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Type: Lubricants

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    1 Review
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      09.04.2011 21:40
      Very helpful



      Recommended .

      **Warning- this review is of an erotic product and contains some content that is 18+. If you are easily offended, probably best to look away!**

      Most women,(and some men) at some point in their lives will require a little 'oiling up' during sex. This could be for any number of reasons, such as time of the month, having recently given birth(obviusly not the men!) or just not being naturally moist.

      This is particularly true during anal sex, with the bum not being able to self lubricate. Now, whilst I'm perfectly happy to just slap lube all over my front bottom if I need a little extra help getting juiced up, anal sex requires a little more precision in lubricant application. At least in my experience, I need to lube up both my partner, and my anus . I also need to make sure there is quite a generous dollop of lube *inside* my bottom to keep things smooth whilst the fella is pumping away - after all, I like a smooth ride!

      Now, although I do make sure my backdoor area is scrupulously clean before allowing my boyfriend to take a trip to Bourneville Boulevard, I'm don't want to poke myself up the bum to make sure the lube gets to where I want it - largely because I want my hands nice and clean for other uses. So, these little lube tubes are a genius invention in my eyes, making accurate precision application of lubricant an easy and clean experience.

      These are essentially the same as those small needle free medical syringes you might use, for instance, to suck up a dose of medicine for a baby, or to feed milk to an orphaned kitten . You simply pull back the handle , which has two comfortable holes to give you a good secure grip, and suck up lubricant into the body of the syringe. You then put the dispensing end of the syringe where it needs to go, push down the handle, and the lubricant is then dispensed from the syringe into whichever orifice you prefer.

      Each lube tube has a small plastic cap, so you can, if you like to be organised, pre-fill these and have them on standby, ready to be called into service at a moments notice . They are small, and are easy to carry about in a bag should you have any reason to do so. They are very slim, so are trouble free to insert even into tighter spots, and can hold 10ml of lube, which is about two teaspoonfuls. They are a few inches long, easily long enough to plop a dollop deep enough to be useful .

      Sucking up lube is easy - you can simply suck it up in the normal syringe style from a dish or glass . However, I did find this generally means I have lube on the dish that doesn't end up getting used . I initially strayed with this method of sucking up the lube, until I discovered that you could actually pull out the pump, and if your lube container has a pump or narrow nozzle, simply squirt a dollop into the tube .

      These are re-usable, although I would certainly recommend keeping these clean by sterilising them. I would also recommend keeping these stored somewhere safe, where they would not be mixed up with medical dosing syringes used for other purposes . I would also recommend replacing them should they become scratched or damaged in any way, out of my own personal preference for clean and hygienic toys .

      I purchased a pack of two of these for around £6 in a local adult shop, and have seen them available in most of the adult shops I have visited, although not in Ann Summers. These can also be purchased in various places online, although prices do vary . Since these do not include lubricant, you will need to purchase that separately .

      Overall, I think these are a handy device for anyone who may not be comfortable applying lubricant by hand to those deeper intimate areas. My only criticism is that I do think they are a little pricey for what they are really, and that I suspect the caps could come loose easily and cause mess if they were carried around in bags or pockets.

      A great little product that does exactly what I need it to - 4 stars .


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    • Product Details

      Use these Lube Tubes to inject as much lube as you want - exactly where you want it! The syringe style function is ideal for precision application. Perfect for personal use, bedroom fun and fetish roleplay.

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