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Bosch TDA2622GB

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Brand: Bosch / Type: Irons / generator iron

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    1 Review
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      07.05.2012 23:50
      Very helpful



      Its a decent iron for the price you are paying!

      When moving in with my now ex-partner we needed an iron to get the general household washing wrinkle free. When shopping for a kettle and toaster in comet one day, I spotted this along side many other big brand irons in a local Comet store on sale. I can't remember the exact price I paid but it was around the £15 mark. I picked this particular iron because Bosch is a cheap brand I can trust. After the break up, I got to keep this iron (as I had paid for it!) - which to be honest I am really glad due to it being a nice little bargain - and the colour is lovely :-)

      The cheapest I can find online at the time of writing this review is with Currys at £22.49. So I am happy I got it for the price I did!



      As I have previously mentioned the first thing that catchs your eye about this iron is the colour - the best I can describe it as is a really greeny turquoise colour... Its nice, it would suit a female or a male buyer in my view! Like many other irons the colour is see through so you can see your water top up level when the iron is in use.

      I was also very pleased to see I got a free accessory with the iron - a refilling cup! Yes, its not a great freebie but its a good little size and very useful rather than my trusty measuring jug or a cup - which can get quite messy!

      You have an easy to grip handle which is comfortable to hold whilst ironing and unlike the main colour this is white. Next to the handle on the top you have the normal buttons you see on most for steam and to spray water. Diagrams are engraved on each button to show what each is for. Above this there is also a turning white knob to give you different settings for the steam button - 0, 1, 2 - 0 being the lowest least effective setting and 2 being the latter. There is also an open hole in which you pour your water in to use with the ironing - like the main body of the iron this is the green / turquoise colour. There is also a Calc setting which is used to open the iron for cleaning purposes - To date I do not know how to use this so will not comment further on how it works!

      Under the handle you have a white turning knob which is used to adjust the settings of the iron - you can adjust this from Min to Max.

      The iron itself runs off 2000w which is also clearly stated along the side. The iron holds a total of 290ml to the max point and gives off steam at 30g per minute. Like all other good quality irons you can stand this up on the ironing board or storage.

      The iron is not cordless and the power cord is 2.2m long in length. The power cord is attached to a roller ball on the iron to allow for move movement when ironing.

      Along the side of the bottom of the iron it gives you the brand name of the iron and also states it is from the sensixxB1 range and also gives diagrams to show the iron.

      On paper this iron looks really good for the price - it is stated in reviews that the iron is anti-drip even though there is no closing hatch over the hole you pour the water into - and that it also has a vertical steaming option.


      As you will already be aware never leave an iron turned on unattended and keep out of reach of children. An iron is always a hazard - even when turned off - can easily hurt your feet or worse fall on to a childs head.


      My verdict

      I am happy with a few things about this iron but I am also dissapointed in other areas. As previously mentioned I love the colour... and I also loved that it was a bargain and I am certain it will last me a couple of years as Bosch is a good make. It does also iron my clothes VERY well and to date has not burnt / damaged anything. This is where the happiness ends...

      First dissapointment is the fact of how quickly the water seems to get used up whilst ironing - I always start off by filling to the maximum point and it seems to have all gone within 15 minutes... I don't even iron that quickly?!

      I also hate the fact that there is no closing catch to pour the liquid into - and unlike what Bosch claims, it does actually drip... Not lots but it does.

      Another thing which is a dissapointment is the power cable length, I have seen other irons which much longer cables and this just doesn't reach comfortably from the nearest switch to my ironing board.

      I will give the product 4/5 due to the price, appearance and the fact that it does what it is supposed to. I can understand at such a low price the product will not be completly perfect but I am annoyed that its been indicated that it doesn't drip when it clearly does. The designers should add a closing cap to stop this problem or stop claiming it is anti drip.


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  • Product Details

    Bosch tda2622gb iron / Bosch quality with value in mind / with its 2200W and specially treated stainless steel soleplate / the TDA26 is a good all round iron / Short name: Bosch TDA2622GB

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