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Category: Wedding

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    1 Review
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      12.05.2010 22:44
      Very helpful



      A fantastic way to keep those guests informed!

      Are you getting married soon? I am, and wanted to create a website so I could inform my guests of all they need to know about the forthcoming event.

      After searching a few weeks of half heartedly searching I finally came up with this website.

      Firstly might I add that the website is 100% free...so no hidden charges what-so-ever.

      I recently signed up for a different website that decided to tell me 1 month after I had signed up that there was a charge of £4.99 per month for their use. Quite sneaky I thought as I could have sent my Invites out by this time and would have been hooked and therefore forced to pay the charge.

      The website is really easy to use. Once you have signed up and selected your website name i.e. www.Joe-and-amber.are.gettingmarried.co.uk you can then customise it.

      You have the ability to change the look of the website with the click of the button. Lots of templates are available so you can pick one that suits your wedding theme. The content of the website is also editable, you, the creater of the website adds and removes whatever information you like.

      There is absolutely endless amounts of information you can add to your website but the main pages are as follows:

      The Homepage - Ours contains details of our wedding website, why we have created it and several links to other parts of the website. We have included a few pictures too.

      The About Us section - pretty self explanatory, you can complete the fields, add personal information about how you met, how you got engaged and generally about yourself too.

      Ceremony Page - This page contains information about your venue, you can add the address and Google Maps will map it out for your guests. You also have the option to add images and personalise your text.

      Reception Page - Pretty much the same as above but with details of the reception.
      Timetable Page - This is where you can add details of the events of your day. With the use of a calendar and drop list boxes for the time you can tell your guests exactly what is happening at what time and where on your wedding day.

      Wedding Party Profiles Page - I love this section, it allows you to upload pics of your important profiles in your wedding. For example I have a section for "Bridesmaids" "Ushers" etc. It's great and helps your guests to know who's who on the big day.

      Table Plan Page- Mine is currently unused but should be soon. Once all your guests have R.S.V.P'd you can upload your table plan for your guests to see.

      RSVP Online Page- I happen to think this page is great, you can add your website to your invitations and allow your guests to RSVP online, really simple to use. The user has to enter their name, any special requirements, and can send you a message. They will need to enter a unique code to prevent misuse but again, it's really simple to use and a great modern way to collate your guests information. Once your RSVP's are in you can download this information to a excel file to do whatever you want with.

      Gift List Page - We personally have not requested gifts but if you where to do so, you can complete all the information online about what you require.

      Where To Stay Page - If you have guests travelling from far away, like we have, or even have guests who want to stay at the venue or close by you can select a number of suitable places for your guests to stay. When they click on this link the details of the hotel will be displayed and once they click on the link they will be directed to the Hotel's website so they can book. Really easy to use and great for your guests who may not know the area well.

      When your guests have booked at a Hotel, they can ,make this information public so that your other guests can see and perhaps book the same one.
      Transport & Travel Page - Another great page, I updated this section with taxi numbers and bus and train information. The best part about this page is that your guest can enter their postcode and select from a drop down list where they want to go i.e. ceremony, reception, hotel etc and the website will create the best route for them to take. The directions can then be printed out.. making sure they are not late for your big day!!

      Lift Sharing Page - If your guests are planning to drive they can register on the lift sharing page to offer lifts to your other guests. A nice touch and can make your guests get to know each other before the big day.
      Have Your Say - When creating your website you can choose whether to ask your guests questions. Some popular ones are "What type of wine do you prefer" "what songs would you like to hear". The guests can then reply, the information is charted and can give you an understanding as to what options to select. Personally, I like the song choice poll as I intend to print this out to give to the DJ on the night.

      Sign The Guestbook Page is pretty self explanatory, guests can sign the guestbook and upload pics after your big day.

      Blog - If you like this kind of things you can keep your guests updated with your Blog, really simple to use and is great to look back on.

      All the features on this website are editable, you can make pages visible, invisible, password protected etc etc. You can add special features like an interactive countdown to keep you and your guests informed on how many days are left until your wedding. You may also link it to your Facebook or Twitter page.

      You, the creator of the website can view the website in 3 modes. Firstly in admin mode, this will tell you whether you have messages to approve, as all content added by your guests can be monitored by yourself... i.e. it's your website.. You decide what goes on it. It will also tell you who has subscribed to your Blog, RSVP'd etc etc.

      Secondly, in website editable mode. This means you are viewing the website very similar to your guests but you can edit fields by a simple click. Very easy way of updating fields and thirdly in full live mode, exactly how your guests will see it.

      When the wedding is over and your guests have uploaded the photo's and your website is pretty much finished with you have the option to purchase a copy. A great keepsake I think. Please note that you are not obliged to do this.

      I cannot describe how simple it is to use. No programming knowledge is necessary at all. All you need to do is click buttons. I have heard nothing but positive feedback from my guests about the site and would recommend to anyone.

      I could go on forever about the advantages of having this website, personally I cannot rate it high enough.

      If I could add one more feature it would be to add music to your website as this could give more of a personal touch.

      Well worth a look for those who are planning a wedding 

      10 out of 10!!


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