what the client wants. The information on here is put on by the client or business that we discussed earlier.

      In my experience with this site there are a few things to note about any of the releases on offer:

      1) Some of those active releases you might not be able to test as you are not in the right country or do not have the correct operating system or application to test

      2) You are only allowed to raise a maximum of 4 bugs against any given release. It used to be 10 but this has changed

      3) On most occassions you have to be pretty quick when entering a release as they fill up quickly and when a certain amount of bugs are raised the release locks as the budget is of the company in question is spent. This is sometimes because there are alot of testers in America so they get in there first.


      How you make your money is through raising bugs against releases. You can raise a bug in any of the following areas: GUI(Graphical User Interface), Funcational, Technical and feedback. You get paid for any of these bugs if the company who is monitoring the release approve your bug as valid.

      It might all sound a bit complicated but I'm happy to answer any more questions you have about the site. It's well worth a look whether you are a tester or not but it's not free money. You have to work for it


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