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Breville VIN209 Iron

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    4 Reviews
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      14.10.2013 02:55
      Very helpful



      Does the job well and has some great features for ease of use

      I needed a new iron after my last one died a death on me after a few years of abuse. Breville have been making appliances for the kitchen and househaold for some time and everyone should be aware of their brand and know that generally means good value.

      I bought this Breville model VIN209, 2400 watt steam iron. Like all steam irons it is made of hard plastic resin on the handle side of blue and white plastic. The handle is grey and black and it matchs the ceramic soleplate.

      Also their is a dial where you can select from the diffrerent symbols, each one performs a different function. They allow you to perform many more functions then I have had preciously on other irons...so you have self clean, which I do not really know how this works and it seems to use steam to shock steam to clean the inside of the soleplate, which I assume is having a positive effect, except I have only had the iron for a few months and it is too early to tell if it is making a difference. In the past my irons have clogged up with limescale. You also have a vertical steam clean ability to steam clean things that you cannot clean on the ironing board like curtains or large duvet covers. The iron also has an anti-scale feature to stop lime scale from building up and an anti drip feature which is great. I used to get lots of big drip, lime scale infested water and actually stain my work shirts...I do not have this problem at all. You can also give the garment a 100g steam shot. This is great because I have some 100% cotton shirts and the best way to iron these is to do so when it is just drying off out of the washing machine. If you leave these garments too long you need a drill hammer to get the creases out. So having this steam shot is a big advantage because it saturates the area with steam and you can iron the bugger out. Normally you get 40 grams of steam per minute which should give you around 10-15 minutes of water per one full water reservoir.

      The soleplate is small and a great design that allows you to glide over the clothes and works very well with the garments. I have ironed some synthetic garments and so far I have had no catches or plastic melts on the sole plate , it is still so clean you could eat your dinner off of it.

      The dial also has a dial readout from '0' to full steam, and it is easy to use and in an ergonomic placement. You can use it with your thumb whilst you are holding the steam iron and this is a very comfortable way to operate this basic function. The handle grip itself is rubber and very comfortable. This is the first time that I have had rubber on a handle and it makes long sessions ironing doable.

      Another issue that I have had before is that the cords that I have had in the past, the cords were either too short or too long and they wrap around itself too easily and coil up...this iron has a 2.5m cord which is a good length and it doesnt seem to coil up as much as I have had with other irons. I do not need to pull the cord all the time to fit over bigger covers and bigger garments.

      The iron can hold 250ml of water in the tank situated behind the sole plate and there and the iron comes with a measured water beaker. I have found it easier to fill the water tank, with hardly any drippage. The cover to the water reservoir has a good clip which is stable enough to clip on and stay on. In the past these clips have broken off of other cheaper irons that I have owned. It holds tap water, but I am always cautious of gettign too much limescale in the tank. The water tank itself has clearly marked measurement on the outside in coloured plastic and also etched into the plastic of the tank, so even if the coloured plastic is wiped off with time then the etched numbers on the plastic.

      You obviosuly get a simple and clear instruction manual included in the box with the steam iron. I have used it to work out what the various features do and how to work them properly.

      Dimensions: Height 140 mm , Depth 120 mm Width 296 mm. The weight of the steam iron is 1.15 Kilograms and this is quite light for an iron.

      I bought this steam iron for £24 from Robert Dyas, the iron monger.


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        19.03.2013 03:04
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A reasonable priced, mostly efficient steam iron with some very practical features.

        ~*~The Product ~'Pumping Iron'! ~*~

        This Breville, model VIN209, 2400 watt steam iron comes in a coordinating sky blue and white casing. The handle is grey/black with silver steam levers that match the trim and ceramic soleplate. The left side of the upper veneer details six symbols, vertical steam, self-clean, anti-scale, anti-drip, 100g steam shot and 40g constant steam. The iron has a large 250ml water tank, with a measured water fill beaker, soft handle grip and 2.5m cord with cord storage. Straightforward instruction manual is included in the package. The iron's dimensions are Height 140.0x Width 296.0 x Depth 120.0 mm. There are a good amount of practical features added to the ones I've mentioned but I will discuss these in my review of this functional tool.

        ~*~My Usage Experience ~ 'Full Steam Ahead'! ~*~

        I find ironing a real chore! So investing in a good iron that has features that are conducive to cutting down the time I spend on this task along with making it as easy as possible is my paramount reason in choosing a practical steam iron. I prefer the irons that use steam as they generate this type of output that work efficiently at taking out creases from clothing such as shirts. I was hoping the advertising hype on this particular iron would stand true. I have fallen into the trap previously of thinking that steam irons are generally all the same, but, after some research, I realized that past purchases could have been better thought out! On this occasion, I took time in making comparisons with various steam irons in the price range I could afford.

        ~Cord Length~

        The lengthy 2.5metre cord means I can comfortably iron without the cable pulling as I stretch the length of the ironing board to press such larger items as quilt covers. Sometimes I change where I set up the iron, but the generous length of the cord means that most sockets are accessible. I will advise though that the cord needs to be wound up as soon as the iron has cooled as I have a couple of kinks that have developed in the cable due to not winding up the flex each time I have finished using the device. Storing the cord is fairly neat but has to be done with care. The cord needs to be wound carefully but firmly around the gap between the hotplate and edge of the iron. This gap is a good 7cm which is enough to wrap the cord around seven times but the plug hangs loose drawing a foot of the cable with it! But, enough of the cord stays put so storing in my kitchen unit isn't a problem.


        Filing the tank on the iron is very easy. There are two very practically placed lips on either side of the top of the cover to the water entry point. This cover clips on and off with ease and the hole to pour the water is a good size, similar to the opening in the center of a DVD. What I really love about this design is that the cover has a protruding cap so that when the cover is closed, it is inserted into the hole of the tank thus avoiding spillages. Irons I have owned in the past have been a real pain, when I've been pressing laundry, water has spluttered out from the tank soaking the material. With this simple but effective design, the water is safely contained within the tank, no matter how enthusiastically I move the iron!

        The water only generates around ten minutes of steam, less when ironing linen, so I frequently have to top up the tank with water, which I find laboriously time consuming! The '0' to full 'steam' switch is well placed, directly where my thumb holds the iron in place, as are the large spray and steam boost grooved buttons, situated just below the switch. The Anti-drip utility is another effective feature, particularly at low temperatures, where I used to experience awful trickles from past models; I get none
        from this iron. The iron can accommodate tap water which cuts down the expense of ironing. The water level indicator is clearly marked on both sides of the tank, with white font against the blue back-ground.

        ~ Steam Features~

        I'm actually quite disappointed on the steam capabilities. When on the cotton setting, the water runs out very quickly and the steam comes in short sharp burst much less frequently than I need. I often end up having to manually press the steam boost button to add extra, and even using this feature doesn't help deliver crease free removal as this mode is supposed too, as the manufacturers note 'This works as an extra boost to help remove those stubborn creases that refuse to budge or give that added crispness when creating creases on trousers'! My estimation of the steam is much lower than advertised for this model, certainly much less than 100g steam shot and 40g ('also known as steam per minute') constant steam! I end up pressing the iron down harder which makes a less effortless task than the hype would have the consumer think.

        A really neat feature that actually works quite well is the vertical steam function. This provides me with the ability of being able to press such things as curtains. When I have hung freshly laundered and pressed curtains, in the process of hanging the drapes back up, some creasing occurs. With the vertical steam function I do not need to take the curtains back down, I just carefully hold the covering taunt, gently touch the surface with the soleplate and the steam helps to remove the creasing as I glide the iron over the affected areas. This utility works with clothes that are hung up which have become creased in the wardrobe whilst packed too tightly with other garments. I use the iron in the same fashion with pretty good results.

        ~Weight and Handle~

        The light weight of 1.15 Kilogram makes this iron so comfortable to use. The smooth under surface combined with the upper soft grooved rubber ergonomically designed handle adds to the pleasant feel when I grip the iron.


        The Anti-scaling function hampers the build-up of the lime scale in both the soleplate and the iron which benefits the performance of the apparatus. I am pleased with this feature as I haven't noticed many deposits at all. The Self-clean cycle rinses out contaminants from the water through the many holes in the soleplate. Unlike many irons I've owned in the past, this model is a delight in this aspect. Whereas before, I have had to contend with flaky mucky particles spluttering out from the vents while ironing, I have as yet had no grime from the tank, so clothes remain clean and not needing to be re-laundered!

        ~ Stainless Steel ceramic soleplate ~

        I am delighted with the smooth well designed soleplate. It affords a very good gliding capacity which makes pressing such items as silk very easy, with no dragging or gathering. Furthermore, because the ceramic base has a good distance between the iron's main body, I can make fluid sweeping motions with the iron over material with buttons without having to lift the iron first. I can even glissade the iron through the pleats of my grand-daughter's dresses without it catching on the material. The width and length of the plate means that it can cover an adequate surface. The soleplate, set on the correct temperature, skates over the delicate materials efficiently and without snagging or scorching!

        The ceramic is an important feature as its content affects how efficiently the heat 'distributes throughout the soleplate, keeping it at the temperature selected and even throughout with no unwanted hot spots that could damage' my clothes. And, as the manufacturer so eloquently states, 'It creates an easy and effortless glide during ironing with no snagging and it ensures long-life, protecting the soleplate against scratching and surface damage. The soleplate is also larger than the industry standard helping you cover a greater surface area per stroke to save time and effort'. I have used this iron over the past year and found that the manufacturer is spot on; the soleplate accomplishes exactly what it has been designed to do.


        The iron isn't as quick as some brands at heating up fast, but certainly quick at reaching lower temperatures such as wool and silk, with only a few moments more for top heat settings such as cotton. The thermostatic control feature works very efficiently, and every now and then I hear a little click and the bright orange light either goes on or off to show that the chosen heat setting is being maintained. The temperature settings are accurate which puts my mind at rest when ironing favourite clothes!

        ~Control Dial~

        The large central dial indicates the settings clearly. Using black large font capital letters, with a red circle underlying the materials, grey bullet points noting the exact placement for the wheel pointer. There is also a practical black dash line that increases in size from silk to cotton settings to indicate the steam feature. There is a bold black marking of 'Max' to show where the dial cannot be turned further. The negative point to the dial concerns the outer grey rim that is turned to set the control to the chosen heat setting. There are no coordinating colour features on the dial to indicate I am on the correct setting of my choice. The only way I know that I have set the correct heating for the material I am ironing is by feeling for the tiny protruding ridge on the dial. If I hold the iron up to the light, I can just detect the ridge but this isn't at all practical or safe!

        ~Performance and Ease of Usage~

        Although the iron is very good, it doesn't remove all creases, especially from linen. If laundry has settled in the basket for a while (sometimes a long while until I can muster up the motivation!) then creases can take much more time and effort to remove from clothing containing predominantly cotton. But overall, I am pleased with the far less time and effort it takes to get through my ironing. I estimate that from my previous very basic iron to this model, it takes me approximately a little over less than half the time to complete the same amount. This not only means the task is accomplished far quicker but cost less too as I am using as much electricity. Ironing woolen, silks and nylons are so easy and I have no concerns with this model.

        The iron is very simple and straightforward to use. With clearly marked materials of satin, silk, wool and cotton, I can locate the range with ease. This iron has a powerful 2400 wattage, which means a shortened heating up time and produces more steam too, thus equipping me to be able to wade through my laundry more efficiently in a reduced time too.


        Fairly quick at reaching chosen temperature/good sized and efficient ceramic soleplate/non drip and large tank/lengthy cord and adequate storage/Powerful wattage capacity/flexible and clear control dial/Fairly light to handle/Anti-scale feature/Accurate temperature settings/Efficient de-scaling feature/comfortable to use


        Outer turn dial poorly marked indicator/Has trouble removing all creases/Steam runs out too quickly/Query the '100g steam shot and 40g constant steam' capacity!

        ~*~Would I Recommend? ~ 'The only time I ever enjoyed ironing was the day I accidentally got gin in the steam iron' :~)~*~

        Yes, apart from a few niggles; overall, this is an excellent iron. The Breville iron is pretty effective on most pressing needs. With such features as the self-clean, anti-drip, and de-scaling modes, I am very happy with this effective tool.

        I purchased this iron from Amazon but upon checking, it is currently out of stock. It is available on such sites as EBay though, at the very reasonable price of £24.99
        http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Breville-2400W iron VIN209

        Thank you for taking the time to read my review :~) xXx


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          10.01.2013 12:47
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          A perfect iron for all. Easy and simple to use.

          I have used this iron fro a few months now after the old one broke.

          I chose this one mainly because of being cheaper than many of the others I had looked at, this was about £25 at the time from Argos. Being a brand name I trusted this over some of the far cheaper Argos own-branded irons as I suspected these would either do nothing or they work works too well and burn through my clothes and probably the ironing board too.

          The build quality of the iron is nice. it feels solid in the hand and is easy and comfortable to hold through ironing sessions. it is a little more weighty than other irons I have used and this not only adds to the feeling of quality but I find it easier to handle as it is not sliding off the board because I am using too much force as I am used to.

          It has a range of temperatures to suit fro different materials and it steams to give the best possible results for all garments. The additions water spray nozzle also makes those more difficult items easier to de-crease.

          The wire on this iron is fairly long and therefore you have a fair amount of room to move when using it, however I did occasionally find it got in my way. This didn't happen with other irons I had tried


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          28.11.2012 16:27
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          Steam Iron


          I was on the look out for a new iron as my old one was covered in burnt clothes. No fault of my own but when coming to use that iron I was forever nudging the dial which was increasing the temperature. Often I would find the iron to be burning holes in my clothes, which was getting me very frustrated especially when it was my work clothes, so enough was enough; especially when the iron got knocked off the iron board by one of my cats, and broke the tip of it. After browsing through the internet for a new one, I came across this one and thought with it being a brand name and pretty cheap I decided this was the one I was going to get.


          The packaging was minimum really, the iron came in a cardboard box with a picture on the front of the product and a few details of what it does etc. Inside the box the iron is secured by 2 pieces of cardboard either side to stop the iron from rocking about; you will also find the water jug, and an instruction manual. The iron itself was wrapped up in a clear plastic bag, and the cord was folded up neatly and secured with a white plastic wire tie, which was easy to take off. The plug was covered with a plastic cover which like the tie was easy to take off.

          ABOUT THE IRON

          I do have to start off by saying this iron is heavier then my last one, although it isn't a problem, it doesn't make my arm ache when using it, so it's not a big deal. 2400 watts is very powerful I know you can better watts but this one does the trick well, without having to keep going over the clothes a dozen times to get out the creases. The ceramic sole plate on the iron makes it easy to use and with minimum effort, although can still stick to clothes if the iron is to hot for the type of material your using it on, so be careful.

          The dial is in a good position to where it isn't being nudged when using the iron which is always a good thing and important thing to when using an iron. I used to always be nudging the dial on my old iron and was annoying, that is what caused the iron burning my clothes, and making holes in it. The handle off the iron is higher up so not able to touch the dial unless you need to be.

          The top of the iron as a few buttons and dials that you can use to enhance your ironing if need to, like the button to push for a burst of steam, the button for spray, this does not saturate your clothes but helps with dampen them for maximum help in getting out those hard creases that you may have. You will also have a slider for the amount of steam you want coming out of your iron when using it, I normally keep the slider in the middle and that works fine for me. On the handle of the iron you will see that there is a temperature gage on it, this enables you to know that you have reached the top temperature for the clothes.

          At the tip of the iron you have the water hole, which is for your steam and the use for the spray, using the water jug to fill up the iron is easy with a small spout that doesn't spill when emptying the water into the iron, makes it so easy and effortless. My old iron used to have a jug but without a small spout so it used to spill everywhere. Opening the hole to pour in the water can be a little stiff at times, so careful when you do it otherwise it can break which is a nuisance.

          This iron also has a self clean button on the iron, now when I press this all I can is steam coming out the bottom of the iron, I am not sure it should do this and what it is doing to clean the iron, as I ever never iron that as a self cleaning button on it. I am guessing it could be cleaning the plate holes and keeping them unclogged for effective usage.

          The cord on the iron is quite long and so is comfortable when ironing without it pulling and having to re adjust the ironing board, to a place where the iron can fit to the other side of the ironing board. And I also don't noticed it curling up when using the iron too, which is a good thing I was forever moving the ironing board and untangling the cord with my old iron.


          I bought this iron from Argos and was on offer at the time I got it which was a great bargain. I paid £19.99 for this iron and was supposed to be £31.99 so I got a really good bargain especially because it works so well and a well known brand.


          I bought this iron because it was on offer and because of the brand I know this is a trusted brand so I knew the iron would be good, I don't normally buy brand names but this one caught my eye. With it being a 2400 watt iron I knew it would be powerful to use, which is something I wanted, as I have to say I do like ironing but not when I am standing there ages on one item going over and over the clothes because the iron wouldn't take out the creases. I like the fact the dial is untouchable when using the iron, and that the iron doesn't leak in anyway. I have to say I am happy with this iron and glad I bought it, and I do recommend it to anyone who is in need of a good iron.


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