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Category: Health

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    1 Review
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      10.03.2010 17:09
      Very helpful



      A fun site that will give you all the answers you need whenever you're feeling ill

      I've had to visit the doctor a few times recently as I've been having regular headaches for quite a while now and they've got to a stage where I have at least a couple a week and I just can't take them anymore. I don't just take my doctor's advice though as they are known for sometimes being wrong so I do a lot of my own research into what I think the problem is.

      While I was just generally browsing on the Boots website I came across an advertisement for a symptom checker by Boots. I clicked on it and it took me to another page on Boots' website all relating to health and medicine and the symptom checker is something you can use to simply check your symptoms.

      ~ Selecting your symptoms ~

      Firstly, you need to enter your sex and age and they also ask for postcode but you don't need to enter this as it obviously has nothing to do with your symptoms.

      A model of a woman then came up and all I had to do was click on the part of the body that I was experiencing symptoms in. For me, this was my head, so I clicked on the head and then a list is brought up of all the possible symptoms you can get in that area, some of which for me were headaches, fatigue and dizziness. All you have to do is click on any of the symptoms you are experiencing or have experienced and these will be filed away in a column to the right.

      For some of the symptoms you are asked a few extra details about them just so they have more information on exactly what you are experiencing. For example, when I clicked on headaches I was asked a few more questions such as whereabouts the headache was in my head, what sort of pain it was - dull, throbbing, etc., and if anything such as bright lights made it worse.

      If you can't find the exact symptom you're looking for you can just zoom back out onto the entire body and click on another body part to find symptoms from that area or just click on general symptoms to view a whole long list.

      Although it's super easy to use, a little pop up speech-bubble comes up every time you do something new just in case you can't work out what to do next.

      ~ Finding your condition ~

      As you're adding your symptoms you can see that a list of possible conditions that are associated with your selected symptoms is being compiled underneath the symptoms you've picked. I was left with a list of 20 possible conditions and the most likely cause or illness will be listed at the top.

      As you select each symptom, the conditions do change slightly as it's obviously fitting all your symptoms together but I noticed that with almost every symptom I picked, there were 3 possible causes that remained within the top few the whole time and these were 3 different types of anaemia. When I had finished selecting all my symptoms, these 3 types of anaemia ended up being the top 3 conditions and I was quite impressed as this was something that both my doctor and I had considered as a possible condition beforehand.

      ~ Viewing your condition ~

      You can find out more about your condition by simply clicking on it and it brings up a box telling you more about it. You can find out exactly what the condition is, what causes it and how to go about treating it and, although the amount of information provided isn't huge, it contains the most important things that you need to know.

      ~ Summary ~

      When I saw my doctor a few days later, he confirmed that I did in fact have anaemia which means that the symptom checker was correct. I suppose it could be a bit hit and miss as someone may have one symptom that doesn't have anything to do with another but generally a few symptoms are likely to all be related and so I would have thought that it would get it right most of the time.

      There are other things you can do on this website all relating to health and medicine and it's a good source of information to find out about any health conditions you may have.

      Not only is this a really helpful and free site but it's also fun to use with the clicking on the body parts and selecting your symptoms. Every time someone I know is showing any signs of being ill, I quickly go onto the website to tell them what it could be!

      This is a great site where you can diagnose yourself in a fun but informative way and I'd highly recommend it to anyone.


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