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Lelo Spicy Clove and Amber Massage Oil

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Type: Massage Oil & Lotion

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    1 Review
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      15.04.2011 09:27
      Very helpful



      recommended for those lazy luxurious nights

      After a busy, tiring and stressful day, there is nothing my boyfriend and I like more than heading upstairs to unwind and relax together. One of the things we like to do, especially if one of us is feeling particularly worn out, is to have a bit of a massage session .

      Previously, we've used baby oil, and also some fruity scented massage oils . The trouble with these, from my boyfriends perspective rather than mine, is that they would often leave him smelling like an explosion in a fruit factory . Whilst this smell was fine with me, it was evidently not butch enough for my big sexy bear of a man . He demanded something he wouldn't have to shower off in the morning before doing anything else, and after a little looking around we came across the Lelo range of massage oils at Lovehoney.co.uk.

      Now, at 24.99 for a 120ml bottle, these are certainly not cheap . However, they do come in three varieties, all of which sound much more exotic than the usual fruity stuff we use : Lily and Musk, Spicy Clove and Amber, and Balsam, Fir, and Bergamot. With my boyfriend stating that Lilies are definitely girly, and that he doesn't know what on earth a Balsam is, we opted for the Clove and Amber variety.

      Now, the packaging on this is gorgeous . No cheap plastic squirty tube here. Instead, we get a sleek dark black glass bottle, in a chunky cylinder shape, with the word Lelo printed smartly across the front in gold, and a gold coloured spray dispenser, encased in an orange coloured oval. It looks a little like an upmarket aftershave, and would not look out of place on any bedside table . While the bottle is certainly sexy looking, there is nothing that actually makes it stand out as sexual, or even as a massage product, so there is no need to find discreet places to hide this. The bottle comes in a matching box with the same colouring, but I've since thrown the box away so can't remember much of what was written there - I believe it was just some basic usage directions and an ingredients list.

      The spray pump dispenser means that only a small amount of this can be dispensed at a time . Now, with many other oils I have used, that would have been a problem, but a tiny bit of this oil really goes a long way, and it does not dry out quickly. In fact, just two or three pumps can last us through a long, luxurious full body massage.

      The oil warms up easily in the hands, and glides on like a dream - there is no skin dragging or catching at all, and it lends a subtle glow to the skin. This glow is due to the fact that the oil contains small flakes of 24 carat gold. Luckily the effect is very subtle, and really only noticeable in a certain light - a good thing I suspect, as my boyfriend would not be happy to find a nice scent, only to end up looking like Tutankhamun.

      The scent is wonderful - rich and deep, with a really heady spicy scent - perhaps a little like mulled wine, with something slightly muskier underlying it . It makes me think of Christmas for some reason, and I love the way it really sticks around - even a couple of days after using, if my boyfriend hasn't showered I can still detect a subtle spicy clove aroma on his skin . The smell seems to intensify the longer it is massaged into the skin. The oil doesn't dry out fast when in use, but there isn't really too much need to rinse it off afterwards, as it does eventually absorb on it's own .

      We actually have black satin sheets (oh yes, we're that kind of couple) so staining isn't really an issue I have experienced - however as with all products like this I would say that caution is a good thing, and avoid using it on fabrics you may not want ruined .

      Overall, I think this is wonderful . It's certainly a bit expensive for what it is, and we continue to use a wide variety of massage oils . One downside to note is that this isn't edible , so those who like a combined massage oil/flavoured lube kind of product may not like this . It is also worth noting that as this product is oil based, you should be careful applying condoms with this on your hands.

      4 stars - a fantastic luxury massage product, just a tiny bit expensive .


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  • Product Details

    LELO massage oil in Spicy Clove and Amber scent. This gorgeous, luxurious massage oil will leave you radiant, especially with the touch of 24K gold flakes contained therein. Presented in an erotically artistic glass bottle that will enhance any boudoir dressing table. This Spicy Clove and Amber fragrance is soft and seductive, helping you to completely lose your inhibitions.

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