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Breville VIN243 Easy Glide Iron

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    2 Reviews
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      09.12.2013 22:08



      good value for under £20

      This is a basic iron with the normal expected settings.....it goes from cool for polyester etc to hot for cotton, has an additional spray or steam option and a self- cleaning button which I like. It is very light and easy to use...I have had mine for 9 months and it is still working well which I feel has been good value because it was less than £20 when I bought it.

      It heats up very quickly and the light goes off to tell you it's ready, the water compartment is see-through which makes it easy to see when it's low on water...it cools down to the lower settings quite quickly as well which is really useful when you're trying to rush through a big pile of ironing.

      The downside is that it could generate more steam....if something is very creased it takes a few minutes to iron and you have to press the extra steam button a few times to make enough steam.


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      24.09.2013 20:47
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Great value iron.

      I don't know what it is with me and irons, but they never seem to last much more than 18 months before giving up the ghost. I've tried really cheap models and expensive ones - and all of them seem to self destruct before their 2nd birthday.

      This one is definitely at the cheaper end of the price range. I picked mine up from my local Waitrose where it was on offer for £16.99. Had I shopped around, I could have got a better price but I was in a rush with an ever increasing pile of clean but crumpled laundry at home. Tesco are selling it for £15.50 and Dunelm at £14.99; at the other extreme I've seen it on Amazon for £24.95. The message here is that if you fancy this iron it pays to shop around.

      What the iron offers
      The iron is white and blue and is surprising light at 1.03 kg. Its features are:
      * Temperature indicator light - the light goes out when the iron is at the right temperature
      * 30g/min variable steam - this is the amount of steam generated when the iron is in use. It has three settings - off, low and high. I generally have it on high.
      * 80g/min shot of steam - this is extra boost that you need when ironing out a particularly stubborn crease. I've found I use this feature less on this iron than previous ones I've owned.
      * Vertical steam function - more on this below
      * Stainless steel soleplate - this is what makes the iron 'easy glide'.
      * 2000 watts
      * 250ml water tank - ample water tank which has a protective cover. You flip down its lid to fill and a sturdy plastic jug is included for filling.
      * 2m cord - a pretty reasonable length
      * Anti-scale feature - this is a fixed filter to reduce limescale build up.
      * Self-clean facility - a cycle that flushes out scale and any other dirt via the holes in the soleplate. The recommendation is that you do this every two weeks and by and large I try to stick to this.
      * Anti-drip facility - for when the temperature is too low to create steam, the water is automatically cut off so it doesn't drip. Seems to work.
      * Spray - used to dampen what's being ironed. I don't use this very often - I find the shot of steam more useful - but when you don't want to use steam on something delicate it can be quite handy.

      Does anyone do vertical steam ironing?
      Until I read the instruction manual, it had never occurred to me to do this but I assume most steam irons can be used in this way. You can use the iron vertically to steam curtains, clothes on hangers etc. The manual helpfully warns you never to iron a garment when it is being worn.

      Basically you hold the iron in a vertical position about 6 inches from the fabric you want to steam iron and press the shot of steam button. In theory, the steam will penetrate the material and remove any creases. I am not totally convinced.

      For the purposes of this review, I used the function for the first time. It did help with a crease dress that had slightly crumpled in the wardrobe. Normally I'd just get the ironing board out and give it a quick once over but I support if you were in a real rush you could use the vertical steam approach. Not sure that really works on curtains though.

      What the iron lacks
      The only thing that I've missed is a cable clip to tidy away the cable and keep it place when on the laundry room window sill.

      I've only had this iron for a couple of months but so far so good. It does all that I ask of it and is very reasonably priced. So yes, I would recommend it and award it 4 dooyoo stars.


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