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Breville VIN145 Ultraglide

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    1 Review
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      25.06.2011 10:16
      Very helpful


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      A really good iron

      I am a bit of a freak in that I get a bit restless if my ironing basket is looking too full. There is only my son and I at home but I still iron around three times a week and we don't have that many clothes so it gives you some idea of just how much of a freak I am... Anyway, one day I was half way through my ironing when all of a sudden my iron just decided that it wasn't going to heat up anymore. My mum came along like Bob the builder and changed the fuse in case it was something simple like that but sadly my iron had well and truly gone capput! I looked online on my littlewoods home shopping catalogue where I decided to purchase the Breville ultraglide 2200w iron as a replacement.

      The iron came packed in a strong cardboard box with a picture of the iron on the front and some details of the irons specifications as well. Inside the box the iron was well packaged and came with a small jug for pouring water in to the water to generate steam. The actual iron is white and mint green in colour and is pretty pleasant to look at as far as a standard iron goes but of course I, and I am sure everyone else, is much more interested on what it does and how it irons!

      The iron can be used with steam, without steam, and even for vertical steam ironing for curtains and such like but this is not something that I have tried. I use my iron in the bog standard way to iron our clothes and this is my experience of it.

      I always plug the iron in and allow a few minutes heating up time before I get to work on the clothes but with this iron I do notice that the light illuminates as soon as I plug it in and it is ready to go after seconds rather than minutes in all honesty. The iron fits in my hand easily and the gap in between the handle and the iron is comfortable and just the right size really. The iron is pretty lightweight in my opinion even when it is full to the maximum with water and so it makes using the iron easy.

      I always use the steam setting on the iron as I iron but this iron actually has two steam settings so you can have on a low steam setting or on a higher setting just by sliding a button to the left or right depending on what you want. I tend to leave the iron on the higher steam setting and I have to say that the iron just glides over my clothes and creases are removed with very little effort. Sometimes I have to put a bit more effort in if I have a particularly creased pair of jeans but as a rule it is very easy to iron with this iron and I notice that the time taken ironing has reduced quite significantly since I have had this iron really. You can also use the iron to release a shot of steam on tricky creases as well as the spray function both of which are standard features on irons but useful all the same.

      Filling the iron with water is really simple using the jug that is provided and it has a 300ml tank capacity which is a good size really and I never have to refill the tank during an ironing session! I always empty the water out of the tank after I have finished ironing as I always think it is best to start with fresh water each time. To fill the tank you simply need to lift up the grey flap on the front of the iron and then pour the water in which I find is best done with the iron's flat plate face down so it is best done when the iron is switched off. You need to then close the flap again and it will click shut so you know that it is sealed properly.

      The iron has a self cleaning function which removes scale and impurities and you should use this feature once every couple of weeks but it is advised that after each use you should let your iron cool down and then give it a wipe with a damp soft cloth. I have to admit that I don't always wipe down the iron after every single use but I tend to give it a wipe over once a week just to try and keep it in tip top condition.

      A great feature of this iron is that it has a long 2m cord which means it has quite a long reach. I have a plug which is in an ideal location for ironing but for those who need a slightly longer cord this is a good option really.

      The iron can be purchased from amazon for £27.01 and this comes with free delivery and I have to say that for the price it is a really good iron. It is powerful and comes with some decent features which make tackling even the toughest creases in jeans easier. In terms of ironing my leggings and my son's t shirts and such like I often only have to place them on the ironing board and iron one side as the iron is strong enough to remove creases from both sides! The iron has made my life easier as the ironing is finished much quicker these days and it gives me time to get on with some other jobs and so I recommend this very much!

      Thank you for reading my review!


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