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    1 Review
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      26.07.2008 21:11
      Very helpful


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      A good product worth buying!

      When it comes to ironing I am definitely not a professional so I will try to keep this short and simple. I recently purchased the Bosch from John Lewis for a respectable £40. The design is simple yet quite striking; it has a kind of streamlined look to it that makes it somehow look like it will do your ironing faster, although we all know that isn't possible.

      The main body of the iron is white with some light green areas, such as the handle, the steam pressure switch and the casing where the water is kept. The casing is see through so you can see what level your water is at, quite handy, with previous irons i have just had to notice I'm out of water when the steam runs out.

      On top there is a steam fire button, obviously for when you have a tough crease and the regular steam simply won't do, I find this quite effective and is handy for jeans. There is also a water jet button next to the steam button which fires a small jet of water out the front of the iron to again help iron out those pesky creases.

      There is a small sliding piece of plastic below these two buttons where the water is entered. The iron comes with a small pouring jug which you will have to fill up twice to reach the max level on the iron which when reached is the time to stop pouring. I find when the iron is filled up, the steam will last for around 15 minutes, at which point you will have to fill up again.

      The small dial just below the handle is labeled so even the novice user like me can understand where the dial needs to be to suit the type of material you are ironing. It also turns around very easily, which is good and bad in my opinion, sometimes I accidently turn the wheel round when I'm ironing and have to readjust, but it isn't a major problem.

      The handle is a ribbed plastic which allows for good grip and doesn't make your hand get sweaty. The power cord is around 3.5 meters in length which is more than enough and there is a large LED just under the handle to show the Iron is on.

      The only problem I occasionaly have is when i use the iron afterit has been off for a few days, i find the steam jets pump out a fair bit of limescale, i combat this by firing a few jets before i use it on my clothes, but maybe i am just doing something wrong...

      I find the Iron very easy to use and it glides with ease, even just moving it along with one finder, and even when full of water it still feels remarkably light. Therefore i would give the iron an 8/10 because it is fast, simple and effective and you should have no problems removing those tough creases!


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      Short name: Bosch TDA8307

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