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Healthy living portal

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    2 Reviews
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      08.01.2009 19:34
      Very helpful



      A healthy little place to visit.

      ** What is Vitality4Life.co.uk? **

      Health and fitness is a never ending story. We are constantly bombarded with healthy eating guidelines, obesity levels and how much we exercise. That is exactly why I am planning to lose weight and become healthier in the New Year! So this website was of great interest to me! Vitality4life is a huge online health and fitness portal, into which is a maze of health articles, exercise information, health and fitness products to buy and a host of other constructive information.
      The UK website is a baby section of the main vitality4life.com site, which is where most of the information is based.

      The main focus of this website is to use raw food, pure water and holistic exercise to give vitality back to people and the earth. In other words, increase the mental and physical energy of people and for the earth to continue in a healthy existence. The centre of attention in all this is on 'living' juice and smoothie's. Vitality4life believe that juices and smoothie's made from blended raw fruit, vegetables and pure water is the most nourishing and efficient way of taking in minerals and nutrients. These in turn revitalise the body, as well as using the natural produce that the earth provides. No pre-packaged stuff here I am afraid! All of this provides the website with one main reason to exist... to sell the (apparently) hero of all Juicers..... (Drum roll please) The Twin Gear Juicer! (Sorry, excitement over) They also aim to sell any other decent juicer they can get their hands on!

      ** A little healthy history **

      During the 1980's in Australia, a man named Roger Akins founded Viatlity4life and he based his company's mission on a concept first introduced by Dr Norman Walker (1874-1983). That basically a juice extractor that blends fruit but does not heat up is the most effective way of keeping all the goodness in the fruit. Hence, why vitality4life create blenders that are made to do this. (You can read more about this on the website.)

      ** What they sell **

      Vitality4life, although an interesting healthy lifestyle website is more a shop then anything else. In other words they will talk about health and raw food, pure water, living things until they are blue in the face because they want you to buy something! They are a business after all. So what do they sell?? As said before they focus on juicers and blenders. But they also sell water filters, soymilk makers, mineral supplements, infrared saunas, air-ionisers, health books.... the list goes on. I am sure you get what kind of market they are in.

      I have personally looked at the juicers and I am stunned. I didn't know such things existed! Huge, large impressive looking machines. To be honest, having a look through them I wouldn't mind owning one. (Plus they deliver to UK mainland free on most items). The downside? Well, the downside is the prices. £319 for a Juicer? Or how about £279 for a large water distiller? There are slightly cheaper versions on the website but I think they are trying to juice the cash out of my pockets and distil my bank account! I have a brilliant juicer that I bought in the sale at Argos, it doesn't fly, it doesn't to cartwheels, but it juices. Pretty well in fact and it cost me under £25.
      I REALLY appreciate that the quality of their products must be very good and they are passionate about what they sell. So if you can afford it then go for it.

      ** Why you should visit the site **

      They have a lot of general information about healthy living which is always motivational and interesting to read. If you're on a huge high to get completely kitted out in everything healthy and revitalising then the shop is worth a look. They also have some interesting videos which you can watch which show various demonstrations of exercises and using blenders. They also help you find the perfect blender for you! Pretty good to watch if you have a few spare minutes.

      ** Why shouldn't you visit it **

      Everything on the site is aimed at you trying to buy something from them. There are many health and fitness websites that offer more varied information and do not sell anything. Therefore what you read is more unbiased then this website. It also seems that the vitality4life website is fairly new and although it is broken up page by page it all seems a bit of a jumble. After a couple of clicks you get lost in a completely different subject to one you were just reading and its pretty hard to locate your way back! But if you have the patience then this shouldn't really be a problem. A lot of the information is repeated as well, so you find yourself stumbling across bits and pieces here and there. Once it has been updated I am sure the website will be great to browse through.

      ** Overall opinion **

      I think what they aim to achieve and what they promote is brilliant. Using natural food is better for us and also the environment. Blending food also adds a bit of character to healthy eating. Especially for children or those who hate the fresh stuff. However, the juicers and blenders that the site sells seem to be for experts and those who are really into blending and juicing... or plan to be! My advice would be to start small, get a cheap blender and see if it works for you. If you get into the blending lifestyle then why not! Definitely have a look around the site.
      It has some interesting information on health and fitness plus it comes across as very inspirational and motivational. (But it is also very good at selling so think before handing your credit card details.... Or PayPal, they accept that too, even easier to hand over your money!)

      I probably won't visit it again, or recommend it to anyone for anything more then having a quick browse over, or if you are 100% on the blending bandwagon.

      Have a happy and healthy future :-)


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        07.01.2009 00:14
        Very helpful



        Could be a good site with some more interest and content

        A couple of months ago I would not have even considered looking at a site like this, I like my food fried, my beer plentiful and my exercise few and far between!! However a couple of months ago my wife and I decided to join one of our local hotel leisure clubs and try and get fit and healthy, also maybe lose a couple of stone! This is what I thought of the site.

        The Site

        The site itself is very well laid out I have to say, there is a banner across the top with the site name, Vitality4life, on a background of green leaves, below the name it reads 'Your online portal for healthy living!', this pretty much decribes what the site is all about if you did not already know! Below this there are several categories you would normally expect on a website such as; home, contact, about vitality4life, product support and shop. Below these categories are five further categories which I will describe below seperately:

        Health And Detox

        Hovering over this category offers you two further sections entitled; oral health and sauna. Clicking on oral health brings a new page up which has four articles on it at present, I assume these will be added to as time goes by. The four articles are about orthodontics, an oral health program and adult oral hygiene, these are written by doctors and dentists and make for quite interesting reading if teeth and oral hygiene are your thing! The sauna section has three articles on the benefits of different types of sauna; cedar and infra red, there is also a section on sauna electrical systems! Handy I suppose if you are thinking of having a sauna installed at home, there is one at our leisure center which I like to spend a bit of time in as it is good for the skin and allows some of the toxins in your body to escape through sweating. I found a cuple of these articles quite interesting as they explain exactly what benefits you can gain from using a sauna.

        Living Food Kitchen

        Again hovering over this category offers a further two options; Living Juice and Pure Water. Living juice contains articles on juicing and juicers, one article offers juicers for sale for $749 Australian dollars!! A bit dearer than my smoothie maker I reviewed earlier this month, this section talks mainly about juicing and how and why juicing is good for you, I found a couple of the articles quite interesting as at present I use my smoothie maker mainly for cocktails, however under my new fitness regime it made me think about using it for what it was actually made for. Juicing and smoothies are becoming very popular in the fitness and well being world and like I say I found this section quite interesting, also it will keep being added to so it is worth keeping an eye on in the future.

        The second option in this category, quite obviously, talks about the benefits of pure water, there is an article on water ionisers, one about fluoride in water and one entitled 'healthy water the number one ingredient for healthful longevity, I did not really find this section very interesting, however I know how important water is to a healthy lifestyle, and so I suppose you could not really have a site like this without including a section like this.

        Holistic Fitness

        I did not really know what this was until I had a look at the articles about it on this site, and I have to say I still don't really, there is an article about a vibration machine and a video of it in use and celebrity endorsments and there is an article about vibration therapy and how it is good for you, I can only assume that vibration therapy is one form of holistic fitness and there are other variations which might be added to the site later as articles about them are written and submitted. I don't think vibration therapy is for me though!!


        This section splits up into two again and they are entitled; Clean Air and Organic Garden, clean air has just one article in it entitled 'Why Purchase An Air Filter?' This talks about air pollution and air filters and wh they are worth having, it also offers a link to a site that makes air filters, I don't think I would go this far though. Organic garden is mainly about composting and growing your own organic fruit and veg, I found this quite interesting as we grew a few things this year and quite enjoyed it, we liked the fact we had watched things like peppers and chillis grow from nothing and then were able to eat them and will be growing even more things next year, so I will be keeping an eye on this section of the site for some helpful tips about composting amongst other things.


        This section just has some videos in it for some of the things in the other categories. For instance the vibration machine video mentioned above is here and there is also a video of a living juicer and one about organic composting. These all seem to be done on you tube and a couple are fairly interesting, depending on what you are looking for, I watched the one about organic composting as I was fairly interested in this and I had already watched the vibration machine one in the other section that it was in just to see what it does!

        Below these five sections there is a slider type window with six illustrted sections about composting (again) and the ecocycle amongst other things, clicking on one of these pictures takes you through to another page that talks about what you have selected in more detail. Below this are some featured sections which appear to just be the same as can be found in the articles in the sections I described above and then further down 'headlines today, which looks as though it is more of the same. To the right of all this is the vibration machine video again and all of this section seems to a bit of filling really as all of the information in it can be found by searching through the above sections which was the first thing I did. I suppose as more content is added to the site these sections will become more relevant.

        There is also a section of healthy links as expected, these include more sites concerned with juicing and a yoga retreat in Bali as well as more vibration machines! There are also links to the sections I listed above which are at the top of the site but they decided top put them down at the bottom also.

        Any Good?

        As a whole I would say it Vitality4life comes across as a very new site which has not really developed much interest yet. There seems to be quite a lot of repeated stuff as though they have not really got enough content to fill the site up yet and I suppose that if they manage to get enough interest and people start to submit more content then it will improve the site quite a lot. In its early stages as it is now, I found the site very lacking to be honest and although I will probably keep an eye on its developement in the near future, it was not as informative as I expected it to be. There are a lot of different sections about healthy living on the site but each one is sadly lacking of very much content as yet. It might also be an idea to add some content explaining what some of the treatments and therapies actually are for newcomers to this sort of thing like myself, I think this would probably keep people like myself a little more interested when visiting the site for the first time. Like I mentioned earlier though, this site is very well laid out and very easy to navigate, it is simply lacking enough content at present. I would recomend it to people who are interested in this sort of thing, however you will probably have worked your way through everything on the site within a couple of hours at the most.

        Thanks For Reading, Also On Ciao!


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