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Ann Summers Candy Floss Juicy Lube

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Ann Summers / Type: Lubricant

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    2 Reviews
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      14.11.2012 08:55
      Very helpful



      A fun tasting lube from Ann Summers

      I do love Ann Summers and do visit often, so it is safe to say I've got a lot of goodies!

      Ann Summers - Juicy Luce Can-Can Candy Floss:

      'This lusciously lickable lube is just the thing for fruity oral exploration, and it comes with a mouth-wateringly delicious candy floss taste. It's also non-staining, safe for intimate use, and compatible with all sex toys and condoms'

      - www.annsummers.com

      My Findings:

      Me and my partner both like to use lube either for intercourse or oral sex, so yes we have certainly tried a good many over the years! There are some from Ann Summers which we really disliked and others like this one absolutely love.

      We first tried the Candy Floss lube earlier in the year, we hadn't seen it before so wanted to give it a go. We have since re-purchased it again, and I have another one on order from my Ann Summers party I had at home. Safe to say both me and my partner haven't had any reaction to this product.

      This lube is safe to use with toys and condoms, lubes are not a form of contraceptive so please be safe! I say this as I once had a friend whom thought it was. The packaging states it contains a product that helps to enhance the libido and intensify orgasms.

      For me this pretty much works like any other lube out there, it didn't intensity anything. The fun part of the lube is the taste. When playing with your partner or if your partner is playing with you this does make it more appealing. What I also like is how slippy it makes things, which makes it easier for oral sex and vaginal sex.

      There isn't a limit of how much to use, so we just use what we what and keep it by the bed in case we are in need of more. Now if you are having a long session I will call it being over the couple of hour's mark you will certainly need to add more. But for around thirty minutes or so this will stay lubed up until the end.

      Now the taste, this really is like liquid candy floss sweet, sticky and morish! I love giving my partner oral sex so I do taste it quite often. The lubricant is clear and I haven't had any problems when it comes to staining, it just washes off the sheets, outfits or sofa cushions!

      Packaging is pretty basic; it didn't really jump out at me at first until I started to read the product description. You have an easy to open flip lip where you can just squeeze the gel out, but after use you really need to wipe the top over as it gets very sticky.
      Price and Availability:

      As this is an Ann Summers own item it can only be purchased from them or via their website. The 100ml tube will cost you £6.00. It does last well; you don't need lots at a time, so I feel it is good value for money. You can also purchase lube sets!


      For me and my partner we really liked this, but everyone has different tastes. In Ann Summers they have testers you can try before you buy. It is on the sticky side, but tastes great and adds some fun when you're getting down to the naughties.

      Five out of five stars from me.

      Thank you for reading.

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        03.10.2012 17:14
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Its a good lube but I'm not sure about the taste

        I bought this lube from Ann Summers. I have the whole collection which contains five different flavours and is priced at £10. You can also buy this individually from the store where it costs £2.50. Or I also saw them being sold for just £2 each at an Ann Summers party which I went to recently. Ann Summers is normally quite expensive but this is one of the cheaper lubes which they sell. Considering there is only a small amount in the bottle I do think this is slightly pricey.

        The bottle is really small and only contains 100ml of lube so is not guaranteed to last a very long time. If you have the whole collection then it would obviously last for longer, and you would get to try all the different flavours. But £10 for about 500ml of lube seems a bit expensive and I don't think I would pay it when you can get better lubes for cheaper elsewhere. The bottle is gold with a pink bubble on it, it is easy to squeeze the lube out of the bottle and it is quite a good bottle design overall.

        After sampling every single flavour I would have to say that this isn't the best flavour of the collection, or at least its not my favourite, and in my opinion most of them taste the same anyway. Too much of it tastes horrible but a little bit can be nice for a little extra flavour when going down on my boyfriend. However my boyfriend said when I asked him about this lube that he didn't really like the flavour and prefers to go with a normal lube or just with saliva.
        The flavour smells lovely but when you taste it, it just tastes artificial and its not nice when you get too much of it in your mouth.

        The only real benefit I can think of with this lube is that it does the job which its meant to do well. Its really slippery and feels nice, too. However I do think I prefer the feel of the satin lube by ann summers as that has more of a luxury feel to it whereas this one just feels like any other lube but more overpriced. Overall I'm not a huge fan of this, for £2 I would recommend trying it as different people like different things and some people might love the candy floss taste. But for me this isn't something I'd buy again.


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