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Brabantia Iron Flex Guide

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    1 Review
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      15.05.2013 10:27
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      I can thoroughly recommend use of the Brabantia flex guide for iron and office cords.


      For many years, I had used a flex guide attached to my ironing board to keep the iron cord out of harm's way when ironing. As time passed, it eventually gave up the ghost and I resumed battling with the cord, which would either snag on the edge of the ironing board or curl up on the iron stand at the end. The cord began to fray and looks a little worse for wear, but even then, I did nothing to find a replacement.

      It was my laptop mouse-cable's irritating habit of sweeping everything in its path off the table onto the floor, or becoming tangled around sturdier objects it could not dislodge, that prompted me to hunt for a solution to this problem. I needed something to keep the cable off the table.... simple, but what? My hunt for a flex holder began.

      My 'eureka' moment came when I happened across the Brabantia foldable flex guide in our local stores. At first, I did not recognize it as a flex guide for it was much taller and nothing like the old one I had used previously on my ironing board, even though it served the same purpose.

      I bought one for £5.59, which, crazy as it may seem; I use to hold the mouse lead off the table. However, for the purpose of this review, I also used it a few times whilst ironing, but since I use my mouse more frequently than my iron, it has become almost permanently attached to the table. I fully intend to purchase another one from my local store, for my iron having rediscovered the enormous benefits of keeping the cord out of harm's way.

      Specifications and Description
      Weight: 125g
      Total height, when clamped to the board: 60cm.
      Fits ironing tables up to 3.5cm thick.
      Unsuitable for Steam Control ironing tables
      2 year guarantee.
      £5.59. Price can vary; the cheapest online price I found was £6.95 on Amazon.

      The strong plastic G-clamp, so called because it resembles a G with a straight, rather than curved back, holds a 52cm, flexible aluminium rod fixed into a hinged 4.5cm rectangular piece of thick plastic, which in turn is slotted into a deep recess inside the back of the clamp when in use.

      The top of the rod ends with the flex holding device made of the same material. The only metal bits are the screw and rod. The clamp is 2.4cm wide, with a large, knurled screw to clamp it to the ironing board, or in my case, the table. A thin disc of rubber on the clamp protects whatever it is fixed too from damage when the screw is tightened.

      At the top of the G-clamp is a 0.5cm depth recess, where the hinged, lower end of the rod can lie flat, flush with the top of the clamp and surface of the ironing board when not in use. This is achieved by pulling the rod up from the back recess and folding it flat into the top recess of the clamp, where it clips into place.

      The flex holding device at the top, shaped rather like a bishop's mitre, has a generous 1cm width, 5.5cm depth slot into which the cord is placed. A couple of small ridges inside the device grips the cord and prevents it pulling through when using the iron.

      Fix the clamp to the iron stand and plug the cord into a socket. Then with the iron near the far end of the table, push the cord into the flex guide, to form one side of a triangle with the table and rod, where it will stay firmly in place and above the table out of the way of the iron.

      I guarantee that it makes ironing a much easier chore than when having to constantly straighten out garments ruckled by a trailing cord or having to flick excess cord away from the stand every time you want to put the iron down. Needless to say really, but I will; because there is no friction against the ironing board, the cord remains undamaged for a lot longer.
      When the ironing is finished, remove the cord, pull the rod up from the rear recess and fold it down flat, parallel with the ironing board surface, before storing.

      My experience.
      As I said earlier, I use this flex guide mainly to hold my mouse cable. Fixed to the table, it holds the cable off the work top, not only does it allow me to use the mouse without needing to clear the floor from debris swept there by the cable, it leaves more room on the table for pens, paper and other paraphernalia usually adorning desks. The cable sits nicely between the flex guide device completely out of the way.

      As for the ironing experience, although it is not my most favourite of pastimes, it does make it much less stressful and time consuming.

      No batteries required for this little beauty, but I still had to rate battery life.


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