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Breville VIN014

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    1 Review
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      26.04.2008 12:04
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      A great Iron for a fantastic price.

      When it comes to the Ironing in my house I am the only person that will do it and when I noticed that the cable was starting to come through my trusted Morphy Richards I thought it best that I invested in a new one and this one would be more powerful and have a bit more oomph.

      I decided to take a look in Argos as they were having a sale and going on my theory that you purchase with the biggest saving I came across the Breville VIN014 Super Steam 2200W Iron which was reduced from £29.99 to £14.99, me being a female I was hoping to get a more stylish iron preferably in my favourite colour of pink but these were all over my set budget of £20 and didn't seem to offer the benefits that this iron did so I decided to pop off and purchase the last one that was in stock.

      Irrelevant to some people but for me I like to have something pretty and this one is a little plain for my tastes as the iron is white plastic with clear casing and very little colour thrown in and what colour there is it is orange....so it matches my kitchen!


      When I bought my last iron I didn't look at the features I saw it at a bargain price and jumped straight in and had no complaints after all an Iron does one job but within the last few months it had started to leak water whilst ironing as the temperature had gotten too low so I wanted to have a feature that would prevent this from happening and was also a little larger.

      The Iron has a stainless steel soleplate which is designed to be easy to use and to glide through the ironing, this much is true the iron gets to temperature fast and easily removes the creases in clothes.

      Steam Control is a great feature allowing you to control the amount of steam produced this is actioned via a variable switch located to the top of the iron's handle and is a brightly coloured orange.
      Just above the Steam Control is the water filling port which by lifting the seal you can pour in the tap water with the jug which is provided with the iron, you should not fill above the maximum water level which is indicated on the iron. Ensure that the filling port clicks shut before using.

      Steam Burst Button is a white plastic button located underneath the Steam Control Feature and this can be pressed to generate a burst of steam and to remove any stubborn creases.
      This feature is ideal for Vertical Steam ironing for curtains or dresses on hangers as it allows the iron to be held away from the item and by pressing the steam burst button the steam will penetrate the fabric and remove any creases.

      Spray Button is located next to the Steam Burst Button and when pressed generates a spray of water which helps to remove stubborn creases further.

      Located underneath the two buttons is the Power/Auto Shut off light this remains illuminated the whole time that the iron is in use and should you leave the iron unattended for 8 minutes the iron will beep six times and the power light will start to flash until you begin to use the iron again by moving it slightly.
      This feature also kicks in if the iron is left face down on the ironing board for a minimum of 30 seconds.

      Temperature Indicator light, this is located underneath the temperature dial in the main body of the iron underneath the handle and once plugged in this illuminates to a bright blue UV style light and remains lit until the iron has reached the required temperature and you know it is ready to start ironing.

      Self Cleaning is something I wasn't aware that the iron had until I saw the button located next to the temperature dial and wondered how that worked and set about reading the manual so that I could try it out after a few uses.
      To use the self cleaning function you need to fill the water's iron tank to the max and heat it to the maximum temperature, then unplug the iron and hold over the sink with the soleplate facing down and by depressing the self-clean button for approximately 1 minute it will release hot water and steam and remove any build up. I have to admit I have only used this function once as the iron itself tends to stay in tip top condition and after use I give it a wipe with an old cloth to ensure that no build up dries on anyway, this is mainly due to the anti-scale filter that is fitted within the iron to reduce the build-up of limescale inside the iron.

      Anti-Drip function is the main function that I wanted in my new iron, This function ensures that the supply of water is cut off automatically to avoid any drips from the soleplate onto the clothing, this feature will occur when the temperature of the iron is insufficient to produce steam.

      *~*Using the Iron*~*

      Following the ironing instructions according to the clothing label you should set the desired temperature on the iron and wait for it to reach the required heat. You can adjust the temperature on the iron by moving the dial clockwise to the higher settings and anti-clockwise to reduce the temperature level.

      The first time that I used the iron there was a strange smell that reminded me that this product was new as I could smell all of the elements heating for the first time, but as I had read the manual beforehand I had expected this.

      As I have a bad habit of leaving the iron face down on the ironing board whilst manoeuvring the garment I found the bleeping a little bit annoying so my bad habit is going to have to disappear!

      The iron itself is not heavy compared to some other brands that I tried, although it was a little longer than my previous Morphy Richards model.
      The iron itself is great, having never used a Breville Product I was a bit wary about purchasing an brand I had no personal experience of but I cannot recommend this product enough.
      Ironing is more enjoyable now as I get through it in half the time and the soleplate glides through the clothes so easily minimal effort is required.

      Although my previous Iron was a bargain at £4.99 I feel this is an even better bargain for the added features that it has as it is much easier to use and for £14.99 I really cannot complain about the price.


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