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Ann Summers Nipple Rub

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2 Reviews

Brand: Ann Summers / Type: Stimulation & Arousal Cream

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    2 Reviews
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      07.02.2012 22:06
      Very helpful



      Ann Summers nipple rub - didnt reach my climax :)

      Oh well I'm not all about face masques! I like trying new fun things that myself and my partner can enjoy. Ann Summers is one of my most favourite places to visit, and even better when they have offers on!

      Ann Summers Foreplay - Nipple Rub:

      'This silky smooth foreplay gel has been specially developed by Ann Summers to increase the sensitivity and pleasure you can derive from your nipples during foreplay, masturbation and sex. It has a cooling zingy sensation and a sweet citrus-y lickable flavour to encourage adventurous tongues...'

      My Findings:

      When looking around Ann Summers I came across some fun items to try in the 'Foreplay' section they also have matching rubs for other parts of the body. Which makes for another review! This is not a lubricant so not suitable for internal use.

      So far they only do this in one size of 75ml, this will last you forever. As you only need a small amount at a time of this product you will be surprised just how long this will last you. On the packaging it says 'a tingling gel for orgasmic foreplay' I don't really know about the orgasmic part, but it certainly is fun to play around with.

      This item comes in a squeeze tube with a twist off top, I like it being a squeeze tube as it is so easy to obtain the contents within. To use the product you just gentle squeeze and out it comes, the gel is thick, clear transparent and glossy.

      Now using this nipple rub for the first time I used way too much and found it to be rather unpleasant. I used this on my partner first, squeezed out a large amount which was nice to massage over his nipples. However when it came to licking it off as it was too thick it felt rather odd and sickly on my tongue.

      When it came to my turn ahem... I told my partner to only use a small amount due to it being rather thick and sickly. Feeling this rubbed on me for the first time was a really nice, I could feel it slightly cool however there was no tingling sensation. While the gel is on if you blow over the gel it gives it an even more cooling effect which is rather fun.

      For me the taste isn't the most pleasing on the tongue it is bitter yet with a somewhat sweet after taste, with a slight unpleasant twist. It states that this is a citrus flavour for me it lemon taste but on the artificial side, there really but nicer tasting rubs and lubes out there.

      The whole playing around with the gel was a nice fun way to have a little more foreplay in the bedroom. Still I think there are more effect products on the market which are more interesting, but it served its purpose.

      The fragrance from this is like a bitter sherbet lemon like aroma hard to place what it exactly smells like personally. It is not overall strong and in your face though, still the strawberry one is the better one!

      Price and Availability:

      I purchased this on a buy two for £8 deal the middle of last year; it is now currently priced at £6.00 which I do feel is overpriced. You do only need a small amount each use so it does last a while but there is no use by date on the product.



      In my opinion this gel isn't worth its money and I feel it should be priced more around the £3.00 mark. You can have some foreplay fun with this product so it isn't a total waste of money, and when rubbed on it is a nice sensation and a pleasant cooling effect.

      Overall three out of five stars from me

      Thanks for reading.

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        17.04.2011 20:51
        Very helpful



        Don't buy this under any circumstances.

        The Nipple Rub from Ann Summers usually comes as part of a set with the Pussy Rub and Cock Rub. These are not lubricants, they are supposed to be gels to increase arousal - basically they are foreplay enhancers. Sounded like fun so my partner and I ordered some in a set. It can, however, also be bought singly.

        The Nipple Rub is the only one of set that is a gel-like consistency, rather than being an opaque cream. It is bright yellow and transparent and has a strongly chemical scent. No prizes for guessing where this is supposed to be rubbed. It has a very artificial lemon scent and is also lemon flavoured. And when I say that, I mean it in the loosest possible way. The main problem with this is, it tastes absolutely, positively disGUSTing. Dabbing just the tiniest bit of this onto your tongue will send you into comedically drastic pinched face fits - it is sour, which is about the only thing that allows it to be described as lemon-flavoured, and has a horrible detergent-like extremely chemical aftertaste. The whole thing basically tastes, looks and smells toxic.

        Now that's pretty much a deal-breaker for a substance that has no other purpose than being rubbed onto a person's nipples. Because really who wants to be in the foreplay moment, using this gel (even if, let's imagine, you could ignore the horrible smell) only to two seconds later fall into the trap of putting your mouth where you were just rubbing and ending up running for the bathroom to wash your mouth out!

        For nipple stimulation you don't even need to worry about any special substnaces or internal-suitable gels, so just go with some nice body oil or even moisturiser, you really don't need this hideous gel. It doesn't even remain silky and lubricated for long, being a gel it dries really quickly and then you're just left with no lubrication for stimulation AND the horrible taste. Lose-lose.

        This has got to be the worst Ann Summers product I've ever tried, and I cannot imagine anyone buying it more than once. Give it a miss!


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