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Durex Play Lubricant Sweet Strawberry

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Durex / Type: Lubricant

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    3 Reviews
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      23.01.2013 14:19
      Very helpful



      a great simple product to spice up your sex life.

      Play Strawberry is definitely a fun and fruity way to spice up your sex life!

      General info:

      Bottle type: Pump
      Condom safe: Yes
      Veggie suitable: Yes
      Contains aspartame: No
      Contains glycerine: Yes
      Contains paraben: No
      Lubricant type: Water based

      How to use:
      The bottle is available in 50ml and 100ml. To use just remove the cap, twist the pump to open and gently squeeze. Then use the lube as you wish. You can apply to yourself or your partner or any sex toys you may want to use.

      I ordered mine from love honey as I was a little nervous buying them in store. I paid £3.99 for a 50ml bottle with free delivery which was great. I wanted to see what it was like before using it in the bedroom as I didn't want to ruin the mood if I didn't like it. The lube smelt great which I expected as it is stawberry. the texture was great not too thick and didn't feel sticky on my hand.

      It works great as a normal lube although the packet does say best for oral sex (probably because it is flavoured). The lube does have a nice consistency and provides plenty of moisture so if you or your partner suffer with vaginal dryness then give it a try. It is condom safe so don't feel you can't spice up your sex life just because of a condom :) The lube washes off easily and is not sticky or gooey.

      We have tried other durex lubes such as the durex play tingle and durex play heat. These give different effects/sensations so I would recommend experimenting with different flavours and sensations until you find the one that suits you best!


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      10.06.2012 21:10
      Very helpful




      Just a quick warning, this review contains sexual references!

      My boyfriend's favourite thing in the bedroom is oral sex and as a result we get through a pretty impressive amount of flavoured lube, haha. I love flavoured lube as it does make things a bit more exciting for me and it also helps create that extra bit of moisture resulting in more pleasure for my man. My favourite brand of lube is Durex due to the wide range of flavours and I have found that a majority of their lubes have a good consistency and despite being water based they aren't too runny, nor are they greasy to the touch like some water based lubricants are.

      I usually choose the cherry flavoured lube from the Durex Play range as it genuinely does have a nice taste to it, although when I saw that there was a new strawberry flavour available I decided to try it as I love the taste and smell of strawberries. I purchased my 50ml bottle of the Durex Play sweet strawberry flavoured lube from Superdrug as it was reduced to just £2.99, which is a bargain as it usually retails at around £4.50.

      I purchased mine in-store and didn't feel too self concious as this doesn't look like a sexual product if that makes sense and it looks just like a shampoo bottle from a distance, although it does kind of look a bit like a dildo due to the oblong shape with a rounded tip when you look closley!! The colour scheme is red, obviously reflecting the strawberry flavour. The bottle has a simple pump mechanism which is mess-free and easy to use, a decent blob of product is depensed and we only need a couple of blobs of it each time we have sexy time so a 50ml pump lasts for at least 2-3 weeks.

      The lube has a good texture to it. It is thick enough not to run off my hand but it is easy to rub onto the skin without creating a thick layer of lube, which is great as there's nothing worse than there been too much lube and i've found that my mouth goes kind of tingly if we apply a thick layer so it's best to use sparingly and a little goes a long way. It's important to apply the lube after foreplay (eg hand job!) as it does sink in to the skin as a body oil or moisturiser would, unless obviously you're not buying the lube purely for oral sex.

      Smell wise, this is pleasant. Very sweet and somewhat artificial but pleasant enough and the smell does not linger for too long. It tastes pleasant and you can taste the strawberry but it's not too sweet unlike a lot of other fruit flavoured lubes. The taste isn't particullary natural but it's not ridiculosly artificial tasting. This is sugar free so theres no worry of weight gain if you eat too of it much haha, although to be fair as a little goes a long way there's not much risk of swallowing too much of it. My boyfriend also likes the taste and neither of us have experienced any redness or soreness on our skin after using this.

      This acts well as a lube and on the occasions that we've used it for actual sex rather than purely for oral, it did as good a job as any other lube would. It's a nice consistency and provides plenty of moisture so if you or your partner suffer with vaginal dryness then this will help a lot. The lube washes off fine and is not sticky or gooey. It works fine with condoms and I overall reccomend it.. it's probably my fave lube from the Durex range.


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        19.05.2012 21:28
        Very helpful



        A nice product to introduce something new - for guys and girls!

        Just as a heads up...I do hope nobody under the consensual age is reading this...! 

        Having been with my partner a while now, we like to keep things in the bedroom department alive and are always introducing new and playful things to keep us occupied ;)

        I have to admit when I last popped into superdrug I didn't actually go to buy any lubricant as in terms of moisture we don't usually need any, but I liked the sound of strawberry flavour so thought it would be a nice fun surprise for him when we got home. I purchased the 50ml bottle for £3.49 but there is also a 100ml bottle available. As we don't have a specific need for using lubricant I opted to buy the smaller, cheaper bottle!

        - Packaging - 

        The lubricant comes in a clear bottle, with a simple label which specifies it is of the durex brand. It is a pump which requires turning to be opened and so can easily apply small amounts to wherever is needed so no spillages or leakages - RESULT!

        - About the product - 

        The lubricant is water based so ideal if being used on Durex condoms (as oil based lubricants degrade the material of condoms). As I am on an alternative method of birth control I have no experience of this but the packaging highlights this to be one of the benefits. 

        Another advantage of it being water based is the ease of using it, is lubricates instantly, is easy to apply and If some should get on bed sheets etc it is easily washable. 

        In terms of the Strawberry flavour I have to say this one definitely tastes the nicest! It has a very strong sweet taste so if you apply it to a body part which you don't like the taste of this will over power it haha! I have swallowed it before and to my knowledge, not that it is an edible product (or to be for sole purpose of being eaten) there are no adverse effects if the lubricant is swallowed on occasion. As soon as the seal is broken and the first amount is extracted from the bottle the sweet aroma is pleasant to smell, almost like bubble gum! 

        I would definitely recommend this product to others as we thoroughly enjoyed using it! It is definitely an easy to use, fruity lubricant both guys and girls can have some fun with ;)

        It is also Available in a wide range of flavours : 

        - Cherry
        - Passion Fruit
        - Pina Colada 
        - Aloe Vera (huh?)

        And also with different sensations like tingle and heat...for the daring out there!

        (I really hope I haven't come across as a nymphomaniac in this review!) 


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