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Durex Play Sensations Lubricant

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Type: Lubricants

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    3 Reviews
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      29.01.2012 08:29
      Very helpful



      Won't be purchasing again but was fun to experiment!

      As this review contains material of a sexual nature i'd advise reader discretion. 18+ only please :)

      **Durex Play Sensations**
      Play is a brand of lubrication which is obviously made by Durex, who also make condoms and various other sex aids. Durex have a wide range of different types and flavours of lubricant available to choose from, and although I do have a favourite (cherry!) it's always fun to try out new things. For anyone who is unaware of what lubricant is, it's essentially a product to make sex more comortable for women who have self lubrication problems, however it can also be used to reduce friction and to generally make sex that bit more fun. The play sensations are ideal for experimenting couples who want a little added fun in the bedroom, as you get five different types of lube in each pack of play sensations. If you want a new regular lube to use but you're not sure which one you would prefer, then this is basically like a little box full of samples to try. Most people aren't very fussy with the lube they use, as far as i'm aware anyway with past experiences with boyfriends, however I am very picky due to how sensetive my skin is. By using this pack of lubricant I could see if any of the different types caused an unpleasant reaction on my skin, which luckily they didn't and me and my boyfriend Marc had plenty of fun experimenting!

      **Product Claims**
      Durex don't make any out of the ordinary claims with their play range, they simply state that all of the lubricants are safe to use with condoms and sex toys and that they're non sticky, non greasy and don't stain. The lubricants are all water based which means that they're safe to use with condoms and the flavoured ones are sugar free yet still, according to Durex, sweet tasting. They state that their lubes make sex a more sensual experience and they can be used for all different types of sexual intercourse - masturbation, oral, vaginal and anal. Durex make it very clear that their lube does not contain spermicide and does not act as a contraceptive measure.

      The packaging for these lubricants is very different to the usual Durex lube packaging. Most of their lubes ususally come in a 150ml bottle which has a pump, however this lube comes in little 5ml sachets which are packaged in a unisex red cardboard box which is easy to open and easy to close too. The sachets are each a different colour the reflect the flavour or texture, for example the cherry flavoured one comes in a red sachet. The sachets are easy to open and to get the lube out I simply squeeze it into the palm of my hand. The packaging is quite simpl and it will appeal to both sexes, also due to the colour of the box it isn't too eye catching so I don't feel embarrised when purchasing it.

      **What You Get..**
      You get ten 5ml sachets of lubricant in each box of Durex Play Sensations. You get five different lubes:
      - 2 Cherry flavoured
      - 2 Pina Colada flavoured
      - 2 Warming lubes
      - 2 Tingle lubes
      - 2 Soothing lubes

      **Price and Availability**
      The price definetly varies depending on where you buy it from. I've seen this in places such as Boots, Superdrug, chemists and a few supermarkets too and it's obviously also available online from sites such as eBay and Amazon. The average price is around £4, I think that this is an okay price but considering that you only get 50ml of lube all together it isn't that great value as you can purchase a 150ml of Durex lubricant for around the same price, however obviously with this you get lots of different ones which makes the price worth it as it gives you a chance to try them and see what you do and don't like before purchasing a full sized bottle.

      **My Opinion**
      I was really excited when my boyfriend brought around this box of lubricants as it had so many different ones to choose from! I've since used all of them and i've come to the conclusion that the warming lube and the cherry lube are my favourite, and that I will be avoiding the tingle and pina colada ones in the future, so thanks to these mini sachets I now know exactly what I like and don't like, meaning i'll be saving lots of money in the long run. Before trying these lubricants, I had already tried most of the different types however it was nice to try them again and see if my opinion had changed. I love the fact that the lube comes in such small, compact packaging as it means that I can just slip a sachet into my purse before heading off to my boyfriends house, rather than putting a full sized bottle of it in my handbag and then feeling like everyone's staring at me on the bus!!

      **Cherry Flavour**
      This is by far my favourite lubricant ever! It's great fun and tastes gorgeous. It is quite a strong taste and it's very sweet, however it does become a little sickly after a while. Although it is technically lube, I usually only use this when preforming oral sex as I don't really see the point of using a flavoured lube for penetrative intercourse, although on the couple of occasions that I have used this for sex, it preformed well - it has a nice consistency meaning it's mess free to apply and it provides plenty of moisture and it warms up well, meaning once it's on it doesn't feel like it's noticeably a lubricant if that makes sense?!

      **Pina Colada Flavour**
      Eww! I really do not like this one. At first it tasted okay - sweet, with a pleasant fruity smell which definetly resembled pineapple, however the longer that I tasted it for the grosser it got, and before long it tasted just like chemicals, it was gross! Very artificial and fake tasting, but it's sugar free so that's why. I definetly don't like using this as an oral sex lube however it's fine as a vaginal or anal lube, it's quite gooey and thick however it spreads onto the penis easily and it's not oily or greasy feeling, just like the cherry one it warms up nicely and it lasts quite well.

      **Tingle Lube**
      This is another one that I am not keen on - I really don't like the minty smell as it instantly reminds me of toothpaste, which definetly isn't a very sexual smell! It's okay as a lube, it has just the right texture and so it smoothes onto the skin nicely without dripping off or absorbing too quickly. This is the only positive to it though, and I won't be using it again, as I wasn't keen on the sensation. It started off as very weak but soon became stronger, and it has a slight cooling effect which both me and my boyfriend didn't like at all. It also doesn't seem to act well as a lubricant, as it doesn't provide a huge amount of moisture meaning that we had to keep stopping and putting more on, which is a bit of a hassle if i'm honest!

      **Soothing Lube**
      This one is okay but I am not overlly keen, it's not one I would avoid but it's not one that i'd buy again. It contains aloe vera which is apparently soothing and the aloe vera was noticeable when I smelt it - it was pleasant and suprisingly quite sweet. However, it certianly doesn't taste sweet and it's actually got a soapy taste which was a major turn off! It works well as a lube, although I didn't notice that it made things soothing - I used this for both vaginal and anal sex with my boyfriend and it didn't soothe or relax me, however it was a good lubricant and provided a decent amount of moisture and it was long lasting too. It's got a very smoothe, thin texture to it aswell which is ideal for use with condoms - I hate using thick, gloopy lube with condoms!

      **Warming Lube**
      I didn't think that I would like this one but I really did and I purchased a full sized bottle after i'd tried it! As soon as it meets the skin, I could feel a noticeable amount of warmth which intensified, this was pleasant and my boyfriend liked it too. It works well as a lube but one thing that I don't like is that it made mine and my boyfriend's skin feel quite dry afterwards.

      Durex Play Sensations aren't the best value for money, however they're fun to try and experiment with and I love the practical packaging. I would reccomend these if you're new to the Durex range of lubricants but if you've already tried all of the different types before then there isn't much point - it's better value to just buy a full sized bottle.


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        21.10.2011 15:43
        Very helpful



        my favourite

        *do not read if you don't like reviews with a sexual content*

        When it comes to condoms, I have found that no brand is really as good as Durex. There is something about their company that gives me the satisfaction that I will have a good time and it will be safe. Other condoms have split but my good old Durex is yet to do so (hopefully it won't!)

        I brought Durex Sensations on a recent trip to Boots as they were on offer. £10 for 2 packs of 8 condoms - never bad! The condoms can be brought in packs of 3, 8 and 12. Durex tends to be quite expensive and in honesty, I only ever buy the condoms which are on offer as I hate splashing too much on them.
        To find, simply head to the contraception isle and look for the bright orange box!

        The box is easy to spot as it is the brightest of the range. It holds the usual Durex logo and packaging. There is (which isn't on the image on here) a small image of the condom itself so you know what you're letting yourself in for. This is quite an accurate image too so there is nothing misleading. Inside the box is obviously your individually wrapped condoms which all have a use by date (a year away at the least) and information on how to put on a condom, others in the Durex range and much more.

        The box says that the condom is.. 'able to increase pleasure and intensity by the us of raised dots. Creating a new pleasurable sensation'. Although, this is mostly for the pleasure of the woman - so men don't expect much difference on your part.

        Now when it comes to the actual condom itself, it is exactly as the packet shows. Once on the penis, it has a lot of raised bumps which I didn't think would be too noticeable but they are quite prominent.

        The condom does say that it is mostly for female pleasure, which I have to agree with. My boyfriend didn't feel any difference and says it is like any other condom he uses. But he did like the fact it made everything better for me - so eager to please!

        When it comes to female pleasure, it is very good. I didn't think it would make much difference because it is just loads of spots, but it made everything much more intense. I did prefer when everything was slowed down though, when it was a little bit faster the dots seemed to irritate a little and I couldn't stop thinking about this.

        It definitely did everything it claimed to do. Durex are very good at not making false claims. The whole 'act' was much more intense and I enjoyed it much more. My partner liked it as he knew it was helping to make him a little better (not that he isn't good anyway).

        I also want to add that it didn't rip or tear - very safe!

        Durex have really impressed me once again, I will definitely but these condoms next time I need a stock up and plan on using them for a long time to come. I would recommend these to anyone who likes to add a little spice to their sex life, they really give everything a new edge.

        Remember, condoms only give you 98% protection against pregnancy and shouldn't be your only form of contraception!


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        28.06.2011 19:47
        Very helpful



        A great starter lubricant pack.

        Before I start I'd better warn everybody that this review contains information of a sexual nature. I'll try to spare my blushes by not going overboard with the salubrious details, but if you think you'll be uncomfortable please exercise your discretion and don't carry on reading!

        I'm a fan of lubricant, even if it's not strictly necessary, as it can be so much fun! Lots of people seem to think that lubricant is only for vaginal dryness, but it's actually a nice way of adding bit of variety and spice to your sex life without having to go out and buy a huge threatening sex toy to terrorise your other half with! Durex Play Sensations might be the ideal way to get people started on lubricant, actually - it's a variety packet of ten 5ml sachets of lubricant, perfect for trying out all sorts of different flavours and sensations without having to commit to buying the full-size bottle.

        In each box are two sachets of Durex's various flavours of lube, which are aloe vera, warming, tingle, very cherry and pina colada. The box states that each variety is suitable for use with oral, vaginal and anal sex and can be used with any Durex condom. As they're all water based lubricants, they're suitable for use with all condoms but clever old Durex have clearly realised that there's a marketing opportunity for them right there. There is a well-placed warning that none of the lubes can be used as contraception, and that you can go online for extra information at www.durex.com.

        Now, I'll discuss each flavour/sensation individually to give you a better idea of what you might be letting yourself in for...

        ALOE VERA

        This comes in a bright green sachet and is probably the most basic of all the lubricants, described as "soothing". Like all Durex lubes it's colourless and water-based so it's not sticky, but I would definitely describe it as slimy. It doesn't really smell of anything other than a very mind plant-like scent, and it's not overly appealing, but in the interests of experimentation I did try it for oral sex - the flavour is kind of nasty (soapy) so I definitely won't be doing that again.

        What it IS good for, however, is being very soothing and cooling. For straightforward vaginal sex it works brilliantly: it's thick enough to stay put where you want it and slippy enough to do its job very well; it lives up to its soothing name beautifully. Perhaps not the most exciting of lubricants, but it's definitely got a place in this variety pack.


        This one is in a blue sachet and is supposed to give a tingling sensation on your bits or indeed anywhere else you might choose to put it! It's colourless but with a very strong minty smell; as soon as you put it on it really does start to tingle. Like all the other lubricants, it's slimy without being overly sticky or gloopy, so texture-wise it's great, but if I'm honest I'm not sure I actually like it all that much - it makes me feel kind of numb and I'm not convinced it increases my pleasure. Taste-wise, it kind of numbed my mouth as well, so I'm not exactly sure what flavour it is...


        As with Tingle, I'm not all that sure I like Warming. The consistency is good, it's colourless, non-staining and not too sticky, but there's something about the warming sensation that in my opinion kind of detracts from the sex. That said, I'm not always a huge fan of warm things (hot water bottles and those microwave rice pack things can sometimes be too much for me) so it might just be my personal preference. It's suitable for all kinds of sex.


        As you might expect, this one is in a reddish-purple packet and smells and tastes of - you guessed! - cherry. It's colourless and water-based, but I did find it a bit sticky once it had dried up a little, so a shower is definitely required. The flavour is nice if you like very sweet tastes: it puts me in mind of those cherry drop sweets rather than anything to do with actual cherries.

        Despite all the sweetness, it's sugar free so is suitable for vaginal sex (putting sugar anywhere near the vagina increases your risk of thrush, so best not to use that bottle of ice cream syrup you were considering...!) I haven't used this for vaginal sex as I prefer the straightforward aloe vera lubricant, but you could if you wanted to.


        My favourite flavoured lubricant in this variety pack: it smells and tastes very strongly of sweet pineapple/tropical fruit, once again not really fruity but more like the candy version. It's clear and the same texture as the other lubes, like Very Cherry it's a bit sticky once it's dried off a bit so you might want to plan a shower soon after. Again, it's sugar-free and suitable for vaginal sex.

        Each sachet is tough enough to hold up to being shoved in a pocket, purse or bag (I've never known one to burst or even open and splat a bit) but easy enough to open without needing to interrupt everything to go get a pair of scissors. Neither myself nor my partner have experienced any discomfort or irritation whilst using any of these lubricants, so even though I wasn't overly keen on Tingle and Warming, they didn't actually irritate.

        Overall, the Durex Play Sensations packet is great for lubricant newbies or anyone who wants to test out some new sensations and flavours without committing to buying a full bottle of something they might not actually like all that much. It's available for £4.07 at Boots.


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      • Product Details

        Durex Play Sensations is an assorted pack of 10 single use personal lubricants allowing you to experiment with touch, with taste and with each other. A little lube in the right places can enhance foreplay and sex for both of you, heightening sensitivity and enhancing your pleasure. Lubricant allows your fingers to slide easily and sensuously over skin.

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