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ZoomPanel is an online survey panel where consumers, like you, can tell companies what you think about their products or services. You will be rewarded for offering your opinions and can earn valuable merchandise and gift certificates of your choice!

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    7 Reviews
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      18.07.2009 14:43
      Very helpful



      Not bad survey site

      Zoom panel is a market research compnay that rewards its member for taking part in online surveys. More and more people are turning to ways to earn extra money due to the credit crunch and the recession and the fact they are running out of money. Earning from taking surveys is a great way to earn as you earn while giving your opinion and influencing products we use.

      Many people are worried about joining sites like Zoom as they don't know whether it is a legitimate site.There are sitesout there that are not legitimate and are there to try and get some money from you or fill your inbox with Spam which is very annoying. Zoom on the other hand is a legit site and does not fill your inbox with spam.

      To sign up with Zoom go to there website. They are available in many countries around the world. Click on the register button; fill in some easy details and your all set. They need these details as they need to know who you are so they can send you the right surveys to take part in.

      They send you surveys to take part in via your email address. To start a survey they send you go onto the email. You will see how long the survey takes and how much you will be rewarded to take part. When your ready to begin there is a link. Click on this link and the survey should begin. At the start of the survey there is a short screener. This is to see if your part of the surveys targets audience. If you are, after you complete the screener which is basically a couple of easy questions then the real survey begins. If you're not the survey will close.

      Each survey you take and complete earns you a different amount of points. Points are what you need to be able to get rewards. Rewards avaiable range from electricals, books, cds and many more. There is definitely something that you will like. Ranging from 1000 points to 10000 points. 1000 points are the lower end prizes and 10000 is the higher end rewards. Surveys usually the longer they are the more points you will receive. There exceptions to this but usually this is right. The highest you can get paid for a survey though is 250 points which is quite high. Also when you sign up you receive 50 points for free which is a good start.

      Negatives with the zoom panel, there aren't many to be honest but the ones there are, are a big factor. The frequency the surveys come is pretty poor, sometimes I won't receive a survey for ages and other times I receive a couple in a couple of days. Thats the only negative I have is the frequency. The surveys themselves are fun to do and the rewards you can get are great even though they do take a while to save up for.


      7 out of 10


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      10.07.2009 23:54
      Very helpful



      The No1 survey site to avoid

      After moving to our previous home last August one of our priorities was to get broadband, and a month later I was introduced by partner to the wonders of surveys.

      In fact, I was so astounded by how easily she had been amassing points, money and nectar points that I got a little carried away and was a member of about 17 different ones.

      I joined zoompanel within days of getting internet access and quite franly wish I hadn't bothered.

      It is an American company powered by MarketTools a provider of ondemand market research.

      In the 9 months or so I have been with them I have had a number of survey invitations, a number of which I've been screened out of receiving 5 points, but in general even if you do complete them 100 points is probably the most you're likely to gain for a survey.

      Rewards are grouped in folios at 1000, 2000, 2500, and 3000 points - in 9 months I've managed 810!

      What do you get.........

      Well for 1000 points - Marriott Gift Certificate ($10 - yes dollars), International Cancer Donation, Stereo In-Ear Noise Isolating Headphones, Leather Card and ID Wallet, 6" 3.5mm stereo cable, Digital Mini-tripod, Duracell Pen Light, weather resistant min-camera bag, mp3 player carrier and digital memory case

      2000 points - pedometer with calorie counter, 2Gb SD Card, 8x21 compact binoculars, led flashlight, wireless FM transmitter for mp3 players, stainless steel travel tumbler, $25 globogift certifcate, tote green bag, 20 piece instert bit set and an LED booklight

      2500 points - 4Gb mobility/multi kit, excel travel world time clock, memory foam travel pillow, Labyec optical mouse, cancer donation, "deluxe" all purpose knife, Panasonic stereo ear buds, 2Gb micro SD card and folding cargo bag (like the ones you can buy in the supermarkets for about £1)

      3000 points - $50 globogift certificate, ladies/gents watch, 19 piece BBQ set, lavender essentials purse, cancer donation, oversized steak knife set, 24ct gold pen and $50 Marriott gift card.

      Lets face it - it's crap! Still, I have one goal in life (not really) - to achieve the magic 1000 points so that I can choose my amazing prize!

      I did read a previous review that suggested "great" prizes - if you know where they are let me know.

      I wouldn't recommend this site to anyone and it's not even worth the 1* rating.


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      25.05.2009 09:36
      Very helpful



      Not worth the bother!

      I joined Zoom Panel through a cash back site early 2008 and since then I have not recieved many surveys or managed to accumulate many points unfortunatly.

      Today I have recieved my first survey invitation from Zoom Panel, in around 5 months!

      When you sign up you will have 50 points added to your account as a welcome bonus to get you started.

      When I first joined, things were a little more lively and to date I have managed to earn 690 points, which really is not much!

      One good thing about the surveys from Zoom Panel, si that if you are screened out of a survey you will still get 10 points and there are usually entries into sweepstakes too ( athough Ive never won anything ).

      Surveys which I have qualified for have usually rewarded me with between 50 and 100 points. On the sign up page Zoom Panel say you can earn upto 250 points per survey, but I have never had a survey give me more that about 100 points.The points are saved in my zoomrewards account and there is the possibility to redeem them when you have 1000 points.

      The zoom points can be redeemed for some pretty awful gifts. Considering the time and effort you put into answering surveys, the rewards you can swap your points for are really quite insulting.

      Some examples of rewards are....

      1000 points = $10 Marriot gift card, sterio wire, mp3 player case and light up pen.

      2000 points = pedometer, reading light, tote bag $25 Globo certificate.

      2500 = panasonic ear buds, memory card.

      3000 = $50 Globo certificate, lavender toiletries set and a watch.

      It is mostly tat with the exception of the Globo certificates which I think can be exchanged for Debenhams vouchers.

      At the moment I am debating whether to just call it a day and cancel my account, or continue and get the Globo voucher, although at the rate I am recieiving surveys, I will not reach enough points to get a voucher for another 5 years or more!

      if you are lucky enough to actually recieve surveys, they are quite straigh forward and simple to complete, mainly tick box multiple choice, occasionally you may have to enter words or letters. The surveys do not tend to be very long, i think the longest I have ever done is about 15 minutes.

      To be honest I dont think this is worth bothering with, and I definitely do not reccomend it!


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        20.04.2009 13:53
        Very helpful



        Think before joining

        zoompanel.com -No zooming reward !!
        I have been a member of this online survey site since last eight months but my feeling is going downhill as each day passes by.

        Surveys are easy to understand with no complexity of text or explanation. Often these are very short in nature. When you register you will get 50 points to start with as part of profiling.

        Surveys are sent to you through the email provided by you during registration. You get an instant mail confirmation of zoom points added to your account after you successfully complete the survey.

        The flip side of the survey screens are navigation as once you click on any button the cursor goes to the end of the page and it is really annoying as you have to go to the start of the page to fill up the remaining part of the surveys.I escalated the same to customer centre about three months back but still the problem appears quite often.

        The rewards are also not so outstanding and would make you think you are spending your effort virtually for getting peanuts. I understood my mistake of not checking them too keenly before I join. Just check in the site if the rewards carry any meaning for you before joining in case you are planning to go ahead with this site.

        Pay out is still another snare to ponder about as it is set at 1000 zoom points. Just to give you an idea in last eight months I have only accumulated 750 zoom points and most of the so called featured gifts like wheeled duffel,Bluetooth headset,ipods are around 5000 to 8000 zoom points mark.I am bit sceptical of reaching to them in near future.....

        I will advise you to think well before joining this survey site.


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          15.02.2009 14:23
          Very helpful



          Regular surveys, few points, high payout, limited reward scheme

          I joined Zoom Panel mid last year 2008 while I was looking for paid survey sites to try out.

          I signed up free and started to receive email notifications soon after for new surveys to complete.

          Zoom Panel sends regular surveys and think I was averaging 3 or 4 a week. You're awarded 'zoom points' for each survey you complete and these can later be redeemed...

          Unfortunately, their notification emails do not inform how many points you will get or how long the survey will be prior to you taking it.
          You get about 75 - 100 points per survey and if you do not qualify for a survey, you get 10 Zoom Points for attempting it..

          Zoom Panel would be great but they really need to evaluate their reward system... Unless there is another Zoom Panel out there that has a better one - this Zoom Panel has a rather limited reward system that makes it seem outdated compared to other survey sites around.

          The reward system consists of three 'Folios': The '1000 Points' Folio gets you a $10 Marriott Gift Certificate (which is the best reward if you can actually use it!), a donation, white stereo in ear headphones, leather card and ID holder, a 6' 3.5mm stereo Cable!, a duracell Lightweight Aluminium Penlight, a mini tripod, an MP3 player Carrier, a Digital Memory Case or a weather resistant mini camera bag...

          The rest of the folios - 2000, 2500, 3000 Points are pretty similar with loads of little gadgets and the 3000 Points can get you a $50 Marriott Gift Certificate if you can hold out for some time...

          I completed 28 surveys between the period 04/08 - 12/08 and I redeemed 1000 Points for the $10 Marriott voucher which I will probably place on ebay as I doubt I'll get to use it soon enough..

          I requested payout on 01/2009 and this site is on my 'sites to quit' list as there's other survey sites I am using that have a much better incentive and reward scheme.

          ©marina321 Dooyoo February 2009; Ciao.co.uk February 2009


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          09.12.2008 05:37
          Very helpful




          I am member of many survey sites and zoom panel is one of my favorite. Sometimes surveys can be very boring, but I really enjoy to do those for zoom panel. They are easy to do, easy to understand and doesn't consume a lot of time.
          Register process with zoom panel is very easy and very similar to any other survey site and with just registering you can get your first 50 points
          Once you register , all you have to do is wait for surveys come to your email address. After that you just fill the survey and shortly after that they will send you email about how many points they have added to your account. What I really like about them is when you received the survey there is about %90 chance that you will qualify, so actually you are not loosing any time. And if you don't, they let you know right away, so you are not going trough filling half of the survey for nothing.
          After filling up the surveys you collect the points and those you can redeem for any prize they have on the site. Those prizes are arranged to different categories , starting with minimum points of 1 000 and ending at maximum points of 10 000. There are also different categories you can browse by, but not only that you can also donate you points do a different charities if you like.
          Although zoom panel is working great for me, there are also few negatives about this site. If you get the survey , you better be quick to answer and also I recommend to keep the track of the number of the survey and the points ad sometimes they forget to send you and email with points they added to your account. It happened to me once, but after I emailed them I had my points in my account within 24 hours.


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            04.03.2006 14:35
            Very helpful



            Online surveys and product testing paying better than average rates

            I joined up with ZoomPanel through ipoints in December 2003. Quite frankly, I was most unimpressed with them at first. Despite promising the potential to earn rewards and cash through ZoomPoints, the first 10 or 11 surveys they offered me only qualified me for entry into a sweepstake or prize draw. I'm afraid that I very swiftly pull the plug on any survey company only offering entries into prize draws, as in over 2 years of survey work, I have yet to win anything from any survey company prize draw or raffle. I fail to see why I should spend my valuable time completing a survey for which I get little or no reward, when you can bet your bottom dollar the company hosting it is being handsomely rewarded. However, I am most glad that I gave them the benefit of the doubt, as ZoomPanel have proved to be a good, consistant earner.

            ** COMPANY BACKGROUND **
            ZoomPanel was set up by Market Tools Inc, a US online marketing research company in 2001. They're a mainly US based outfit, but have expanded to open offices in London, Sydney and India. They are a privately owned company currently employing some 300 staff worldwide. Their head office is based in Mill Valley, California.

            ** WEBSITE **
            To join up you need to go to www.zoompanel.com. Membership is offered to participants in the following countries - USA, Canada, Australia, UK and France. Once you've logged onto their website, the first thing you need to do is select your country of origin from the drop down menu. For the purposes of this review, I'm going to presume you live in the UK. There are several choices on their home page:-

            ~ About Us - A little bit vague as it doesn't tell you a lot about them
            ~ Join Now - Online registration form
            ~ My Rewards - tells you what you can earn from them
            ~ FAQ - Comprehensive & tells you everything you need to know
            ~ Privacy - Again most impressive and through
            ~ My Profile - Change or update your registration information

            ** REGISTRATION **
            The registration process is very quick and simple indeed. You click on your country of origin and then fill in quite a short online form detailing name, age, and email address. They also ask for the usual information on family members, education, job, earnings, ethnic background, TV area, level of education and your internet connection. Finally, they ask you to mark the types of products and hobbies you are interested in. Obviously your choices here are important, as you will maximise your chances of survey work if you show an interest in a large range of products, as well as a broad range of subjects.

            ** REWARDS **
            Payment is made in a currency called ZoomPoints. ZoomPanel will automatically enter you into their ZoomRewards programme as soon as you complete your first survey. Unfortunately, the ZoomRewards programme makes you eligible for some truly horrible gifts you most probably wouldn't want (more on that later). However, they do also offer gift vouchers, but only if you are extremely patient. Anyone who does a lot of online survey work will recognize that ZoomPanel are running the same sort of incentive scheme as Harris Poll Online and their HIPoints scheme.

            The ZoomRewards home page will welcome you by name once you have logged in. The website is well laid out and easy to navigate:

            ~ My Account - Check your balance
            ~ What I can earn - Detail on number of surveys you can expect
            ~ Redeem my ZoomPoints - (but not until you reach 1,000 ZoomPoints)
            ~ How ZoomPoints work - FAQ
            ~ ZoomPoints support - Contact details
            ~ View Account History - List of surveys & dates taken
            ~ Change Password/Edit my account information
            ~ See what my ZoomPoints will earn - Portfolio of gifts on offer

            If you want to go and have a nose around the ZoomRewards website the address is: www.zoomrewards.com. You cannot log in at this stage, but you'll get an idea of the sort of incentives on offer. For ease, I have detailed below a selection of the "incentives" available from the ZoomRewards folio.

            ~ 1,000 ZoomPoints = CD case, pen set, leather wallets, charity donation and so on.
            ~ 2,000 ZoomPoints = Pepper mill, baseball cap, computer tool kit and $25 Globo Gift certificate.
            ~ 2,500 ZoomPoints = Travel clock, knife set, cargo bag, $35 Globo Gift certificate.
            ~ 3,000 ZoomPoints = Wine opener, $50 Globo Gift certificate or his and her watches.

            On the whole, the gifts are rather naff, but if you like the look of them, when you have the required number of points to claim your incentive you can order the gifts online and ZoomRewards will arrange delivery to you. Personally, I prefer good hard cash or gift vouchers for online survey work, and the Globo Gift vouchers are well worth having. Once you hit 2,000 ZoomPoints you can claim your $25 Globo Gift voucher. This can be redeemed in the currency/country of your choice and can be used in loads of different UK high street stores (Boots, Debenhams, Woolworths, Waitrose, WH Smiths to name but a few). It's really easy to claim; you are emailed a Globo Gift code by ZoomPanel and the vouchers are issued in the currency of your choice and posted to your home. Claiming the gift voucher from ZoomPanel to the actual delivery to your home takes 2/3 weeks.

            ** SURVEYS **
            Most surveys will reward you with between 50 to 150 ZoomPoints depending on their length and whether you qualify for the full survey. However, please be aware that not all surveys offer ZoomPoints. Some do offer the ubiquitous prize draws or sweepstake rewards. However, their emails do specify what is on offer, so there is no reason why you can't pick and choose; if you don't like prize draws then ignore those emails and respond only to those offering ZoomPoints.

            Survey invites always come by email, and you have to click on the link to enter survey - there's no access via their home page. The email will let you know what the survey is about. Unfortunately they fail to tell you how long it will take, and in my experience it can be anything up to 25 minutes. The email will tell you that there are Zoom Points available for doing the survey, but not how many.

            The surveys themselves are easy to complete - mostly multiple choice by clicking on a button with your answer. Some of them require you to clarify your answers by completing text boxes. All of them have proved fast and efficient with pages loading quickly. They are powered by Market Tools which put together some of the easiest and most professional looking surveys that I have ever seen. ZoomPanel always ask for your comments/feedback on their survey and whether you feel it has been a worthwhile use of your time. Reassuringly, ZoomPanel often credit the ZoomPoints into your account within 1 hour of completing the survey by sending you an email telling you how many ZoomPoints you have earnt.

            ** MY EXPERIENCE **
            Surveys are quite frequent - approximately 2 to 3 a month. Since I joined just over two years ago, I have received over 100 surveys and earned over 6,000 Zoom Points. I've recently cashed in my second 3,000 ZoomPoints for a $50.00 GloboGift voucher. The first gift voucher I exchanged for a £25.00 gift voucher....which I had no trouble spending in H Samuel jewelers, and the second was used in Waitrose.

            If you fall at the first fence with a ZoomPanel survey, they always enter you in their monthly prize draw. However, I tend to find that I qualify for the full survey more often than not. I've completed surveys on any number of different products from cereal products, contact lenses, canned goods, feminine hygiene products to ISP's and kitchen towels. The fun thing about ZoomPanel is that you are often invited to survey new food and drink products. As you complete the survey, you will sometimes be asked if you would like to take part in an actual product test on the new drink or snack. It's definitely worthwhile saying yes, as you not only earn additional ZoomPoints, you also get some free stuff to trial. To date I have participated in product trials on various different breakfast cereals, some tortillas and cans of tinned tomatoes.

            ** PRIVACY & CUSTOMER SERVICE **
            They have a good security policy - no spam, no banner adverts and no passing of your details to any third party. They are a member of CASRO (Council of American Survey Research Organizations) which sets down strict guidelines designed to protect panel member's confidentiality.

            ZoomPanel are polite and quick to respond to you in the event of a problem. Their customer support system is by far the best of any online survey site I am a member of. Queries on any missing ZoomPoints have been dealt with politely and efficiently.

            ** REFERRAL PROGRAMME **
            Exsisting members can refer up to 4 new members to ZoomPanel per month. You can earn 200 ZoomPoints per person that you refer to ZoomPanel. It's limited to four referrals per month, but you can refer additional people during the next calendar month.

            ** WHAT DO I THINK? **
            ZoomPanel offer a fairly steady stream of survey work that requires minimal effort for a better than average return. The surveys are not particularly lengthy, and are easy to complete. It does take a while to build up enough points to reach the minimum claim threshold level, so don't sign up unless you are in it for the long haul. Like most online survey work, there is no quick buck to be made. You do have to be patient and bide your time, but you do get your reward in the end. All in all, I believe they are a professional outfit with well run surveys and decent rewards.

            ** CONTACT DETAILS **
            Websites: www.zoompanel.com or www.zoomrewards.com

            Parent Company Details:
            MarketTools Inc
            25 Floral Street
            Covent Garden
            WC2E 9DS

            Phone: 0207-189-8360
            Fax: 0207-031-8101


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