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Category: Religion

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      13.05.2010 19:56
      Very helpful




      This is probably the most difficult review I have tried to write because it's hard to know where to begin or to how to find adequate words to convey my feelings. I did not set out to find this website; you could say that I simply chanced across it or that it found me if you believe in synchronicity. I found this website one day after feeling a strong compulsion to click on a random link - a few clicks later and I found myself at Zingdad.com.

      So who is Zingdad and what exactly is this website all about?

      Zingdad is not a real name but a pseudonym and he claims to be a "channeller" (although he describes it as "intuitive conversation"), able to converse with other spirit beings. Before the rest of this review gets greeted with derision, it is important for me to state that channelling is not a new phenomenon. In my opinion, this does genuinely appear to be an increasing global occurrence but you are of course free to dismiss this review entirely and consign it to the loony-bin :). Other examples of channellers include (but are not limited to):

      - The Law Of One (Ra Papers) 1981-1984 by Don Elkins, Carla Rueckert and James McCarty

      - Conversations With God 1992 by Neale Walsche

      - Magenta Pixie

      There are many, many more examples but these are the only ones I have looked at in any depth. What I find particularly fascinating is that each of these works expresses very similar universal, spiritual concepts despite all coming from independent sources.

      On Zingdad's site you will find his current project called "The Ascension Papers" which is a freely available e-book in the making, being written chapter by chapter right now. It is written in the style of a dialogue between Zingdad and the being that he is channelling at that point in time. This is not a "light" read even though the language used is easily understood - the subject matter is profound, requiring a lot of thought and often multiple re-reads to absorb everything that is going on. Topics covered include:

      - What is the "Higher Self"?
      - Universal rules / laws
      - The concept of Oneness and its implications
      - What is Ascension?
      - What is Truth?
      - Dealing with doubt and uncertainty
      - What is Evil?

      In essence "The Ascension Papers" is a non-religious explanation of spiritual concepts:
      "... one offering of one possible truth set amongst many"
      as Zingdad puts it. I will provide a short synopsis below so that readers can gain an overall understanding and explore further if they find it interesting.

      The main concepts are the statements that:
      - "The One IS" and
      - "All is One"

      Other names for the One include: Source, Creator and God.

      If you believe these statements then an implication can be deduced, which is: whatever you do to others is also done to you, ie. the law of karma, which can be expressed in a stronger form as:
      "you always get exactly what you create".

      Our reality is described as a gigantic cosmic game, created to provide opportunities for spiritual growth, creation and to allow us to experience separateness (ie. individuality). This was only made possible by the deliberate forgetting of our Oneness when we all chose to incarnate here. Duality, which incorporates the opposing concepts of good/evil, love/fear etc., was introduced into this reality to give it purpose and rivalry. The "Ascension" process is effectively the ending of the game, allowing us to leave the game so that a new one can begin.

      If this extremely brief overview sparks your interest then you can look forward to a long and mind-boggling read at Zingdad's website where you will also find: his blog, video musings, electronic music compositions and fractal art creations.

      I found "The Ascension Papers" to be exactly what I was looking for at a point in my life when I desired answers, but I do not expect or insist that others will find this material equally as interesting or fulfilling. Topics covered here are of an extremely fundamental nature that many people possess deeply entrenched beliefs about and these core beliefs are typically used to define oneself, forming the basis upon which one's identity is built. So if what is being offered here conflicts with your beliefs it makes little sense to pursue this any further.

      In summary, Zingdad.com is likely to appeal to a very small minority of people - those who are currently engaged in a process of searching for some kind of spiritual understanding and meaning in their lives. It is said that there are many paths that lead to enlightenment - in my opinion one such path is being provided here. Only you will know if this path is the one meant for you!

      [Also reviewed at Ciao]


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