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Breville VIN010

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    2 Reviews
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      18.09.2013 14:04
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      As good as a generator!

      After my old battered iron died on me, I wanted to invest in a good quality one that would last the test of time and so I opted for the Breville model with its extreme steam powers.

      It is 2400 watts so nice and powerful with an easy to fill water tank. You just pull down the plastic lever to expose the water fill and use the jug provided to fill it up to your desired level which you can see through the clear plastic reservoir.

      It is very simple to use with a turn dial for various settings, including synthetic, silk, wool and cotton settings. On the handle you have to large buttons, one being the water spray and the other being the steam injection button which when pressed produces an extreme shot of steam. Above this is the steam-ometer which controls the level of steam from none to the maximum extreme level.

      I find this iron makes light work of ironing, I have piles and piles of the stuff having 3 children who like to change multiple times a day it really does cut down my ironing time. I always spray the item with the water shot button first before steaming it to within an once of it life whilst ironing. A huge pile of ironing takes me maximum half an hour with this powerful tool.

      I do find that on occasion line scale can build up and when you use the steam shot button it can shoot out, not good with white shirts! However, I have now started cleaning it every week and I do no longer have this issue.

      100% recommended and cheaper than steam generators!


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      09.02.2009 13:19
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A good iron which glides over clothes and is easy to use.

      I had a little extra in my bank account a couple of months ago and was so fed up with my old iron that I decided to set a budget of around £50 to invest in a new good quality one (this iron can now be found at a lower price). I didn't originally set out to buy the Beville Extreme Steam but when I went to Argos it was one of the few irons available.

      The Breville Extreme Steam 2400w (model no VIN010) weights 1.5kg which is about an average weight for irons. It does feel a little heavy compared to some irons I've had in the past but it is comfortable to use.

      The iron has some great features including an easy front fill illuminated water tank (picture a boy racer with lights under their car but on an iron), pre-set programs which are digitally selected. The cermaic soleplate really helps the iron to move smoothly across your clothes as you iron them which makes ironing easier.

      It has seven standard heat settings each selected by pressing - or + on the controls along with a 100g steam shot and 40g constant steam and a button to easily turn the steam on or off. The iron has a water level indicator and a dry tank alert shows on the digital display screen when you're about to run out of water.

      The iron also has an auto shut off which beeps to warn you when it's going to shut off, however I've found that my iron just keeps beeping every few minutes, which gets annoying although admittedly if I didn't get distracted by the TV it wouldn't happen anyway!!

      The 3 meter power cord makes moving the iron across the board easy without having to use an extension cord. The iron has space to wrap the cord around it at the bottom however I haven't been able to do it very successfully as it just seems to slip off.

      The iron is anti-scale, very importantly it's anti-drip and comes with a self clean function.

      *** EDIT ***

      * Additional information/facts:

      This iron has a water tank capacity of 350ml. This is the average tank size for irons of this weight (1.5kg) although many irons up to 1.7kg have the same water tank capacity. Irons with a weight under 1.5kg in general tend to have a smaller tank capacity although this is not always the case.

      Argos has a useful compare function on their website so if you are buying an iron from them you can easily check various irons and their functions at the same time.

      This iron has a vertical steam facility which comes in very handy if you want to refresh an item although I have never used it as I haven't had the need to so I can't comment on how well this function works on this iron.

      The iron is self cleaning which means that there is no real need to do anything, the anti-scale appears to be incorporated within the self cleaning function. This means that on a day to day basis the iron looks after itself. Of course if you live in a very hard water area you may prefer to use distilled water rather than normal tap water although I have not experienced any problems when using normal tap water and tap water can be used in this iron.

      Overall this is an efficient iron which is easy to use and was worth the £50 I spent on it.

      Availability and prices: RRP £54.99

      www.Amazon.co.uk £34.26 eligible for free delivery
      www.electricshopping.com £41.09 including free delivery

      * Summary of personal experience:

      + This iron is a little on the heavy side when moving across my ironing however this does not make it uncomfortable to use in fact I find it quite comfortable.

      + I'm sure you will find as I have that the position and size of the refill hole in this iron makes it very easy to fill without spilling water. It comes with a refill jug with a spout which also makes it easy to fill the iron.

      + The water tank is illuminated but it doesn't really make much difference in being able to view how much water is left to be honest but does look pretty if you like that kind of thing.

      + I have found programming this iron very easy. It has 7 heat settings. I can quickly and easily change the heat setting by pressing either the + button if I want to increase the temperature and - to reduce the heat. The digital display clearly shows me at all times what temperature/fabric type I have my iron set to.

      + The steam function adjusts the amount of steam suitable for the fabrics within the program you select but I am also able to use a steam shot if I need more steam although I have found the constant steam function to be sufficient. You can also turn the constant steam on and off again by the press of one button (this button has a picture of steam on it).

      + The iron comes with a 3 meter length cord which makes it much easier to use as you can move it around your clothes without having to use an extension lead. I have found from previous experience that an iron with a short cable is difficult to use and irritating and so the length of this cable makes it much easier and pleasant to use.

      + Overall the iron is great to use. The irons functions are easy to use and the ceramic plate means it glides easily over the clothes I'm ironing. It requires less effort to use and provides good results.


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    • Product Details

      The Breville Extreme Steam 2400W Digital Steam Iron will blitz through your ironing and give your clothes a professional finish into the bargain. This stylish iron boasts a 'Select Fabric' setting to take the guesswork out of ironing. Simply select the required fabric setting with the illuminated Digital controls and the iron will automatically select the required temperature and steam output. Other features include a high quality ceramic soleplate for a smooth gliding performance; a powerful 2400W element for outstanding steam performance, maintaining the selected temperature better and providing a superior shot of steam output; a powerful steam burst button to remove stubborn creases and a vertical shot of steam / ideal for steaming curtains and suits and removing creases from delicate fabrics. There's also advanced steam tip technology to concentrate which is perfect for those hard to reach places such as collars, cuffs, pockets and buttons!

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