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China Brush Delay Solution

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Manufacturer: China Brush / Type: Intimate Aids

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    1 Review
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      25.07.2012 01:04
      Very helpful



      A great product in a tiny bottle!

      ~ China Brush Delay Solution ~

      * This review is rated 18 +, please don't read if easily offended - Sexual scenes will occur! *

      When we first met I didn't ever think premature ejaculation would be a problem for my hubby. He would last hours in the bedroom so much so I would literally have to tell him enough is enough! I did need to sleep at some point didn't he know!
      So it came as a bit of a surprise (literally) when he seemed to be acting like a teenager in the bedroom again with the two jerks and a squirt.
      It was either that he suddenly found me insatiable or I had badly deprived him and I think it was the second of the two that did it!

      During my last pregnancy if I am honest I really couldn't bear the thought of sex. I developed a bad case of OCD which saw me cleaning every where in sight and it was the mess of sex that really put me off ... All those bodily fluids just really turned me sick, so I would half heartily do it once in a blue moon which did leave my hubby feeling quite put out and obviously deprived he is after all a red blooded male.

      So after having my son which was a c-section birth he was hoping that our sex life would return to normal pretty soon. As I had had an operation we weren't able to resume normal duties until a few weeks later (recommended to wait six weeks at least, lasted about three!) so I wasn't terribly surprised that he lasted very little time when we got down to the business, it had probably been at least 10 weeks if not more since we had last had sex so after all the foreplay etc.. I wasn't expecting a miracle and I did sort of expect a quickie!
      What I didn't expect though was for this to last so long.
      My hubby was feeling really crappy about it and I have to say that I wasn't overly impressed, the two minute sex thing just wasn't doing it for neither of us!

      So we decided to look online for a solution to his little problem and being a fan of Love Honey we soon spotted this product - China Brush.

      Love Honey can be found at www.lovehoney.co.uk. It is an online sex shop very much like Ann Summers but I do find Love Honey quite a bit better.
      To find the product either type in China Brush in the search bar of hover over the third tab ' The Essentials ' go down to ' Better Sex For Him ' choose the side bar option of ' Delay Spray & Cream ' and it will be on that page.
      There are a few products available that promise to delay the inevitable. This one however had a good star rating of 4.5 out of 5 with 114 reviews so it did seem an obvious choice. This one also had a much better name than some of the others! It doesn't look an obvious sex aid either so this is what we opted for.

      The price is £9.99 for just 3ml of product which may seem a little bit steep however the good reviews on the site sold it to us and you have to try things out for yourself to see if it is worth it so with that in mind it really did seem a great choice.

      We eagerly awaited the arrival of the parcel.

      It came delivered in discreet cardboard packaging with no mention at all as to where it had come from so the postie won't know your bedroom habits!
      Even though we knew it was only going to be a small item, I was quite surprised by how small it actually is!

      It comes packaged in a small white cardboard box with a sticker on the front of a Chinese man on the front, the colours of the sticker are gold and teal. On the side of the little box is some print informing us that this is Suifan's Kwang Tze Solution with more print on the box is Chinese writing. The top of the box flips open and inside you will find a leaflet that has long been thrown so I can't tell you much about this other than very little of it was actually in english! And you will also find a cute ditty tiny bottle, the bottle is a slightly rounded glass bottle with a flat bottom, it has a black plastic screw top lid on the top. The solution inside is a murky brown colour and looks quite a scary product when you think to where it needs to be applied which is on the shaft of the penis! You also get a tiny little wooded stick with a fluffy top which is the brush you use to apply the liquid.

      I opened the bottle and gave it a sniff, it smells of mentholy cloves or something similar!

      Of course we were eager to try it out but due to having children running around, then wasn't an appropriate moment! So we waited until later in the night.

      After reading a bit we found that it should be applied about 30 minutes prior to intercourse so that's what we did.
      I myself can't comment on how it feels but after applying a thin layer onto the shaft of his penis my hubby said it felt quite tingly and that it burned a little but that it wasn't uncomfortable.
      He just dipped the brush into the bottle, which soaked up a bit of the liquid and then applied it.

      He has since ditched the brush and just holds the hole of the bottle over his finger and rubs it on that way as he finds it easier.
      We also found that on the first time he may well have used a little too much of the solution!

      Anyway, from going from having sex that lasted a mere two minutes (if I was lucky!) with using this he could last ages and was practically forcing himself to finish! We were having sex for 30 - 45 minutes with no problems at all. He has now reduced the amount he applies so there is still some sensation there!

      He needs to shower before bed to remove the product from his penis otherwise I expect I would be burning too!

      I think the stuff works by numbing the head of the penis so that there is little sensation for the man meaning that he can perform for longer, I can say that this stuff will not affect an erection and has no benefit nor drawbacks on this. It just means that you can go longer!

      We have used this stuff about 15 times now if not a little more and there is just under half the liquid left in the bottle so a little goes a long way.

      I would recommend this stuff highly if you are having problems with premature ejaculation as it really works. My hubby has also found that this stuff has also meant that even without using it he now lasts longer ... Unless of course I deprive him again!

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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