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Paid Online Surveys

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    5 Reviews
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      21.01.2013 01:03



      complete waste of time

      I am speechless and seething! with anger more than anything else. I registered on this site as it sounded quite genuine and the surveys looked short and interesting.
      Yes they give you a pound to join, to entice you in like a snare but you soon find out all is not what it seems.
      The bottom line is I spent over 20 minutes on a survey for Populus which said would only take 12 minutes. Nearing the end of the survey and my patience, I thought to myself 'come on now only one more question to go.

      Well! I got to the last question which was a repeat question of a previous one similar but slightly different and could have had 2 answer to it. I obviously choose the wrong answer because the next thing that showed up was that my survey had not passed quality control.

      What! Ridiculous. Such a con!. They had all my personal information and not a penny made.
      My advice Keep Away.


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        01.11.2011 21:07



        I registered in April 2011 and now deleted my account. You need £25 to qualify for a reward. You don't get invitations by email but you must check the site every day. They promise work from home, but whenever I tried there "were no jobs available" for me. Got fed up.


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        16.06.2011 20:08
        Very helpful



        A website which pays its members for survey and writing task completion

        **What is it?**
        Vivatic.com is a website which provides writing jobs and surveys in return for cash. I found out about this site from the Money Saving Expert forums when the website was just taking off and the members on the forum were very sceptical, as was I. Despite this initial scepticism my need for the latest fashions and beauty products took over and I decided to give this site a chance . There are lots if these websites and it is overwhelming trying to decipher between the genuine and the imposters. The site primarily focuses on the 'jobs' aspect of the site: that is Vivatic members completing short writing tasks for money but I think you will find that the writing test that is needed in order to participate in these tasks is very rarely open to new members and, if on the rare chance you find it open, it is hard to complete and be accepted. Therefore this review focuses on Vivatic as a paid survey site which is what the majority of users use it for.

        **Signing Up**
        The signing up process for Vivatic takes around 3-4 minutes, they require basic details such as email address, postal address, name and age etc. The sign up process is typical of a paid survey site with easy to answer questions in a questionnaire type form. Ensure that you enter a correct email address and that you have a PayPal account as this is the easiest way to get paid. Enter your details to the best of your knowledge as they will use this information when you are completing surveys to ensure that your input is genuine and sincere.

        **Using Vivatic**
        Once you have signed up you can start with surveys immediately which is a massive advantage as many other survey sites send you email notifications when a survey matches your personal profile which can take months if you receive any at all! To complete a survey you can click on the 'latest surveys' tab. Here, you will be met by a number of survey site links or sometimes there is a sole link, these links are primarily from Populsive and New Vista but there are others which can appear. You can complete between 3-4 surveys from each company every day and these typically pay between £0.65 and £2.00 for around 10-30 minutes of your time. Upon successful completion of a survey your account is credited straight away so there is no waiting around to collate £10. £10 is the minimum cash-out requirement which is better than a lot of other sites which can be in excess of £40 and takes months to accumulate. Cashing-out is really simple, all you need to do is click on 'View totals and request payment' from here, you can withdraw if you have £10 or more in your Vivatic account. Accumulating £10 can take as little as 4 days to 2 weeks but this all depends on availability of surveys and the amount of times you log in to your account. The surveys always stipulate an estimated time to complete and how much you will be paid however some users have commented that the estimated time to complete is sometimes out by 10-15 minutes which could mean that you get paid £0.65 for a 45 minute survey!

        **Personal Experience**
        I have been with Vivatic for around 3-4 months and I have cashed out twice. I could have cashed out another 2-3 times but I have been too busy to log on each day. The surveys are from accredited survey sites and the surveys, in my experience, have been no longer than 20 minutes and most of them have interesting topics and easy to answer questions which you can fly through. I always take more than 1 survey when I have the time to log in and see the money in my account accumulating very quickly. I am also a member of a few other survey sites but Vivatic is definitely the best-may be even better than Consumer Pulse and Pinecone Research! I have been paid into my PayPal account today which prompted me to write this review, I accumulated £10 around 2 weeks ago and when you cash-out it gives you an estimated time that the money will hit your account. My estimated date was today and I received the money at around 4pm which is great, Vivatic do take a 20p charge so you end up with £9.80 but I am still very grateful of the extra money which will fund my clothes and makeup habit.

        I would urge anyone who wants to make a bit of use money to sign up to this site as, if I didn't already know about it, I'd be glad of the recommendation. Even if you don't log in everyday you can still accumulate money which all adds up for special treats or Christmas etc. I have recommended this website to all of my friends who all think the website is a great find and can safely say that not I, or any of my friends, have had any problems with Vivatic. If I do manage to complete the Vivatic writing test I will ensure that I update this review to include this. Happy earning!


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          11.06.2011 23:01
          Very helpful



          If you need to make a bit of extra cash, this is one way of doing so reliably.

          I have dabbled on various survey sites for round about 8 years. I first looked into it as a way of trying to earn a few extra pennies to go towards a house deposit as a bit of a hobby really, and it wasn't overly successful, but i became more engrossed in it around 5 years ago when i was pregnant and looking into a way to supplement my maternity pay, and it have become even more of a necessity in the past 2 years as i have been a stay at home mum.

          Believe it or not, i earn between one and two hundred pounds a month when i combine my survey site income with the money i get from writing reviews, which in the current financial climate is certainly not to be sniffed at. A lot of my additional income goes to either paying some extra money off my mortgage, or if it comes in the form of a voucher, it goes towards food or clothes or treats for the kids. It all helps.

          In March of this year i wrote a review here for another survey site, and one of the members said to me had i tried vivatic. On the exact same day, someone else said to me on another forum the exact same thing, so i thought i would investigate it for myself and see.

          The site address is www.vivatic.com. It is a freelance site, which pays its members for various activities, such as writing articles, data inputting, information research, and the one that most people use it for is the surveys they provide. In all honesty, i know a few people who work with this web site, and very few of them have had access to the other sections of the site, so i don't think they recruit very frequently.

          Logging on to the site was a simple matter of registering with an email address and password before i could access the information. The site looks quite plain in my opinion. On the homepage, you have the vivatic logo at the top left, and a bit of personal information at the top right, such as your name, your account balance, and a button to redeem your earnings.

          There are then tabs across the top of the home page to find information. These are: home, how it works, latest jobs, latest surveys, your jobs, and FAQs.

          I click onto the latest surveys button and it will show me the surveys that are available to me on that particular day. You are advised to check in on a daily basis to see if there are any new surveys, and if there are, you access them via a link on this page.

          There are 3 main companies that provide surveys here, which are new vista live, populus, and web sourcing. The first 2 companies pay a £1 per completed survey, and the 3rd company pays £0.85. The surveys are mainly multiple choice surveys with some data entry, and take me on average 15 minutes per survey. You can take up to 3 surveys each day for each company if they are available. Payment is made automatically to your account at the end of the survey, which is good as in an average survey session your balance can increase by between £1-3 pounds i have found.

          The format can be a little annoying for the new vista and populus surveys. You need to fill in your postcode and date of birth before you start, and then there might not be a survey available. However, in some ways this is better than other sites as there is nothing more annoying than working through a good bit of a survey and then being told you are not part of their quota. With survey network, if you complete 80% of the survey then you will get paid. It might not be instant, but i have found that it has been applied with the new vista and populus surveys.

          The company email you when there are new surveys to be taken. I find if i go to the site fairly quickly upon seeing the email, then i will get chance to complete it. There might then be a further email telling me that there are surveys ending soon. I will try again, but i have usually done them already by this point.

          What i like with this company is that £1 for 15 minutes work is a good pay rate for a survey site, and it adds up straight away. Payout can be requested as soon as your account hits £10. They pay by paypal, and they pay out on the Thursday following your request usually. They tell you the exact day it will be paid into your account, and it happens. When you request payout you have to tick a box to say that you will be telling the tax man about your earnings. This doesn't bother me as i am registered as self employed anyway, but might be a consideration for others who decide to join.

          The bit i don't like about this site is that they only pay you £9.80 as they say it costs £0.20 in paypal fees. Most other sites swallow this cost themselves, so it feels a bit naughty.

          I guess the final thing to tell you, is you get out what you put in. At first i was working out the best way to use this site and it took me over a month to reach my first £10 payout. Since then i have worked out that there are new surveys added midweek (Wednesday) and also on a Friday (teatime) and i manage to log on and do them that day. I last claimed £10 on the 27th of May. It arrived in my paypal on the 9th of June as advised. My account balance is back at £10 again, so i fully expect to be able to claim again next week.

          I seem to have a fairly average payout for this site. Some people who use it hit the payout threshold much quicker, whereas some seem to miss the requirements from the surveys so take longer still.

          As with all survey sites, i feel it is worth trying as one persons favourite doesn't work at all for other people. It is a reliable source of income for me, so i am happy to put the time in. Surveys are not the most inspiring way to earn money, but when you are stuck at home for any reason such as being a parent or carer, or you are unable to work, then it keeps the brain cells ticking and gives you some pocket money.


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            16.04.2011 20:07
            Very helpful



            Regular surveys, regular payments, a reliable online survey site.

            I first started completing on-line surveys at the back end of last summer after reading a thread on Martin Lewis's Money Saving Expert site. Surveys appealed because, at face value they offered a simple means of increasing my household income easily around my home life. Whilst I was acutely aware I could not rely on them as a regular, additional income they have provided me with anywhere between £50.00 to £100 a month without even leaving my house. I must confess, I was skeptical of sites that promised work and yet withheld earnings until a threshold had been reached but I adopted the attitude, nothing ventured, nothing gained. I signed up with approximately twenty sites and over the course of a month separated the wheat from the chaff and whittled down to just five who offered me surveys on a regular basis.

            *** Vivatic In Brief ***
            I stumbled upon Vivatic by accident whilst trawling Google for survey sites. Company information is held quite close to the chest although I can tell you they are based in London and are a division of MarketingVF Ltd, Reading, Berkshire. Apart from surveys Vivatic also offer a variety of other paid work which includes market research, data entry, proof reading and freelance writing although in six months with Vivatic and despite the fact they usually advertise in excess of ten jobs on a daily basis I've never been able to access anything other than surveys so for the purpose of this review I will only be focusing on surveys.

            *** Registration ***
            At first glance, like other survey sites, Vivatic's main page is a little cloak and dagger, requiring registration before information is released and even then it all seems a little vague. Registration is not much more than your name, email address, password and agreement to Vivatic's terms and conditions. Once registered you need to supply your Paypal account details and home address as well as answering a few simple questions that include number of children, marital status and personal interests from a selection of fourteen possible answers in your personal profile. The whole process takes about two minutes. One aspect that appeals is Vivatic do not require individuals to complete reams of personal information before being offered surveys and Vivatic automatically credit your account with £1.00 upon completion of registration.

            *** The Surveys ***
            Vivatic are actually the host for various partners and companies which include Populus and New Vista Live. On average I spend between half an hour to an hour every day completing surveys depending on their availability. Generally surveys vary greatly in content and time to complete but not usually in payment. Survey contents can include anything from car insurance, health, holidays, supermarkets, mobile phones, airlines, brand packaging, personal shopping habits and the like. Admittedly some surveys have more relevance or interest to me than others and some take notably longer to complete due to the length of time individual pages take to load but most surveys can be finished in fifteen to twenty minutes.

            Payment is almost always 85pence or £1.00, sometimes just 65pence although I have found this to be a rarity. The majority of the surveys I have participated in require an 80% completion with the last 20% of questions relating only to personal circumstances such as age, date of birth, number of dependent children, household income or general demographic questions.

            One thing I have noticed using Vivatic compared to other survey sites is that screening out of surveys is particularly quick. It's fairly obvious you will be screened out by the initial questions you are asked. From personal experience screening out happens in the first 10% of questions although frustratingly on occasion I have been screened half way through a survey. Annoyingly there is nothing you can do to avoid this and it's one of the downsides of the site, although this type of practise does not seem exclusive to Vivatic. Most surveys automatically enter you into a price draw (whether you are screened out or not). Do they actually exist and does anyone ever win? I can't answer but I can tell you I have never won or seen any confirmation regarding anyone who has, so I tend to take this with a pinch of salt.

            *** Earning Potential ***
            For the first couple of weeks after my initial registration I found surveys to be few and far between and I was regularly screened out of any that were available. Nowadays, it's not unreasonable for me to earn anywhere between £10.00 to £17.00 per week. For almost five months now I have been regularly drawing an average of £10.00 per week, in fact I actually get annoyed if I don't make my weekly £10.00 threshold although I appreciate that not everyone will earn as much and some may potentially earn more. Vivatic do send email alerts when new surveys become available however, I have found them to be a little slow and relying on emails often results in survey quotas being full before you have a change to complete. To maximise my earning potential I visit the site on a daily basis several times a day and with all but a few exceptions I am now rarely screened out of the surveys.

            *** Payments ***
            Vivatic, like most other on-line survey sites operate a payment threshold before your earnings can be withdrawn, a low £10.00 which is incredibly easy to achieve.

            Vivatic stipulate any funds you wish to withdraw must be requested by 12noon every Monday and that payments will be made the following week but in my experience Vivatic actually pay two weeks after a payment request. All payments are made via Paypal only every Thursday and are subject to a 2% admin fee/commission (capped to 65pence) which Vivatic will automatically deduct before your earnings clear in your account. What this actually means is that for every £10.00 requested Vivatic will deduct 20pence which is unavoidable and annoying considering they are making interest on all your earnings before you reach their threshold as well as receiving payment to host the surveys. That said, they are reliable. All of my payments have cleared before lunchtime and I always receive an email acknowledging that my funds have cleared. It is worth mentioning that it is the individuals sole responsibility to declare any earnings made through Vivatic who accept no responsibility for tax or national insurance deductions.

            *** Support ***
            A clear disadvantage to the site is there is next to no support. Email submissions usually result in a useless automatic response with a list of user questions and answers. Occasionally I have completed surveys and Vivatic have failed to credit my account so as a matter of course I now take a note of the survey operator and unique reference code. I have recently written to Vivatic regarding the non payments and am awaiting to hear back although in honesty not expecting a response.

            *** Drawbacks To Vivatic ***
            There are of course some downsides to Vivatic. The first and most obvious being you can not rely on Vivatic to provide a regular income. There are no guarantees that surveys will be available or that you won't be screened out. At times it is just a case of "luck of the draw" and if you fail to access your account for three months Vivatic will terminate your account resulting in a loss of earnings if you haven't already requested payment. The final downside is unfortunately Vivatic do not offer referral opportunities like other sites for recommending new members and so there are no financial benefits for personal recommendations.

            *** Overall ***
            In honesty I did begin to question the reliability and credibility of the site after I first registered but then gradually surveys appeared more frequently and I began to earn a reasonable if not surprising regular income. One of the main benefits with Vivatic is that I have the freedom to work hours that suit me (obviously the more time I put in the more I can potentially earn). With Vivatic I am not constrained to simply completing surveys at home, I can work anywhere as long as I have my laptop and internet access. One of the main benefits with Vivatic is that you can complete surveys anytime of day and night, so long as they're available and you could work around a full time job to earn a little extra pocket money. I can not lie though, completion of several surveys a day is tedius (even on some of the more interesting ones) and after a while they do become boring, so anyone interested in making reasonable money would just have to stick with it.

            Vivatic's website is fairly bog standard although incredibly easy to navigate and simple to use. Your account balance is clearly displayed as are any payments already made and payments requested along with the date that they are due to be paid. The site has proved to be very reliable and out of five surveys sites that I regularly use Vivatic is the one that I reap the greatest financial benefit from. For anyone looking to make some extra pocket money I really would recommend Vivatic as there is money to be made from this site all be it relitvely small.

            3 Wilkin Street
            NW5 3NL



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