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Durex Play Passion Fruit

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Durex / Type: Lubricant

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    2 Reviews
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      18.11.2012 23:56
      Very helpful
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      A great way to add a bit of fruitiness to your sex life.

      ~*~*~ Durex Play Passion Fruit ~*~*~

      *** Please note that this review contains adult content and is suitable for those 18+, if easily offended please read one of my other non-sexual reviews. Thank you ***

      ~ What is it? ~

      This is a flavoured water based lubricant from Durex. It is a good accompaniment to oral sex but can also be used for foreplay and intercourse too.

      ~ Packaging ~

      This comes in a plastic tube like container, the bottle itself is a frosted white plastic however it is covered in a lime green shrink wrap type label. The label comes from the bottom of the bottle and up over the top and has a perforated section where you peel down to rip off the top section of the wrap.
      The label holds all the relevant information and has a small picture of a passion fruit.

      The top is a pump action type dispenser which is quite simple and easy to use.

      ~ The Flavour ~

      The flavoured Durex products are available in quite a few flavours -

      Pina Colada
      Passion Fruit

      As well as -

      Aloe Vera
      Massage 2 in 1 Stimulating
      Perfect Glide Silicone
      Play O
      Massage 2 in 1 Soothing
      Massage 2 in 1 Sensual

      This review however is for the Passion Fruit flavoured lube.

      The scent is really fruity and quite strong and when it comes to the taste it is actually quite nice however I do find it makes my tongue tingle a bit when I have licked it! It is a nice taste though which makes oral sex a bit more exciting. My hubby likes the taste too, more so than me actually!

      ~ Using it ~

      Using this is very simple, you simple pump out a dollop and place it where you want to be licked or sucked etc!
      It does make oral sex more exciting and interesting with it's delicious fruity taste.

      It can also be used for intercourse and is safe for use with condoms being a water based lube, however it can become quite sticky after a while.

      ~ My Thoughts ~

      I used my Lovehoney points and got this for free along with a few other bits, it costs £3.99 for a 50ml bottle but if using points it will cost 800 Oh! Points although I am sure it was 600 when I bought it.

      I got this for oral sex use only as we have other lubes anyway and before using it I tasted it first, I thought the initial taste was quite delicious and was looking forward to actually using it. That night I put this on my hubby before going down on him and a few moments in my tongue started to tingle which I found really strange, but when my hubby used it he said I was crazy and didn't find anything wrong with it!

      The taste made oral sex a nice pleasant experience and added a nice taste to it. I do like the taste, it's quite like a sweet! It does have an initial strange taste and is quite a shock to the tastebuds, it's a sort of sour sweet taste, but you get used to it straight away so the sourness fades if you know what I mean lol!

      In the heat of the moment my hubby grabbed this for foreplay and I could instantly tell his mistake by the scent! I have to be honest and say I didn't find it that good for foreplay nor intercourse as it went very sticky and tacky quite quickly. After using this I always go and have a quick shower as it does feel incredibly sticky!

      I would recommend this for oral use only and buy a separate lube for anything else.

      This is a nice pleasant tasting lube that I would probably buy again.

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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        09.08.2012 12:24
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A great flavoured lube

        ** WARNING: Content has a sexual nature. If easily offended please do not read. 18 years only **

        About 6 months ago I was invited to an Ann Summers party with a group of my friends. I'm well aware of the type of products Ann Summers sell and I knew this was going to be a night of taking nothing seriously as well as no doubt drinking copious amounts of wine! One part of the 'party' is the trying and testing of various lubricants of all makes and sizes. I am no stranger to a lube and with a bunch of girls in our mid 20s to mid 30s you can of course imagine the inuendos, comments as well of course as actually trying the lubes (on your hands only of course!).

        One lube which I tried and subsequently bought was the Durex Play Passion Fruit. I have tried and used other flavoured lubes before and they had seemed rather synthetic and although they initially smelt and tasted of a synthetic fruit of some sort there was always an odd after taste or it just left your mouth feeling a bit numb which reminded me of when I was at a dentist as a child having teeth pulled out! However, after trying the Durex Play Passion Fruit I thought it was worth a shot.

        I am one that likes to keep my sex life active, I like trying new things, being a bit adventurous and fortunately so does my other half so when I returned home with the Durex Play Passion Fruit he certainly wasn't opposed to trying it! Durex is an incredibly well known brand more so probably for their condom ranges but over the past few years have since branched out to lubricants, sex toys and massage products. They are widely available to buy generally from pharmacies but can of course be bought online if feeling a little shy or embarrassed!

        The lube comes in a slim plastic bottle which is slightly curved at the sides, it is pump action and comes with the clear plastic pump together with a clear oval shaped snap on top. The wrapped on the bottle is lime green in colour (feeling very tropical!) and features the Durex logo together with an image of a passionfruit cut in half as well as the product name. On the back of the bottle there is a bit of info about the product itself, how to use it, warnings, ingredients as well as contact info for Durex. The bottle is 50ml so isn't the biggest bottle but can easily be stored.
        What does Durex say:

        "Play Passion Fruit is a fun and fruity way to spice up your sex life. Light up the passion with the sweet, exotic taste of adventure for a deliciously intimate experience. Get fruity!"

        Lubcricants were originally used to help with sexual intercourse as sometimes your own body does not produce enough moisture and of course lubcricants helped ease things slightly! However, it does seem that now lubes are incredibly popular with helping to spice up a sex life! Durex Play Passion Fruit can be used with both vibrators and stimulators which will not doubt help make things a bit more sensual. Another plus is that the lube is water based and is therefore condom friendly.

        So how do you use it? All you need to do is simply remove the clear cap twist the pump open as it has a security type lock and then gently squeeze I guess onto where ever you want it! I only tend to use it when either giving oral sex or receiving oral sex as my other half also likes the taste! For me personally I pump the lube onto my hand and gently massage/rub onto my other half's penis. Despite using my hand to rub it on the lube doesn't leave a sticky residue and this is simply because it is water based and not an oil based lube. My other half tends just to pump the lube wherever he seems fit and doesn't use his hands.

        For me, the taste is immediately sour but then becomes quite a sweet taste which is perfectly pleasant and doesn't leave a weird taste behind in your mouth. The taste isn't as sweet or as synthetic as some flavoured lubes I have used which is nice. The lube which is clear in colour has quite a good consistency, it reminds me of the consistency of an antibacterial hand gel because as soon as you pump it out of the bottle although you can tell it will be easily massaged or doesn't go anywhere until you've applied it to where you need it to be so no wastage.

        I have never used this for sexual intercourse as for me it would just be a waste of a flavoured lube as well as I find water based lubes aren't as good as oil based lubes for intercourse and I have never used it with condoms simply as I have been with my partner for many years so I can't comment on how it may differ. What I can tell you is because it is water based it is easily washed off and won't leave a residue as it isn't sticky. Another good plus is that it doesn't stain as I have found others that do. This lube does come with warnings such as if you experience irritation then you do need to stop using it. It also needs to be used within 3 months of opening and stored in a cool place.

        I am happy with the purchase I made as this does what it is supposed to, it doesn't cause either of us any problems such as irritation and we both enjoy the taste. It is regularly used and I have already bought other varieties in the same range. It certainly helps in keeping a little bit of sensuality in my sex life, both me and my partner enjoy using it so for me I have no complaints. If looking to keep your sex life exciting or just want to try out another lube then this should be definitely worth a try.

        ~ Useful Info ~

        Brand: Durex
        Size: 50ml
        Price: RRP £4.07
        Availability: Boots, Superdrug and online


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