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46 Reviews
  • fast payout with vouchers
  • Easy way to earn a little extra money
  • sometimes scanner loses communications
  • Cannot scan items if you forget or lose your receipt
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    46 Reviews
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      07.10.2015 22:50
      Very helpful


      • " fast payout with vouchers "
      • "Easy way to earn a little extra money"


      • "sometimes scanner loses communications"
      • "Cannot scan items if you forget or lose your receipt "

      Absolutely brilliant website and highly recommended by me


      I had seen Shop and Scan Promoted regularly on a Facebook page that I follow. I had always hoped for the opportunity to try it. I thought it sounded like a brilliant idea, but I had absolutely no idea how to go about joining. After a while curiosity got the better of me, I found the link to the website and I decided to fill in the application form. I waited rather impatiently to see what happened, A few months passed, and I had forgotten all about it, but then I finally received an email telling me that my Scanner and Code Book was on the way. I was so glad to finally get a chance to try it, I am reviewing the Shop and Scan website for Northern Ireland.

      _What is Kantar World Panel?_

      Shop and Scan are a research panel created by a leading UK company named Kantar World Wide Panels (formerly TNS,) they have a few different panels based on finding out what people buy. They have offices in Uk, Ireland, Mainland Europe, Asia, and in the US. On their website, they say that they have over 60 years experience and a team of 3,500 whilst also having services expanding to over 60 countries directly or through partners. They define themselves as;

      Consumer Panels
      Omnibus, and Ad Hoc Surveys
      Business to Business
      TV Audience Measurement

      _How Do I Sign Up_

      You can sign up by being invited by someone, or you can sign up by filling in your information on this website which is https://www.volunteer4panels.com/ When I signed up, I left a note in the "other information box" provided, specifying that I would like to join the Shop and Scan Panel because there are a few of them.

      _What Happens When I Sign up?_

      When you sign up, you will most likely have a bit of a wait before you receive any more information about joining the panel. Keep an eye on your emails for an invitation from them, as it could come at any time. They state on their website that they have to keep their panels demographically balanced, and because of this, there may not be a vacancy straight away. They also go on to say that invitations are not guaranteed, providing that you are within their targeted demographic, you will eventually receive an email informing you that your Scanner and Code book are on the way.

      _What Happens To My Information?_

      Kantar collects information on what you buy, and they also collect data when you volunteer, they hold your details such as your name, address, telephone number and your email and they have security measures in place to protect it.

      _What Do Kantar Do With My Information?_

      Kantar publishes summarized reports of the data that they collect during their research. By using Shop and Scan you are agreeing that you are aware of and happy for (Kantar Only) to use your information on behalf of their clients and for all other market research purposes that they might use it for. They make you aware that, any information that you give them, will be treated in a respectful manner and that they will not mislead you in any way.

      _What if I Want To Contact Them?_

      There is a contact form situated conveniently on their website, all you have to do is fill in your name, email address and the reason for your inquiry. You can also phone the Shop and Scan Helpdesk or the Rewards HQ, the contact numbers are located on the same page as the contact form.

      _What Is The Website Like?_

      The website is pleasant and extremely easy to navigate, It is very colorful and welcoming and runs fast. I have found that using this website is quite enjoyable and it is something that I look forward to doing. There is a yellow section of the home page that says "enroll now." All you have to do is type in the invite key, you will have received this through referral or by email from Kantar. On the website you can redeem your points for rewards, there is a good variety of rewards to choose from. Shop and Scan also have a section of their website with competitions, and a newsletter that you can read, but the one on their website doesn't seem to have been updated since 2012.

      The one that comes to your email is updated every month. You can also find a visual guide area containing videos instructing you on how to use the Scanner and Code book. There are FAQS, and there is also a very useful part about consumer rights. Last but not least there is a section about Kanter's Support for UNICEF.
      What is the Scanner Like and How Do I Set It Up?

      My scanner sits on its cradle and plugs in via the adapter provided. I am aware of different types, mine works by GPS, but there is also one that works via landline. The scanner needs to be charging and switched on before use.
      It takes a few minutes to get ready to scan if it has been switched off. It looks slightly like an old Nokia phone and whilst turned on it emits a red laser used for scanning your codes. It lights up green when it is charged and ready to use. The light goes red if it needs charged, or isn't placed in the cradle correctly.

      If you have the scanner that connects to your phone line, you need to plug one end of the phone cable into cradle and the other end into the splitter provided, then plug the splitter into your phone socket on the wall.
      How Long Should I leave The Scanner On?

      I inquired about this and the person I spoke to was very helpful. She told me they would prefer if it was left on constantly. However, I do not leave any plugs on overnight in case of a fire and all my codes are still received. I leave it on all morning and throughout the day though.

      How Do I Use The Scanner?

      *The first thing you need to do is;

      _Comms Communication Test_

      You can do this by pointing your scanner at the bar code on page 3 of your Shop and Scan Panel Guide, at this point do not press yes or no, when it asks if it is a new shop visit?
      After successfully scanning the immediate communications bar code put it back in the cradle and press any number to begin the test. Different scanners may use different symbols but if you have the same one as me, the success of this test is confirmed with a tick.

      _Ready To Scan_

      Once the scanner is charged and it is lighting up green, the scanner can then be used to scan your shopping.
      Lift the scanner from the cradle and you will see the option "new shop visit" to which you can click yes or no. No is the top left button and yes is the top right button.

      Once you click through you will need your Code Book. You will find that there is an option for up to 5 people in your household to scan their purchases and each one will have their own code. . I think that it would be very useful for people with large
      families to write their names next to their own bar code so as not to get mixed up
      Once you have done that you can choose the shop that you wish to scan codes for from a list of shops including Iceland, Tesco, Spar, Jollyes, Asda etc. There are also codes for the Milk Man and Off License's and Chemists. The categories in the code book are Meat, Eggs and Cooked Meats, Fruit, Vegetables, Salad Veg, Bakery, and Offers. If you are scanning Meats and certain other products, you also need to put in how much they weigh.

      _What Awards Can I Earn?_

      The Shop and Scan NI site has quite a nice range of awards to choose from.Amazon UK E-Vouchers are my favorite reward of those available and they arrive instantly, I have earned 50 pounds in vouchers so far. I think that if I continued to save them instead of spending them I would average around 100 pounds extra a year and that is not bad for doing something like shopping that needs to be done regularly anyway.Scanning codes is easy and it gets easier the more that you do it. I think next year I will save it for a little bit extra money around Christmas time. You can also earn an extra 500 points for referrals All the awards available are

      Argos vouchers
      Hotel Voucher Shop
      Travel Card
      Spa Finder
      National Book Tokens
      Capital Bonds
      Toni and Guy
      Dorothy Perkins
      H Samuel
      Ernest Jones
      Leslie Davis
      New Look
      Arcadia Group LTD
      Miss Selfridge
      Pizza Express

      You can also choose to donate your vouchers to the following charity

      Disability Action
      Alzheimer's Society
      Co - Operation Ireland
      Help The Aged


      I really do think that Shop and Scan is an excellent idea, I enjoy scanning the products that I buy and I like the rewards that this site offers. It was definitely worth the wait for it to come and to be invited to the panel. Most shops that are local to me do not offer receipts and I nearly always have to ask for one. Unless it is the bigger chain stores like Iceland and Tesco. I sometimes get all my shopping done and then I realize I have no receipt, this meaning that I cannot scan the shopping and that can be a pain in the neck. I will continue to scan my shopping for as long as Shop and Scan will continue to exist and I would actually miss doing it now because I am that use to it.
      I keep my Scanner on my Kitchen Counter and the Code book on the Window Sill. The scanner takes up very little space and is easy to place somewhere convenient. Sometimes the Scanner loses communications and then the Comms Test is required again to get it back up and running. The Code Book has a plastic cover which keeps the book in good condition, and this is great because I am particularly clumsy. I am always spilling things in the kitchen and if it did not have a cover it would probably be wrecked by now. It takes me between 5 and 10 minutes to scan my weekly shop with it and only 1 or 2 minutes for just a few things from the local shops.


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      01.08.2011 14:39
      Very helpful



      Beep your way to earning extra money

      I was a member of shop and scan a couple of years ago, but gave up and stopped. Last Christmas I really missed the vouchers I used to save up. When I had the opportunity to join again through a survey site I jumped at the chance.

      * How do I join? *

      Shop and scan is an invitation only panel. If you are interested in joining you can register your details at www.volunteer4panels.com and if you are lucky enough to match the credentials they are looking for you will get an email invitation. Another way to find an invitation is to keep an eye on survey sites you are registered with, this is the way I joined shop and scan (both times). They will ask you a few questions to make sure you match what they are looking for and you are accepted.

      * The welcome pack and installation *

      A few days after being accepted a welcome pack will be sent through the post. Included in this pack is the clicker (barcode scanner), USB cable, a welcome letter and a ring bound booklet which contains the installation CD.

      Before using the clicker for the first time the installation CD has to be loaded on to the computer so you can install the drivers needed for transmitting barcodes.

      * How do I scan? *

      Once getting home with the shopping the scanning process begins. It starts by finding the blue page in the booklet and scanning the name of the person who did the shop. This is simple, by pressing the button on the black match box sized clicker a red laser will appear for you to scan over the barcode next to the name. After this it's time to scan the place where the shopping was bought from the yellow pages, then the amount spent from the green pages. The fun now begins playing checkout by scanning all the shopping. Some items such as fresh fruit and vegetables won't have any barcodes to scan, but there are pink pages in the booklet to scan instead. Once the shopping has been scanned that's it, the scanning process has finished!

      * What next? *

      Barcodes have to be transmitted once a week, before midnight on Sunday. Simply plug the USB cable into a USB port on your computer, plug the clicker on to the cable and log on to the website. Find the 'transmit barcodes' page and click transmit and the clicker will start beeping. Once the transmit has completed the page will refresh and tell you it has finished. Hurray, it's all done.

      To collect more points you also have the opportunity to transmit images of the receipts from your shopping, this can be done by either scanning or taking photos of the receipts and uploading them on to the website.
      * What rewards do I get? *

      Shop and scan operate a points based system where you collect points each week, then redeem them for various vouchers. For the first barcode transmit completed 10,000 points are rewarded which equates to a £10 voucher. Every week after that 1,100 points are awarded for transmitting barcodes, and if you send images of your receipts as well you get another 500 points. That works out to 1,600 points a week, £1.60 in monetary terms. Occasionally shop and scan send an email to invite you to do a survey about your shopping trips, this awards you extra points.

      * Vouchers *

      Once 10,000 points are in your reward account, a voucher can be redeemed. There are many different vouchers available.

      Experience and travel vouchers include Thomas Cook, Pizza Hut, Park resorts and Alton Towers.

      High Street vouchers include B&Q, Debenhams, Argos, Next and Topshop.

      Entertainment vouchers include Cineworld, HMV, Odeon and London Eye.

      Those are just a few of the very many vouchers available in each category. There is also an e-code available for Amazon. Maybe you don't want to spend the points on vouchers for yourself, you could use your points to make a donation to either Cancer Research, NSPCC or UNICEF.

      * My opinion *

      As I said earlier, I was a member of this panel a few years ago and regretted quitting tremendously. It may seem a lot of hard work for £1.60 a week, but once you have accustomed yourself to the way in which to scan each page, a system is easy to make, making things so much easier. If you have children it might be a good idea to get them in on the scanning too. Kacie can't scan, but she does help me. Our system works by me scanning the pages, then Kacie passing me each item out of the carrier bag, I will scan it then put it away. I personally feel it makes packing the shopping away less of a chore. If I'm still part of the panel when Kacie gets older then I'm sure she will love scanning the shopping while I put it away, and then when she's even older I can just leave her to it and stick my feet up.

      I've only had to contact shop and scan when my welcome pack was missing my clicker. I rang them up and explained that I didn't receive it and they sent me a replacement that day and I received it a couple of days later. It didn't feel like I was hassling them, and they responded immediately which cannot be said for other panel groups!

      Watching the point accumulate is quite addictive, I am saving the points up until nearer Christmas time then redeeming them in one go. Money making for special occasions is quite important for me, and this is ,by far, the best and easiest way of making a few pennies.

      If you get a chance to join, please do. You won't be disappointed!


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        23.07.2011 16:16
        Very helpful



        A worthwhile activity to get you some extra vouchers.

        I'm all for one for making my money stretch further and if there's a way I can make a bit extra then I will certainly try it. When I came across Shop and scan from an invitation through doing other surveys, I thought I'd give it go.

        You can register yourself on www.volunteer4panels.com but they only accept people for the type of family or area that you live in but it's well worth getting your details down in case they need you in the future.

        You are sent a little 'clicker' which is slightly bigger than a memory stick. You then also have a book with barcodes in for different shops and also a page for every family member. Whenever someone in the family buys things, they need to scna their name, the amount the total shopping came to, the shop and then all the barcodes of the items.

        Now this might sound like hard work but it really isn't! Also, those with young children, will find that they instantly have more help when the shopping needs to be put away. My 3 year old really enjoys scanning the items. (Obviously it is a laser that scans it so maybe only for those children that won't want to use it as a light sabre).

        Each week you then simply upload your items via a USB cable and your laptop. You are then given 1100 points which equates to £1.10. When you get to £10 you can extra them for highstreet vouchers such as Arcadia group, Argos, Homebase. You can also use them for leisure vouchers which can be used in a variety of places.

        They also send you additional surveys along the way which can dramatically boost your points with little effort.

        Run by a well-known group, TNS, and all their results are used for statistics. I absolutely love and look forward to my vouchers arriving. (Takes only a few days from my experience once I've ordered them!)


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          07.07.2011 00:52
          Very helpful



          Join if you are given the opportunity!

          The first I heard about shop and scan was when I received a postcard style invitation through the post. My immediate thoughts were that it was some sort of scan or junk mail so I chucked it into the recycling bin where it belonged (or so I thought).

          Anyway, I was browsing the MoneySavingExpert forums a little later on that day (as I frequently do) and I came across a thread DEVOTED to the website and quickly realised how sought after the invitations were. As I'm sure you can imagine, I read through the post, realised it wasn't a scam and went rifling through my recycling box to sign up.

          To this day I do not know how I was lucky enough to receive an invite, I'm assuming it has some sort of link with one of the numerous baby clubs I recently joined.

          Long story short, I received a scanner through the post and all they require is that I scan my shopping purchases and submit them via their website once a week in exchange for points that quickly add up. I also scan my receipts as you get bonus points for submitting them too. It takes about 2 months to gain enough points for a £10 gift voucher, I am storing mine up to use for Christmas presents :)

          I don't often hear from Shop and Scan but I know that they do pay attention to what you buy (so they are not just collecting data for no reason) as they called and asked my why I had started to buy nappies!

          If Internet Explorer is not your regular browser, you must remember to use it when submitting your barcodes and it is worth signing up for the weekly e-mail reminder as it can be easy to forget if you are not a regular shopper or do many little shops rather than a big one. For those who are not very tech savvy, the customer service team is exceptional, understanding and very helpful


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          03.07.2011 22:26



          A really good way to earn money for doing your shopping


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          22.06.2011 23:37
          Very helpful



          Let's play shop kids and earn mummy some pennies.

          I first came across the shop and scan model about 6 years ago when I was off work sick. I was off work for over 6 months, and one day I saw Martin Lewis on the television and was inspired to check out his website. When I discovered the forum I was absolutely overwhelmed with different things that I could try to earn or save money. I set off imediately trying them, and somehave stuck, and some have passed by the wayside. Shop and scan is one of those things that I was very lucky to get onto the panel, and I am sure I will never give it up. It really is money for very little effort on my part.

          At first it was a bit of pocket money on top of my wages, but then our family expanded when my two sons were born, and we had 2 periods of me being on maternity leave followed by me making the decision to become a stay at home parent. It quickly became an important source of income for myself.

          Shop and scan is part of the TNS company who do market research through various methods, such as surveys, consumer purchase information, and web monitoring. I accessed the panel as another member of MSE had a referral code I could use. Access otherwise is pretty difficult. In the past month there have been surveys on 2 websites - swagbucks and survey head, that have lead to invites to join the panel. You can also go to the website and ask to be registered for when they have a vacancy.

          The company asked for details of my household, so they needed to know the names and date of birth for all of the people who live in my house. They sent me via the post a scanning pack which contained a booklet and a scanner. The book explained the process to me, and there was a DVD for further demonstration.

          Basically, every time we make a purchase in a shop or on the internet we are supposed to scan in the information about the purchase, and then once a week I send this information to the company by connecting the scanner to my home PC.

          For each purchase, I look first of all in the booklet for who made the purchase and then scan the barcode next to their name. I then find the shop we made the purchase from. (This is divided up into sections such as department stores, supermarkets, chemists and so on. ) I then look for the amount we have spent in that trip.

          Then we can start scanning the barcodes on the packaging as we unpack the shopping bags. The kids really enjoy helping to do this, and they find it quite a fun game. If something is on a special purchase such as buy 2 and get money off, or 3 for the price of 2, you scan a multibuy barcode before each of the multibuy products.

          It might seem really complicated, but it is not. It is so easy once you get your head around the routine, and it adds only a matter of a couple of minutes to unpacking my shopping.

          Since I joined, shop and scan have also started asking for other information. The first upgrade was they wanted scanned or photographed copies of the receipts for certain shops highlighted with a star on the instruction booklet.

          They then added a food on the go option where household members could notify the company about snack foods eating out of the house. This was by texting them the item you had, and what you paid for it. We did this for a while, and it was quite well paid, but it wasn't for us. We aren't big enough snackers away from home, so we were told to stop doing it as half the time we forgot to send a text.

          The next addition was webview. This is a small application that sits on the home computer and lets them know what websites we visit. It does not store any personal information, and is pretty non intrusive. Apart from downloading it, I don't tend to think about it at all, and it has not intefered at all with the working of my computer.

          Every so often (once every couple of months) there is also a survey looking at purchasing or media habits. These seem to take about 10 minutes and are well paid.

          Customer services with this company is great. I have had a few little niggles over my time with them. It is very easy to contact them by phone or email, and they are quick to respond. My first scanner was battery powered. When it stopped working they sent me new batteries and a mini screwdriver so I could repair it. The current scanner is charged via the computer so that is no longer a problem. They have also helped me upgrade when we switched home computers and I needed to change how i transmitted.

          They are very on the ball when it comes to changes in your circumstances. When I was pregnant with my first child we obviously started making purchases of clothes, equipment and toiletries, and they rang up to ask if I was pregnant. The same happened in my second pregnancy as it flagged up I was buying a different size nappy.

          They are also very quick to email you if you forget to transmit your barcodes or receipt details. You can set up to receive an email reminder if you wish to but I have a nice little routine going where I send the information on a Friday before doing more shopping over the weekend.

          The actual website is easy to navigate. There are hyperlinks down the side of the .com page where you can send your barcodes or your receipts, or access their newsletter.

          If you click on the rewards link, you are taken to a co.uk site where you can look through the reward catalogue and spend your accumulated points when you are logged in.

          I get £1.10 per week for sending the barcodes, 50p for sending the photos, and then for the webview I get £0.50 per month. This soon adds up to make prizes.

          I can select vouchers once my account reaches £10. There is a wide range of options to choose such as the arcadia group (burtons/top man/top shop), amazon, virgin, next, debenhams, argos, to name but a few. I always find something I can get.

          I have just done a self employed tax return for the past tax year, and I calculated I had £100 in vouchers from them in that year, and £480 since I have joined.

          My husband initially mocked me for joining this panel as it felt a bit of a chore to him, but when we were starting to make useful purchases on a regular basis he was happy to comply with my plan.

          Overall, it is a really easy way to make money from only a few minutes of my effort per week. It is very George Orwell as this company does know a lot about me and my purchasing habits, but I don't see it as any different to nectar, tesco clubcard, boots advantage card or any other membership panel that tracks purchasing.

          I feel lucky I can do it as a way of providing some of the treats a working salary might have otherwise bought.

          Thanks for reading.


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            18.06.2011 08:55
            Very helpful



            A quick and easy way to earn some extra treats

            I have just been introduced to the joy that is shop and scan. Can you tell I like it.

            I have been doing surveys for a while now and had only heard of shop and scan, that was until last week when i got a survey that was a sign up for this site. Basically shop and scan is a website run by a research company called TNS. They are a worldwide organisation and the biggest provider of online market information in the world. This made me feel more secure in investing my, time and effort with them, especially as you know that the information you provide is helping the company find out about shopping trends . Each week the information they have received is reported to manufacturers and retailers, so they can use this information to decide which products to sell. I scan everything, even my yellow labelled reduced items.

            That's right I get to scan my shopping, with a little clicker that they send through the post, which basically is a mini bar code reader. Once your shopping is scanned you log onto their website, and attach your clicker to the computer via the USB, and through the application which you download to your computer on set up, you transmit the information to them. It sounds more complicated than it really is, the scanning part is the most time consuming, but I tend to scan each item as I pack it away so only takes an extra 5 -10 minutes depending on how big my shop is.

            The clicker comes with an information booklet, inside are bar codes, one for each member of the family, so when that member buys something you scan their bar code, then the next page which is the bar code of the shop (most high street shops are there) , then the price range you spent, then scan your shopping. You have to do this for each shop. Once this has been done you can then either transmit it, by logging into their website, connect the clicker via the USB, or simply wait until the end of the week and transmit all that you have scanned then. Personally I like to get it out of the way so I do not forget, as that way I will qualify for my rewards. However you need to make sure you transmit your codes before each Sunday at midnight to qualify for your points.

            Now this is the best part FREEBIES!! I love getting something for nothing, for your time and effort rewards are given. Each week you transmit the information via their website you are given 1100 points, when you get to 10000 points you can convert these into entertainment and leisure vouchers for places such as London Eye, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, or for high street stores such as Debenhams, Argos and Amazon. You also have the option to donate your points to charity.

            Also for each week if you upload an image of your receipts you get a bonus 500 points, this can be done very easily by scanning your receipt, and if you don,t have a scanner you can just take a picture and upload it onto their site, I did this with my Blackberry and it only took a few minutes.

            Also with your first transmit of information you get a bonus 10000 points. I was credited these points within hours and had converted them into a £10 Amazon evoucher. It really was quick, and I have heard from others that for paper vouchers they are usually with you in a matter of weeks, but I a yet to find this out for myself.

            Shop and scan is by invitation only, I was lucky to get the survey with instantly signed me up, if you are not so lucky you can register by going to the official TNS register site (http://www.volunteer4panels.com/) where you can apply to go on all their research panels. It can take up to a week for TNS to email you and to tell you if you have been accepted or not. If you have been accepted then you will get emailed a unique invitation number with instructions and a link to click on to take you to the shop and scan site to register. It really is easy and sounds more complicated than it really is.

            Another thing to note is that you can only register usingWindows: 98, 98SE, ME, XP, Vista, Windows 7, it also states on their website

            " We recommend using a PC at home (not at work) which has:

            Internet access (dial-up or broadband)

            Internet Explorer as a browser.....

            A spare USB port for the clicker cable"

            This is where I found out how fabulous their customer service is as I had problems with internet explorer, they have a free phone number which is always a plus, and I was not left waiting long to speak to someone. They must have realised that Internet explorer has been a problem for alot of their panellists, so they emailed me with instructions with "add-on's" for Google chrome and also Mozilla Firefox, these add ons basically make your browser compatible with their system which uses Internet explorer and it was all pretty painless, especially as I am not very good with technology, and with another phone call they talked me through what I needed to do, and I was up and running and transmitting my first codes within minutes of having my software issues sorted.

            This is a great way to earn some extra treats, especially if you transmit your information and upload a receipt you can potentially earn 1600 points a week, that means every 7 weeks you will get a £10 reward, it is less time consuming than surveys which can often take longer to pay out, and also more fun, in fact yesterday I put my feet up and my 8 year old scanned all the shopping don't know how long this will last until the novelty wares off with him, but I think I will enjoy it while it lasts.


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              11.06.2011 13:04
              Very helpful



              A great reward scheme!

              I received a letter through the post from shop and scan inviting me to join their panel. At first I thought it was a scam as I don't recall ever signing up to it or ever hearing of it before. But then I went on their website and read through their pages and decided to give it a go.

              The sign up process is extremely easy and just requires you to fill in your personal details and of your household members as well and to complete a short survey.

              Within a week or so I received their welcome pack with a well bound booklet, a bar code scanner and the cable to connect it to the computer. I was all set! The instructions given were extremely clear and all you had to do was to scan the barcodes of your shopping each time you go and upload them once each week to receive points equivalent to £1.10 for each week's worth of barcodes. For an additional 50p, you can scan in your receipts and send it to them.

              I find scanning addictively fun though sometimes it can be a bit of a pain with a large shop and it seems like it never ends. However, it is enjoyable to do and this seems like good training for if I ever wanted to work as a cashier! It takes me about 5 mins on average to scan each shop and another 5 to upload them each week.

              I have been with them for about half a year now and have not had any problems. Whilst I do forget sometimes to scan my codes in, they will kindly remind you to do so the following week by email. They will also email you to help you if you forget to scan your name or where you shopped etc. This is very good service, but at times I find their constant emails a bit annoying.

              Each month they also have a newsletter with competitions and so on which you can take part to win £10 worth of points and much more.

              Side Note: Shop and Scan also have a sister site called Webview which awards you points for installing a small application which sees how you use your internet for points. You get around £2 worth of points just for signing up and an additional 50p (I think) each week it is installed. You don't have to do anything at all for these points!

              I highly recommend Shop and Scan if you ever get invited as it is far more interactive and fun than just sitting down and doing surveys but you are limited to £1.60 a week in terms of points.

              If you want to find out more about this panel, feel free to inbox me with your questions or leave a comment!


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                20.05.2011 18:00
                Very helpful



                Can build up some rewards to put towards a rainy day.

                When I had my baby I received a leaflet in a baby pack which was inviting me to join up to shop & scan. It looked quite simple so I registered with them using my unique reference number and awaited my pack to arrive. When registering I had to input my family details.
                When it arrived approx within the week it consisted of a barcode reader (clicker as they call it) a cable to connect with pc a user guide book and a cd. If at any stage after starting with them you need to request a postage paid pack from them to return all the items as they remain their property at all times.

                So what is this all about? Basically you scan your shopping purchases and send the details to them on a weekly basis, they reward you with points also on a weekly basis.

                I was quite excited to start using this so read though the user guide promptly and installed the clicker reader on the pc so I was able to download the info from it at the end of the week. Whilst the clicker is connected to pc it is also charging it up, above the button on clicker is a light which lights red when being charged and green when fully charged. I only plug in it once a week to download info and this is enough charge to last the week. You need to use internet explorer I find to view their website properly. You get login info to use and then you simple clicker transfer barcodes to submit info.

                The clicker is easy to use, you simply press the button and aim it at barcode of item you wish to scan and you will see the red laser light appear on the item, when it bleeps it means it has read the barcode.

                The first fews times I started doing this I kept referring back to the user guide so I was doing it correctly but soon got the hang of it. When you get it from shopping grab the guide book and you scan in the book the person who done the shopping, This is the blue section of book, they have a page with the names you registered with and all with a barcode next to them. Next you scan the shop you purchased from which is the yellow section. It isn't just grocery shopping that you can scan other stores includes, Boots' Toy r us & Debenhams etc. Then next you scan the rough amount you spent in the green section, i.e £40-£49.99.
                The last section of guide is pink containing barcodes for any fruit vegetables, meats & bakery items that are fresh produce that may not have their own barcodes on the item.
                Also on the page with the shoppers names on is a barcode for multi buy items so if for example something is buy one get one free or two for £2 etc then this barcode is needed too. It shows you how to scan these items in the user guide also.

                Now having read back through what I'm already written it sounds quite complicated and time consuming but honestly after you have done this a few times it becomes second nature. I keep the guide in the kitchen so when I return from shopping it is right there with the clicker ready to use.

                I started this just after last xmas and I have already £40 in my account, I cannot comment on how long it takes to receive the voucher payouts as I'm saving them all up.
                Each time you transmit your clicker info which I do on a Sunday night, the next day my account online gets 1100 points which is worth £1.10. If you ever forget to send the info for the end of week an email is sent to remind you and a 1 day extension so send the info.
                As well as the barcode info you have an option to send them copies of your receipts which earns you 500 points a week. Through the website you simply click on submit receipts, it can be done via scanner or picture from mobile etc. I'm pretty rubbish at remembering to keep the receipts all the time though, unless they have fruit & veg on which I keep for a different review company lol.
                So if you submit both receipts and barcodes weekly this earns you £1.60 a week which doesn't sound much but it soon builds up nicely. The first time you do this you are also rewarded 10,000 points (£10). Also sometimes they send you via email a survey to complete which rewards points, I had one last week worth 2000 points and only took 5 mins to complete.

                Now with the points you earn you can exchange for vouchers in dominations of £10, there are various ones like leisure vouchers covering, restaurants and premier inns etc, shops like Burton group and many more, too many to name.
                Now I still like doing this but some times I can't be bothered with it I scan the book parts and let my 5 year old son do it and he loves doing it, he is actually a great reminder to me to do it when I get in from shop.

                Now I have mentioned this to people who have turned their nose up at it being worth £1.60 a week but the way I see it for a few mins of my time extra when get in from shopping it can earn me £82 a year then add on the random surveys they send making it nearer to £100 a year, I won't turn my nose up at that.

                I can't believe my word count after explaining it all lol. If you start this up and have any queries just message me and I'll see if I can help.
                Oh and the clicker is not to be used as a toy or weapon as the red laser is quite strong on it.


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                  09.06.2010 22:50
                  Very helpful



                  Good way to make some extra pocket money!

                  Shop and scan are a market research company which pays you for downloading barcodes from products you buy while out shopping.
                  The aim of the company is to gather information from its members on their shopping habits by getting them to scan all products they buy (mainly from food shopping)

                  To become a member of shop and scan you have to apply. Not just anyone is accepted. In all honesty I'm not sure o f the criteria that they look for at any given time but to put your name in the hat you will need to visit their website fill in your details and wait and see if you get contacted back.

                  If you like me are one of the lucky ones you will then receive a booklet and scanner through the post. The scanner is about the size of your average USB for a PC and is simple to use. To scan a barcode you just face the front at the barcode and press the large black button on top and if it beeps at you then you know it has read the barcode.

                  Once the codes from all your shopping have been scanned you simple visit the shop and scan website and connect the scanner to your PC via a connection cable and enter your personal code and hit transmit barcodes. Once this is downloaded the website will tell you that you can disconnect. This one download will earn you 1100 points (this is the equivalent of £1.10. You collect points and in the end can exchange them for prizes (e.g Amazon vouchers).

                  In addition to this if you then scan your till receipt as well and submit this via the website you can earn an additional 500 points a week.
                  Now while you can submit as many individual receipts and barcodes as you like each week you will only receive these points totals for your first download of the week.

                  To gain more points and build up your cash quickly you can also join their sister group food on the go (although again you must be invited) which allows you to gain points for texting barcodes of snacks you buy.
                  For me this is a super quick way of getting some easy money. So far I have been a member since December 2009 and have already earned over £80 worth of Amazon vouchers. Quids in. Apply to become a member today.


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                  02.06.2010 17:25
                  Very helpful



                  A great way to earn extra cash on the side

                  Shopandscan offers users vouchers for imputting barcodes and scanning reciepts onto their website. Formerly called the 'National Shopping Monitor', the scheme is a similar idea to survey sites and rewards generously. While some other reviewers have complained that it takes too long for reward to accumulate - I have managed to get £30 worth of vouchers in less than 3 months. It may not seem like that much, but it's much better than survey sites such as Lightspeed or Panelbase, and it doesn't take up that much time. The wide range of vouchers available only make shopandscan better, with household names such as Amazon, Arcadia Group, HMV, Debenhams, House of Fraser amongst

                  I do have my reservations with the project. For one, they give you limited information on what they are actually doing with the barcodes or reciepts, leaving you thinking. So because of this, I don't add everything to the database which is private to me (such as medication). Although these fears are probably dumbfounded as TNS is a trusted company.

                  Other than this, they have been highly efficent. The scanner was sent within two days, and vouchers have come within 5 days or on the day for Amazon e-codes. You have to be chosen to participate and can't just sign on.


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                  01.05.2010 11:22
                  Very helpful



                  get vouchers by scanning your shopping

                  I have been a member with shopandcsan for a few months now and find this idea really great. You can register to be a member by submitting your details through their sister sire volunteer4panels, and when a vacancy becomes available, they will let you know so that you can register.

                  Once registered with shopandscan, you will be sent out with a USB cable, a bar code scanner and a book entailing how to scan your shopping, along with various stores which you may hav visited.

                  It is very easy: You do your regular shopping, and then as you are packing it away, you scan the barcodes of the purchased itemswith the scanner which is sent out to you. You then plug the USB cable to the scanner and connect it to your computer. You vsit the shopandscan website and transmit your barcodes. It is also advisable to scan in a copy of your shopping receipt and send it to them on the same website. Once a week you will get points for doing this. For transmitting the barcodes of your purchased goods, you get 1100 points. By sending in the recipt, you accumulate another 500 points. Thats equals 1600 points per week. Once you have accumulated 10000 points, you can redeem a £10 voucher. There are many stores to choose from, ie: Argos, Amazon, Virgin, Thomas Cook, Marriott, and many more.

                  I find it great that I get rewraded for spending an extra 5 minutes a week scanning my barcodes and sending them in. This does not cost me a penny, but instead can get a bit time consuming.

                  Every 1000 points is equivalent to £1.

                  I recommend this website is worth a try, and you may enjoy it.

                  If you do not, you can always return your scanner and USB cable to shopandscan.


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                  01.05.2010 08:32
                  Very helpful



                  Shopping research site

                  You can make money from being with shopandscan.com however after a while I decided it was not for me and I have not stuck with it. However if you are persistent and devote enough time on a regular basis you will get some reward, however it takes time and the rewards are slow to accumulate.

                  You cannot join direct, you have to wait to get an invite and therefore you have to join a sort of sister feeder site called volunteer4panels.com and wait for an invite to arrive when there is a vacancy.

                  The way the site works is that you are sent a scanner and you have to scan in the barcodes of your weekly shop onto the system, it is free to join and the only commitment you have to make is to return the equipment if you decide to pack it in.

                  Along with the scanner comes a usb cable and it simply hooks up to your PC to charge the scanner before you start, you scan your shopping into the system and the company are able to use that market data for their own purposes.

                  You do need to keep your receipt as you will also need to provide the cost of your shopping. You also have to tell the system who in your household did the shopping. For those items that do not have a barcode like some loose packed fruit and veg then there are codes in a manual that you are sent, you simply scan the barcode in the book.

                  You then submit your barcode information and receipts on a weekly basis, the deadline is a Sunday night.

                  Withy practice the process does get quicker but I still found it to be a bit fiddly, also my shopping habits are a bit erratic and soem times I could not be bothered to do this just preferring to put everything away, this is the case when tired after a long day or in a rush to go back out I could not be bothered pfaffing about with a scanner and a book of barcodes.

                  You get 1000 points for each set of barcodes sent plus 500 for scanning a receipt, a 1000 points equals £1 and you can exchange a minimum of 10,000 points for the cash out limit with companies such as Argos. For the right sort of person whose life is not very busy then this site could be a winner especially if you get good with the scanner and fancy yourself as a supermarket check out worker, personally I found that I did not have the time or the inclination and left after getting my first payout.


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                    09.04.2010 12:01
                    Very helpful



                    Very efficient - a good choice if you want to earn some extra rewards from home


                    Since returning to studying full-time from home I've become almost obsessed by little ways I can save money or make a little money. I had read about schemes where you scan things you buy and get rewarded points, but it always sounded too complicated or too much like hard work for peanuts in return. Thanks to some useful comments about different sites, I decided to give one a go and opted for TNS's Shop&Scan.

                    ... Deciding to join ...

                    When I was deciding which panel to sign up to, I knew I wanted one that was trustworthy and one that had been tried & tested, and at least rated as being kocher. I'd whittled it town to two; TNS or Nielsen. It seemed like Nielsen was a bit more long-winded with more work for less rewards, plus, I'd done a test product survey for TNS in the past and found them to be very efficient, so I signed up with TNS. You should join this panel if you agree with the 'every little helps' motto, because you wont be getting rewards in thick and fast. However, the site does offer the chance of winning £100 every week, so you may just get lucky! ;)

                    ... Registering ...

                    This panel isn't one you can just register for by signing up on the website, you need to be invited. Whilst this is a little frustrating when you genuinely want to sign up and commit yourself to doing it, I can see that this is to stop too many people trying it out a bit willy-nilly. Therefore, you can sign up to another site (volunteer4panels), who will email you when there's a space on the Shop&Scan panel.

                    After just a couple of weeks of being signed up with volunteer4panels, I received an invitation to Shop&Scan and I was delighted. Well, almost. I was a little sceptical at how it would work and whether it would be worth it, but when I'd visited their website it put my mind at ease. Obviously, you should never pay any site to provide your help, it should be the other way around. This site is therefore free to join, and you can leave at any time. You're not watched or hounded, and there's not too many rules to follow, it's more common sense. You're given materials, including a scanner, and they quite rightly want you to look after them. If you leave, you can send them back. Again, at no point will anything be costing you.

                    ... What you get ...

                    The registration process was quick and straightforward, and within a few days I received my welcome registration pack in the post. This came in a shiny silver envelope, and I got a letter, along with a wire-bound book, my scanning device and a USB cable. Overall, I was very impressed by the quickness of the sign-up process and the materials sent out. It was professional and efficient, so I was looking forward to getting started.

                    ... The Concept ...

                    The idea of the scheme is that you scan every item bought and scan/email your receipts. Okay, so that sounds fairly straightforward, and yet it also sounds very time consuming if you buy a lot of stuff! Firstly, you can do this each time you bring your shopping home from the supermarket and put it away in cupboards as you go, so you can integrate the scanning into your routine. Secondly, Shop&Scan only require certain receipts to be sent into them, and these are detailed in the handbook that is sent in the package with the scanner.

                    ... What To Do ...
                    Scanning :

                    The handbook is a great source of information for when you first sign up as it details the process and answers most of the questions you may have. At the back is a CD-Rom, with video clips showing what you need to do. These can also be found on the website, along with contact information should you have any unanswered questions. It's best to make sure your scanner is charged up first, which can be done by plugging it into your computer via the USB cable, and giving the handbook a good read.

                    Okay, so picture the scenario. You've been to Tesco and return with two bags of shopping. Put those down, and get your scanner and handbook at the ready. You'll also need your receipt, or at least remember the total cost of your shopping.

                    First, turn to the page in the handbook with the list of family member names and barcodes. This is so you can select who did the shopping. Scan the appropriate barcode, and then turn to shops pages where you scan the store you purchased your shopping from. Next, go to the pricing page, where you scan the relevant total cost of your shopping. Next, onto the fun part. Scanning the shopping!

                    As you'll notice in the handbook, there are several pages (after the price page) for different food items. These are the things that may not be sold with barcodes on, such as loose bananas. If you've got bananas in your bag, simply scan the appropriate barcode in the handbook. For the rest of the shopping with barcodes, just scan their barcodes. Easy. Each time you scan you'll hear a high pitched beep, so you'll know it's gone through okay.

                    The slightly tricky part is the special offer procedure. Towards the front of the book is the offers page with a barcode. If you've bought something that was sold as part of a multi-buy promotion, such as buy one get one free, you scan the first item, then the special offers barcode in the book, then the second item.

                    Sending :
                    Each week you can submit your barcodes & receipts in one go. The deadline is midnight Sunday. What I do, is save up my barcodes and scan them all on Sunday afternoon when I know I wont be doing any more shopping until Monday, and send my barcodes at the same time. To send barcodes, you use the USB cable and just plug the scanner in and do it via their website (you also submit receipts via their website). This is all clearly in the handbook and on the website.

                    ... My Experience ...

                    When I first learned what I had to do, I thought it looked fairly straightforward but very time consuming and a bit fiddly. I was a little unsure as to what exactly I should be scanning other than supermarket products because the list of stores in the handbook included things like DIY stores, but not clothes stores. I opted to try to scan anything and everything I could, but was glad to see you only send in the receipts for those stores with a star next to them.

                    I loved using the little scanner, and still do. I thought it was very cute, and even comes on a little keyring, though I wouldn't advise putting this on your set of keys in case it gets damaged. It works very well and I've not had any problems with it. I also haven't needed to charge it during the week, so I just let it charge up a bit each Sunday when it's plugged in to my computer as I'm sending through the barcodes.

                    I was a little sceptical at first. I can't be entirely sure what all the data collected is used for, but I can say I feel confident that my data is protected. For example, there is a note in the handbook about sending in receipts. At first I thought I wouldn't send them as I pay by card for most purchases and don't want them seeing my card details, albeit just the last few digits and start/end dates. I was glad to read that you can feel free to scrub out all of your details.

                    The first few times I scanned my shopping it did take a little while. I was a bit disorganised and forgot which items I'd scanned and which I hadn't. I fluffed up the multibuy scanning a couple of times and scanned the wrong things in the handbook by mistake. I even emailed them to say I'd make a few errors, and they were very understanding and said that's fine because I'd only just started. Obviously, you shouldn't be making continual errors, but it was good to know I wouldn't get penalised for the small ones made early on.

                    A few months later, and I'm whizzing through my shopping. I found myself getting into a routine so I could scan everything in one place and ensure I scanned everything and only once. I knew which pages to go to in the handbook for what I needed, got my receipt at the ready before coming home rather than riffling through my purse, knew which items were on a multibuy offer etc... It now only takes me a minute to scan through everything, though obviously, it varies if you come home with enough to feed an army.

                    It doesn't feel like a hassle to do; now I've know what I'm doing it's very quick and easy, and I've not had any problems with any part of the process so I'm happy enough.

                    ... Rewards ...

                    As I've said, don't expect rewards to come in thick and fast, it does take a while to accumulate enough to get a voucher. You get 1000 points for each set of barcodes sent, so that's 1000 points p/week. If you scan receipts, which you don't have to I should point out, you get an extra 500. You get bonus points as soon as you sign up so you can redeem a voucher straight away; doing this boosted my confidence in TNS and made me feel more confident about continuing with the scheme. You need 10,000 points to redeem a voucher, of which there are several to choose from on their website. You log into your own user area and rewards section, and can pick what you'd like, for example, I chose a £10 Argos voucher. They're sent out very quickly too (unlike other sites, without naming names, cough*toluna*cough!) so I received it within 4 days. Very happy!

                    ... Contact ...

                    I did contact Shop&Scan within the first 2 weeks. This is because someone in the households goes out for a morning walk to get the paper from one of the shops with a star (meaning receipts should be sent for that shop) but never gets a receipt. As I chose initially to send in receipts (which is optional) I wasn't sure whether I'd be penalised and not receive the extra 500 points p/week if I didn't scan in every single receipt. They replied the same day and told me that they understood the situation and that it was okay, just try to send through what I could. So that made my life a lot easier, and I was very pleased with the quick response.

                    ... Overall ...

                    I was very impressed with TNS Shop & Scan, especially their efficiency. Everything I've received in the post or by email has been quick, their helpdesk is useful and friendly and everything is well detailed in the handbook/website so I got the impression the company is very well-founded and effective.

                    If you want to earn yourself a few vouchers every now and again, and get the opportunity to join TNS Shop&Scan, then I would recommend it. Don't be put off by the concept or the thought that it will be too complicated and time consuming, because it's really not as bad as you may initially think. I'm really glad I signed up and have been pleasantly surprised by my scanning abilities to get through bags & bags of stuff in 1 minute. Maybe I should work in Tesco! Anyway, I've had no problems and there are no negatives I can really bring to mind so I'm a happy scanner.

                    I hope this helps someone, as I only decided to definitely join up after having read a few reviews on this site & Nielsen, and it's good to know that many other people are also doing it and have positive experiences with the company.


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                      23.03.2010 12:35
                      Very helpful



                      Very rewarding very minimal effort

                      I joined this site about 5 weeks ago as it seemed like an easy way to earn some rewards and so far it's working.

                      When you register with them you supply basic details about yourself and your household then they send you a handheld scanner in the post with an instruction book and CD.

                      Then all you do is scan the barcodes on your shopping every week, then plug the scanner into your PC with the USB cable provided and transmit your barcodes.

                      It's quite fun to do the first few times but eventually gets a bit boring and can be annoying as you can't just come home and put all your shopping away. But I still think it's worth joining as you do get rewarded quite well for minimal effort.

                      The instruction book you get has various barcodes in that you need to scan before your shopping. There's a barcode for each member of your house, then a few pages of codes for shops, then for amount spent in £s, then for various loose food items like fruit and veg.

                      You start by scanning the name of the person who did the shop, then the shop that you went to and how much you spent, then you just scan your shopping. There's also a special barcode that you have to scan if you purchase multi buy offers.

                      At the end of the week you plug your scanner into your PC, go to the shop and scan website and click transmit barcodes. It then takes the information and resets your scanner ready for the next week. Every week that you transmit you get 1100 points.

                      You also get 500 extra points if your scan your receipts and upload the images.

                      When you reach 10000 points you can get a voucher worth £10 for various places such as shops and restaurants.

                      When you join they give you enough points to get your first voucher without you even having to do anything. So far this is the only voucher I've had but I'm very close to my second.

                      The only problem is you can't just sign up you have to be invited. I'm not sure how I got an invitation but if you get one I would definitely recommend joining if you don't mind people keeping tabs on all your purchases.


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