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Durex Play Gel Lubricant with Aloe Vera

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    4 Reviews
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      30.12.2015 15:00
      Very helpful


      • "Easy to clean"
      • Fun
      • "Good Value"
      • Non-Sticky
      • "Easy to use"


      • Taste

      A neat product that adds a little fun into play times

      Durex Play – Aloe Vera Kind and Gentle Lube:

      Play Aloe Vera contains ingredients known for promoting skin health & nourishment. It's kind and gentle so you can use it wherever you like, whenever you like. Its water based and is safe to use with condoms. It's also pH balanced, non-sticky and won't stain

      My Findings:

      Well I’ve tried a few lubes over the years and this one is certainly gentle and I have found it rather good for oral play times with my partner. The taste isn’t the best, however it isn’t unpleasant either. The liquid smooths on nice and easy and you’re able to achieve satisfying gliding without it going sticky.

      One thing with lube I hate is when it goes sticky and well things certainly don’t feel as smooth anymore. So far I haven’t experienced that with this product, another thing I dislike is when the lube itself is too watery as then it dries up faster and well it’s more messy than normal! The consistency of this I find to be just right and well achieves its desired effect.

      It is easy to clean and doesn’t leave you feeling sticky afterwards, also it doesn’t stain clothing or bedding so everything is all still looking innocent. I have to say this is one of the better lubes I have used on my partner and well I don’t have any complaints from him either. It warms in your hands quick as let’s face it the guys wouldn’t be too pleased throwing cold gel over them haha!

      This product is unisex and water based, which they also state fine for sensitive skin. I do pretty much look for products that are of a sensitive nature when using within a delicate area. We have purchased this one now a few times and we haven’t experienced any irritation or problems, so yes will purchase again!

      This durex lube comes in a plastic pump tube which is easy to obtain, I haven’t had any issues with the pump itself. However when coming to the end of the tube the pump struggles to get the remainder product out, so unless you take the top off you will lose some of the liquid.

      Price and Availability:

      You can pick this up from most places even doing your weekly shop at Asda! I normally purchase mine from Superdrug and for the 50ml tube costs around £4.69 which isn’t a bad price. How long the product lasts? Well depends on your mood, I guess we can get 6 to 8 uses it also depends how much you want to use at the time too.

      This comes in many other flavours to and heated ones, tingly ones so you have a good range to pick from to have some fun with, either alone or with your partner.


      I fully recommend this product, it’s safe to use, my partner enjoys it and overall a decent price. The taste isn’t the best but no means off putting at all. I find it great to add that extra to foreplay / oral sex it’s nice to just have some fun and play around.

      Five out of five stars from me.

      © VampirePrincessLizzy


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      26.06.2011 07:05
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Aloe Vera Lube

      As this review contains material of a sexual nature i'd advise reader discretion. 18+ only please :)

      I got this after seeing it instore at Boots purely because never in my life have i heard of aloe vera lube (how odd!) so picked up a tube of it to try. I paid £4.28 for a 50ml tube which was reasonable but i do feel that with Durex products a majority of the pricing is due to the brands well known name so they feel they can charge that bit extra. I have tried a few durex lubes before and found them to be worth the money due to the high quality, with cherry been my favourite as it's actually really tasty!

      The packaging is unisex so neither member of a relationship will feel uncomfortable purchasing a tube (the cherry one is bright pink so may put men off been seen buying it in public!) The colour scheme of this one is green due to the aleo vera with a pearly white background. The durex logo is visible with 'play' written underneath, making it clear that this is a product in the durex play range. At the bottom it says (in green font) 'kind and gentle intimate lube', making it presumably safe for people (like me) with sensetive skin.

      The tube/bottle is easy to open and it has a twist pump which is easy to use, simply press down and squeeze a small blob out, massaging it onto the hands to warm it up. The consistency is very thick but it spreads well without too much massaging and warms up nicely on the skin.

      The lube is fine for oral, vaginal and anal sex, and anyone with common sense will know that this lube doesn't act as a contreceptive!

      Me and my boyfriend only used the lube once or twice for sex simply because i prefer the cherry. The taste of this isn't very sweet and to be honest it tastes a bit like mild soap. I had to stop mid-blowjob because it tasted funny which pretty much momentarily spoiled the mood! Smell wise it's a very light fragrance, which is ocourse aloe vera. It's quite nice but not really a smell that i associate with sex.

      The lube is okay to be used on (not pre-lubed) condoms to lube them up a bit and i found that it didn't get sticky or gather up on the condom in a clump like some lubes do. It did make the sex a bit more pleasent and i found that it gave a tingly sensation, which wasn't unpleasent but for me personally it didn't do much for me. The lube warmed up well aswell so it wans't unpleasently cold.

      I've used this lube with toys a couple of times and it worked really well. I only used it with toys because i wanted to use it up as i'm not particulary fond of it (the main reason i buy lubes is for oral sex, and this isn't the lube for me!) and my boyfriend has used it for solo masturbation. (I really hope he doesn't come across this review, he'll die of embarresement!) Like all lubes it can be used for solo sex acts. I've not experienced any discomfort, redness or itchiness from the lube and neither has my boyfriend. It's not sticky and as it's waterbased it's easily washed off. No stains have formed on my sheets/any other material that's come into contact with the lube after using it.

      Overall, i don't like it. It is fine for vaginal and anal sex (or hand jobs), but i'd advise against this for oral sex due to the soapy taste and unsexy smell. I've found if using it for anal sex, it's handy to have more in close reach while in the act as it doesn't keep the area moist for too long, however vaginal sex it seems to last alot longer, unless you struggle with self lubrication. Cherry or other fruit smelling/tasting lubes are ideal for oral. Atleast because i'm not keen on it it will last longer!


      *Positives -
      Water based
      Fine for sensetive skin
      Doesn't stain bedding
      Easily washed off of skin
      Non Sticky
      Smooth texture
      Warms up on the skin quickly
      Firm in consitency so no worries of it dripping
      Lasts well with vaginal sex and with solo use
      Reasonably Priced
      Unisex packaging

      Smell isn't very sexy!
      Requires top ups during anal sex

      So, as you can see the positives do outweigh the negatives :-)

      If you like the sound of durex flavored lubes but you don't like the sound of this one, there are other flavours available;

      Passion Fruit
      Pina Colada


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        21.04.2011 10:16
        Very helpful



        Well worth buying

        I think most people nowadays use lubricant in their sex life, its become such an accepted thing to buy even in your local Boots. Its often hard to know which one to buy, I bought this particular one as it was on sale in Boots, and as it was by Durex which is a respected brand I thought I would give it a go.

        I have the newer shaped bottle which is pink, and has an easy to squeeze grip which comes in handy in those moments when you need it quickly.

        The actually lube smells a bit funny, not as nice as those flavoured ones, or as tasty. I dont recommend this for oral use at all as it tastes horrible.

        The good thing about this lube is that it contains aloe vera, which is quite soothing and cooling on your downstairs department. It also means that anyone with sensitive skin shouldnt have any problems. It works safely with all Durex condoms and it isnt too watery so doesnt immediately slide off and coat your bedsheets.

        Its quite a thick lube and can also be used for massaging as well as internal use. It also lasts for ages, I have had my bottle for a while now and I have a lot of sex, so I am impressed with how far it goes.

        I would recommend this lube to anyone, even if you think you dont need it, it can greatly enhance sexual sensitivity and make sex fun and just a little bit messy. Love it!


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        30.03.2011 15:34
        Very helpful



        an ok lubricant if you arent fussy about the smell or taste

        Durex Play - Aloe Vera

        When it comes to those intimate moments that never seem to come round often enough, it is essential that you make the most of them whilst you are both in the mood. Using a lubricant during love making can help to increase the level of sensuality by reducing friction and in some cases by adding an extra texture or sensation to the mix. Durex are well known for their range of sexual aids, from condoms to lubricants. There are a wide variety of lubricants on the market, some of these are just plain lubricant, others are specific flavours, and yet more others provide tingling or warming sensations. The product that I am reviewing is Durex Play with Aloe Vera.

        Look, Feel, Smell and Usage

        All Durex lubricants come in similar tubes. This one comes in a white tube with green writing to represent Aloe Vera. The tubes themselves are very easy to use without making too much mess. The user simply depresses the top to squirt a nice amount of lubricant onto their fingers before massaging this on their pink bits. I think there are two sizes of tubes available, but mine is 50ml. Depending on how often you use the product, and how much you use during each session I have found that these lubes last me quite some time. This is not my favourite lubricant; I am not particularly fond of the Aloe Vera smell which does remind me somewhat of washing up liquid. I much prefer their cherry one!

        Slippery Sloppery Sensations

        Most users of a sexual lubricant probably use it for the simple reason of reducing friction and particularly for women, topping up their natural level of drippiness. My partner has no problems with regards to self lubrication, but after a little while her natural lubricant seems to run out and this can make her particularly dry and uncomfortable. During sex we often resort to a little added lubricant, and this means that sex can last longer and be more fulfilling.

        Mixed action or solo performance?

        This lubricant is not only useful for lubrication during sex; it is also very good when it comes to a little solo fun. My girlfriend in particular regularly uses this when she is basting her turkey and she says that it gives her a heightened feeling of sensitivity. I myself have been known to use a little added lubricant when bashing my bishop but these days I tend to just knock one out very quickly removing the need for messy lubrication.

        Oral Sex

        Durex lubes are all suitable for oral sex, although the majority of them don't taste very good. This Aloe Vera one is not one I would recommend for oral sex, unless you particularly like the taste of washing up liquid! Again I would recommend the cherry one!

        Final Notes

        If you are trying for a baby you should talk to your doctor before using Durex lubricants as they may slow the sperm down meaning they just don't make it to the jackpot. All Durex lubricants are suitable for use with condoms but do not contain a spermicide. These lubricants are available all over the place from chemists to supermarkets and cost around the £3 mark for 50ml, or around a fiver for 100ml tubes.All in all I will say that if you fancy spicing up your love life a little bit, get to the shop and come back feeling just a little juicier!


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    • Product Details

      Durex Play Gel with Aloe Vera is a wonderful lube for those of you who are a little more sensitive to anything chemically enhanced. This formula is natural and will soothe you as well as soak you! Ingredients: Purified Water, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Benzoic Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Aloe Vera.

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