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Online Bingo website

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    4 Reviews
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      09.07.2013 21:56



      Try it see for yourself

      I have been a member of woohoo for over 3yrs it was a fantastic site until they made changes to it last october (2012) and ever since it's had severe problems that get worse as the weeks go by. At 1st it was difficult to join the chat because you were constantly disconnected by the server, but now it's difficult to even get on the site and if you finally manage to get on the games don't even pay when you win. When it 1st started not paying players where being refunded their original points used to play but for the last few weeks this hasn't happened. We are just told the site has GLITCHES and the techies are working on it what a laugh!!! I have never come across another site that doesn't fix problems it's such a shame because it was a fantastic site. doesn't deserve 1 star.


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      03.06.2011 23:51
      Very helpful



      One for ardent bingo fans, not fortune hunters!

      I must admit I actually enjoy online bingo - a pastime that some liken to watching paint dry! I don't relish losing any of my hard-earned cash, however, so the opportunity to win prizes such as Amazon vouchers from a totally free to play bingo site sounded great.

      Woohoo Bingo functions like most paid online bingo sites and features a host of bingo 'rooms' where bingo can be played, in some rooms for up to 24 hours a day! No bank or debit card details are needed, however, as the games are played with points instead of cash. The ony personal information needed to join in the fun is name and email address (which needs to be confirmed by clicking on a link in the confirmation email.) This makes the site ideal for anybody worried about either sharing financial information online or players who are concerned about getting carried away with online bingo and spending too much money. Neither of those are an issue with Woohoo Bingo!

      The site is fairly logically laid out with the rooms holding regular games of 90 ball bingo every few minutes. The games are fully automated, so it is simply a matter of 'buying' the cards in advance of each game starting, with the winning numbers being marked off on your behalf, so no need to panic about keeping track of the numbers called! Before each bingo game starts, there is a short advert shown, promoting another paid bingo site. These ads vary in their ability to annoy me, although most are incredibly irritating and tedious, so I tend to play on this site with the sound muted, which does mean that I lose a little of the atmosphere when playing.

      Each bingo card 'costs' five points with the maximum purchase for each game of bingo being 120 points. Each player is given a fresh allocation of points each day, if their points had dropped below a certain level. The prizes for one line, two lines and full house are usually a mixture of more points (giving you the means to play more games) and stars. The star system is fairly easy to grasp with three stages: bronze, silver and gold. Bronze stars can be exchanged for a smaller number of Silver stars and Silver stars for Gold. I do think the conversion rates are pretty miserly though and it takes me a while to win enough Bronze stars to exchange for any Silver ones. Only the gold stars can be exchanged for 'real' prizes which include Amazon gift certificates (via email) as well as High Street shopping vouchers and even real goodie baskets from places such as Lush. From a value for money perspective, the Amazon vouchers offer the best deal and are the option that I selected.

      I initially signed up to the site in March and had accrued enough Gold stars to earn a £10 Amazon voucher after about six weeks of active membership, which isn't too bad, particularly as it involves no real thought or effort on my part to take part. That was mostly thanks to a very lucky win on the Big One, where I won Full House and earned 100 gold stars in one go!

      Despite a fairly comprehensive list of FAQ's on the site, there was no indication anywhere as to how long it takes to receive a prize once ordered. Even the confirmation email I received initially made no mention of expected waiting time. Fortunately the site does have a forum section, albeit fairly quiet, and one of the site's friendly CM's reliably informed me that redemptions can take up to a month at most. I was very pleasantly surprised to receive my Amazon voucher less than 24 hours after redeeming my stars on the site.

      I think it will take me a lot longer to redeem for my second voucher however as the site has recently increased the number of stars needed for some of the more popular prizes. The stars needed for an Amazon voucher has almost doubled from 200 gold stars up to 350 stars! With a bit of luck on my side, I tend to accrue one or two gold stars per day so it will take me a hell of a long time to build up my stars, especially as the number of bingo games giving away gold stars (as opposed to just bronze and silver) has also been reduced. I currently have just 74 stars so have a long way to go.

      It's not the quickest of ways to win money online, by any means, but I do find it strangely addictive and enjoyable so playing through my daily allowance of points is now part of my daily online routine. I do find the recent changes to the prize 'costs' are a bit of a disappointment. The site was never likely to earn me a fortune but now I do think the novelty may well wear off sooner rather than later, as the chance of redeeming a prize as a reward for the time spent on the site becomes ever more remote.

      Much as I enjoy playing online bingo, especially the free variety, I probably wouldn't wholeheartedly endorse this site unless you are a total free bingo addict! The time you would need to dedicate to the site, particularly if you participate actively in the chat and the chat games (which I don't) is not likely to be rewarded in any real financial sense. I wouldn't recommend this site to anybody trying to raise spare cash quickly (which was my original motivation, to be honest.) It is, however, a very friendly site with a strong sense of community, even organising real life get-togethers between some of the more active members of the site.

      If you love online bingo, enjoy taking part in chat games and have some spare time online then I'm sure you will enjoy Woohoo Bingo. If you're desperate for fast cash you are likely to find using this site incredibly tedious and frustrating, particularly given the new prize structure. I will continue to use the site whenever I'm online anyway but suspect that my enthusiasm for the site may start to wane before too long.


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        16.04.2011 17:53
        Very helpful



        the only site for me

        www.woohoobingo.com is a bingo site established in November 2009.

        ~~~Not Just Any Bingo Site!~~~

        Woohoo Bingo is different from many online bingo sites. The site promotes itself as being completely free to all players and offers the potential to win prizes for free! Woohoo is sponsored by various paid bingo sites - they advertise on the site through banners, reviews and videos and this is what keeps Woohoo free. You don't even need a credit card to register so you can be sure no money will be taken from your account.

        ~~~Signing Up~~~

        When you sign up to Woohoo, you will be asked to input a few personal details (name etc) and email. You will also be asked to pick a username which is how you will be identified on the site.You need to be over 18 and ensure your usename is not offensive in any way. You will get a confirmation email and this needs to be confirmed and you are good to go.

        Everyone is given an amount of points to play with which I believe starts at 500 for new players. At 4.45am, if you are below this amount you get a boost known as a recharge. You have opportunity to boost your recharge by completing one off challenges (signing up for text alerts etc).


        Woohoo also has a Facebook fan page and app. If you have the same email address registered on both Facebook and Woohoo you should be able to play on either site. Facebook Woohoo isn't as extensive as the main site but allows you to play on a reduced size screen, go into the shop etc. The fan page is where you can keep up to date on Woohoo news with occasional quizes.


        When you go on the main site, you are greeted with a blue background and orange bordering. There is a whole host of options and tabs to choose from surrounded by bingo banners. Your account details including your uploading photo, points etc will be shown down one side. There is also a bit showing latest big winners, a tab to the shop/challenges etc. Up the top of the screen, you can opt for Lobby, Profile, Forum, Reviews and Help.

        ~~~Bingo Rooms~~~

        There are 8 bingo rooms to choose from but not all are open all day.

        *Sunshine 24hours
        *Snug 24hours
        *Clubhouse 6am - 2am
        *Lounge 6am - 2am
        *Starlight 4pm - 11pm
        *Retreat 4pm - 11pm
        *Beehive 10am - 12am
        *Rainbow 10am - 12am

        When you enter a room, it will load up and to the left hand side, you will see a white chat section. Here you can chat to others in the room and there names are all in a list. You can change your colour of name (never go bright though or you will get a ticking off!), you can send messages to others by clicking on their name and you can request a private chat away from main chat. Do not swear, be rude or offensive to any player as you are likely to earn a ban. Do not use capital letters as it is classed as shouting!

        The other side of the screen is where your bingo tickets sit. You need to click the max or arrows to get your choose amount of tickets and the limit is 24. You need to ensure you purchase in plenty of time as 30seconds prior to the game starting, the sales close and the screen changes to allow for a bingo video from a sponsor. Your points are shown on the bingo page alongside your stars etc.

        ~~~Points and Stars~~~

        On Woohoo, you don't win actual cash. You do have the opportunity to win prizes and vouchers though. Each bingo ticket (with the exception of 2 big points games) costs 5 points meaning 4 strips (24) takes 120pts from you. During the bingo game, your cards will play and if you win, you will receive points and aslong as its no just a points game, you receive stars - bronze, silver and gold. You can build your stars up and swap them for points if you run out or transfer bronze to silver then to gold to purchase prizes from the shop.

        ~~~The Shop~~~

        Here is where you can purchase your prizes or swap your stars. You can also purchase badges which go on your profile for all to be seen. The following shop items are available :

        *20 bronze - 100 points
        *100 bronze - 10 silver
        *15 silver - 250 points
        *125 silver - 5 gold
        *250 silver - 10 gold
        *5 gold - 350 points
        *10 gold - 750 points
        *100 gold - £5.00 for Crown Bingo
        *200 gold - £10.00 Amazon voucher
        *350 gold - £10.00 Tesco Giftcard or £10.00 High Street Voucher
        *650 gold - Retro sweets jar
        *700 gold - Chocolate Hamper
        *950 gold - 1year Love Film subscription
        *1000 gold - Champagne hamper

        You are prompted to confirm your purchase and provide you have enough stars, they will be taken from your balance and your prize will be sent out to you either by email (Amazon/Crown) or post.


        Your profile is where you can add a little about yourself for others to see. Your points/stars are shown here to there is no hiding them and you can choose any picture providing it is not offensive as it screened before being added. You can tell others what you like, your favourite bingo and biggest win etc. You can also add friends to your list and they need to confirm you.


        This section allows you to read and write reviews/rate other bingo sites. You get an instant 100 points for rating so it is a good way to build up your points. Reviews are awarded points based on content and these are reviewed by the site and awarded accordingly.


        The forum is like any other. Players can go on and discuss day to day things, television, share jokes and complain about various things. It can get a bit heated and if admin consider anything getting out of hand, it will be deleted and the offending member may be subject to a forum ban!


        Starting on a new site can be a daunting prospect. The FAQ section covers all the basic questions and how to do this and what not to do.

        ~~~Chat Moderator~~~

        If you have played on the site for more than 2months, you can apply to be a CM. On Woohoo, this is voluntary and providing you are friendly and have patience plus 14spare hours per week, you will be considered. They are always looking for new CMs as others go due to commitments. Woohoo currently have a decent sized team of CMs headed by Admin Cherry/Stevie and the CM Ladybeast.

        The CMs are the authority figure in the room. They are there to help anyone who needs help, ensure there is no trouble and play chat games to help players low on points. The CMs have the authority to use their "boots" allowing them to kick trouble makers out the room. They have a "purse" which has points and these can be awarded for winning the chat games. CMs cover the main rooms at peak and any spare CMs will be put into the lower capacity rooms. 3 warnings will be given to rowdy players then a sharp boot up the backside is given.

        ~~~Chat Games~~~

        Chat games are mini in chat games which run between quarter past and quarter to the hour providing there is a CM in the room..there won't always be a chat game though. If you are low, you can go into another room (except Snug) and play a chat game. The normal chat game winnings at 100points with double points at the weekend and the maximum any one person can get from recharge to recharge is 1000/2000. The CM will relay the rules throughout the 30mins.

        There is a whole host of chat games. There is 10 question games such as quizzes, fortunes and anagrams. There is also number games where a player picks mirrored numbers ie 01/10. Once your numbers are called, you shout **woohoo mirror** and the first to claim wins! Other games are based on who wins such as Bobs hand..win full house and shout **bobs hand** to win.

        Chat game points can be kept or if you are feeling generous, you can donate them to a friend or someone who is low. The CM can check who is really low and you choose someone who will then receive the points and hopefully be greatful especially if they win with your lucky points!


        Extra points can be received through completing challenges. These are in addition to normal and chat game points. Occasional simple quizzes where you can't really lose pop up for 300pts. Other challenges include signing up to certain sites or creating a Woohoo video for others.

        ~~~The Bingo Games~~~

        The games run every few minutes in each room with a short interval in between each one. Each room has different bingo names relating to their room name ie Beehive has Points Nectar Linx and Clubhouse has Disco Balls. The games run on a loop most of the day.

        There are jackpot games 5 times a day :

        1pm - 30k points booster
        6pm - 1000 silver star jackpot
        7pm - 100 mega gold
        8pm - 50k points booster
        9pm - 150 mega gold

        The big games link up with different rooms across the site. Every other hour, on the hour there is usually a big gold game where the first line is 3gold, then 5gold then 10gold across the bigger rooms. Some rooms do a points game or a 3gold streak game. Throughout the hour, there is 5 normal, in room games where there is 5 winners per line, 2 lines and full house. There is an additional 2 gold games where there is 5 winners each time again and the addition of extra stars and points as it links up. There is also 2 points games (one normal and one super) which allows 10 winners on each line. These are linked games.

        Your cards mark the numbers of themselves and claim themselves allowing you to do other stuff. If you are waiting on 1tg on the line your card will turn blue, purple for 2ls, red for full house and green if you win. The caller will shout woohoo! at you if you win and your name will appear on the winners list with your amount of points and stars.


        Woohoo send out a regular newsletter to your email where special offers for other sites and links to new challenges are present.

        ~~~My Woohoo Experience~~~

        Up until last year, I had a bit of an addiction to online bingo and spent a fortune playing and losing! One day, my sister recommended Woohoo Bingo and provoked me to sign up. Thinking it was a bit of a no goer, I signed up anyway. That was last July and I am still there and better still..its the only site that I visit in terms of bingo!

        Signing up was easy and I was content not needing a credit card or debit card to sign up as most sites ask for this. It gives a bit more confidence that they won't steal your money and you can't be tempted to top it up and waste all your money. The site is quite busy in terms of layout but the main areas are easy to locate. As my sister was already a member, I had the benefit of knowing how to get around the site but the CMs are very helpful and willing to help out new members should they be stuck on what to do.

        ~~~Why Woohoo?~~~

        Well I was instantly attracted to this particular bingo as it was free..all free. The idea of winning prizes was also a deal sealer and the fact that it was all auto dab and claim is even better..it may seem like lazy bingo but when you want to get on with things around the house and don't want to miss a win, then its ideal. The downside is you can buy in advance meaning you need to be on the site to play. I suppose its fairer this way.

        When I started, I joined during a promotion so my daily recharge is 1500points. It doesn't get you far to be honest as if you max your cards, thats 120 per game so it only lasts you around 12games! The max capacity of any one room is 150 but even the busiest of rooms (Sunshine/Clubhouse) rarely get to max capacity. I started off playing in Lounge but followed my sister about it. I sometimes switch between the rooms but the smaller rooms (rainbow/beehive) quiet. These are ideal for during the day when I just want to max and get on with housework as it don't want to seem like I am "iggying" anyone! When I am feeling more chatty, Clubhouse or Sunshine is where it is at! From 4-11, you will find me in Starlight.

        ~~~Bobby Boy~~~

        Well, the male caller is who we all know as Bob and boy does Bob get pelters when he doesn't let us all win! The bingo room itself is well laid out and if find I need to F11 my screen to allow everything in. It is worth noting that turning the volume down is recommended as the adverts come through loud and clear and grate on you after hearing them several times an hour. The woohoo! is rather loud and certainly wakes you up if you happen to doze off whilst playing..I've done that before!

        ~~~Beginners Luck~~~

        If you don't win at the start, don't panic you will! Some people win constantly which is a bit dishearting for others but it will come your time. When I started I done quite well. The highest amount of points I have ever had is 13k but then regular playing and not winning made sure I lost ever last point. Most days I start on recharge as I play my points down to 0 and then appreciate the boost the next day! The challenges are easy to do most of the time and I completed most of the reviews for minimum poiints when I started.

        ~~~In Chat~~~

        In the bigger rooms, the chat is usually buzzing and goes very fast. If you are having a conversation, it can be difficult to keep up and there isn't any option to hold chat to allow your eyes to focus. Chat is usually friendly and engaging allowing you to join in various discussions. There is very rarely anything offensive said but different people incorporate different things. We are all from different walks of lives, different countries etc and something which may be ok to others won't be to someone else.

        The Starlight room I go into isn't the busiest but is by no means the quietest. Opening at 4pm, it catches the overflow and is usually quiet for a little while as people have their dinner. Sometimes the points aren't all that much during the in room games but pick up a little during the link ups with other rooms. Starlight occasionally has a CM for chat games. It rarely ever used to but a debate in forum boosted our status! Any trouble is usually dealt with as a CM can overview a room without making themselves known.

        Most of my bingo buds go in this room but we welcome everyone that comes in and have a little bingo family! Obviously only being open 7hrs a day, the players from here spill out into other rooms during the day and later at night but don't chat as much as they don't know as many people. The chat in Starlight goes at a snails pace sometimes.

        ~~~I Don't Want To Be Booted!~~~

        I am a good girl and have yet to be booted or banned from the site. My sister is a former CM so I can appreciate how much time and effort goes into the voluntary role and the CMs do get alot of stick. They are there to ensure everything runs smoothly but some people take the mick and give cheek. Most of the CMs are always friendly and some are a little too firm which can be annoying.

        ~~~I Am Low..Please Help!~~~

        The chat games are often fun. I am not very good at quizzes and my computer slows down allowing me not to get my wrong answer in quickly anway! I prefer number games such as mirror where more people have a chance. If I have over 1k of points and I win a chat game, I always donate to someone who is low. That way they have the chance to win too. This isn't always the case with others though as some win and are sitting with 40k of points and keep. Personally I consider this a selfish act but I know it is their decision.

        If there is no chat game and I am out of points. I can sell my stars to bob the devil! I hate doing this so keep a stash of bronze stars incase. I never sell gold as they are so hard to come by and its not worth it! You get 100points per 20 bronze which isn't bad and offers the best star to points deal on the site. If I lose consistenly I sometimes give up for the day!


        When I enter a room, I usually max and if I have nothing to do, I sit down and enjoy the chat. If I am busy I tell people in the room I won't be long and hit max. Doing the dishes, my lappy comes with me and I can hit max and get on with it. The cards don't sit in any particular order but if you need 1tg they jump up to the top and change colour. Sometimes I find 6 or 7 1tgs on any line which is frustrating when they don't win!

        Woohoo! I've won! Wtgs and woohoos ring around the chat room. The bingo lingo is easy to understand and all the definitions can be found in the help section if you aren't as knowledgable at wdws (well done winners) and syl (see you later). You pick it up quickly and it won't be long til your fluent in bingo lingo. Hearing that woohoo! is rather exciting especially if you are in a different room and I notice myself and my son shouting it! Multiple woohoo! are common if you are a lucky bugger.

        Once you have won, your points and stars are shown next to your name in the list and once the game finishes, they are added to your total. The stars might creep up at first but they do build up. The golds and silvers are particularly appealing as they are worth more in terms of prizes. Golds are hard to get as even later at night, the gold games only offer 3 gold per game due to the level of players playing.

        I play randomly throughout the day but the points are best at night. The mixture of bingo games is good as there is gold, points and normal games. The big games are the ones you want to play but its nerve wracking waiting on 1tg for 100 or 150gold. I have won the 9pm game once and got 150gold a few months ago. I sat gobsmacked after nearly falling off my chair and everyone was so chuffed that a "roomie" won the biggy! Its a good feeling but any win is great.

        ~~~Save Em Up~~~

        I have requested a few payouts since starting woohoo last year. In my opinion, the Amazon vouchers offer best value for money but others choose to save for the hampers. The chocolate one is said to be Thortons so a nice treat there. I see no point in spending 350 gold for Tesco or High Street when the Amazon voucher is worth the same for 150gold less!

        Last year, I claimed 3 x £10.00 vouchers in the space of a few months. They can take up to 3weeks but mine were through in 3 days and safely payed into my Amazon account for Xmas pressies. For the past 2months, I have been saving all my bronze, silver and gold. I am going to trade them in come November and hopefully buy a few Xmas pressies for my fiance and son from Amazon. My current stars are sitting at 2678 bronze, 3799 silver and 288gold. If I traded all the bronze and silver in, I would have enough for 2 Amazon vouchers - £20quid in the kitty already!

        ~~~Other Opinion~~~

        The forum isn't something I visit often. At the moment there is a meet up sorted for Blackpool in June which my sister is attending. I cannot go due to financial reasons. There is also a Glasgow one planned for the end of this month for all us Scottish roomies! Hoping to go to this one which will be fun! Through Woohoo, I have had the pleasure of meeting some lovely friends. One particular friend lives in Glasgow and is now a CM..she is lovely and I will be meeting her soon. A few other friends I have made I now have on Facebook and its nice seeing what others are like.

        Love blossoms on the site as many Woohooers have met and are now married or dating which is lovely. Many have family on the site and providing you don't share each others accounts, you are fine this way. Some hubbies and wives only talk to each other through the site which is amusing..my fiance won't join though as he can never get the lappy long enough hehe! Other members have disabilities or are housebound and playing and chatting helps them and keeps me occupied. Its like one big Woohoo bingo family which is nice aslong as no one spoils it by arguing or moaning! When I was ill last month, a few members who are actual nurses helped me with advice so its a great site help and advice aswell as support.

        ~~~A Woohoo Recommendation?~~~

        Oh yeah! I love Woohoo and it is my favourite bingo site. I get to play, chat or do other things and watch my stars build up for Christmas pressies! The majority of Woohooers are friendly and the bingo is engaging even if Bob is a bit tight with the winnings sometimes! The site is easy to navigate and well laid out so top marks all round. All in all, a fab site which I recommend to you all and hope to see you there!

        Thanks for reading :)

        *Update 16/04*

        Thought I would update you on my new stars total since I wrote this review. I now have 3197 bronze, 4069 silver and 311 gold so its a big jump. If you are interesting in joining the site, you will find me under angelboouk so say hello if you see me :)


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          13.03.2011 15:42
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          An excellent choice for bingo fans that do not want to risk loosing money.

          I decided to try out this website, when I found out that you could win Amazon vouchers without having to put any money in. I am very eager to make money online and will try most websites at least once, especially if I do not have to put any money into it.

          HOW TO PLAY
          When you register you are given 1500 points, these can be used to play bingo and if you win then you are rewarded with stars. If you buy the maximum amount of tickets for a game then you will be spending 120 points (I do this every time as it gives me the best chance of winning). Everyday, you are given 1500 points known as the daily recharge, and you can win extra points in the chat room games. The bingo came can be ran in the background as you do something else, as your tickets are automatically marked, you do not need to watch them like offline bingo.

          The stars that you are rewarded with for a win are bronze, silver and gold. If you go to the website's shop you can convert your stars: 100 bronze stars will convert to 10 silver stars, 125 silver stars convert to 5 gold stars. If you want to redeem your stars for prices, you can get the following: 200 gold stars for a £10 Amazon voucher or 350 gold stars for a £10 High St Love to Shop voucher among other prizes.

          The website also offers a forum, where people create threads and discuss bingo, TV shows and general chit chat. I do not really participate as I am not on the website to make friends. Another feature is the ability to review, you can review other bingo websites and earn points to play more bingo on Woohoo bingo. While playing bingo, you can chat to other members playing in that room, and the moderator runs little contests that allows you to earn points.

          This website is all about luck, some people will earn points more quickly than others and I am earning points quite slowly but then I have a boom of points. I do find that I am not as excited about winning as there is no win / loss risk because I am not putting money into it. Therefore I would recommend that you join this website if you play it in the background while doing something else, but if you sat watching the game for hours then it is likely to get a little boring.


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