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Breville VIN274 Technique Digital Steam Iron

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    1 Review
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      11.03.2014 22:38
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      A decent quality iron that I got at a bargain price

      Breville Technique Digital Steam Iron, 2400 Watt

      I am not the world's most enthusiastic ironer and when my last iron died I bought a bargain cheaper basic one from Tesco to do the job. It did the job but it was not great which made the task of ironing even less enjoyable. As we had my step son living at home and he has managed to break quite a few of our appliances while he has been living here I thought I would not bother upgrading the iron until he moved out. I was going to donate the old one to him as a leaving gift!

      I was however inspired by the Black Friday deals on Amazon and spotted this going on sale so I bought it. I then hid it and only used it myself until he had departed! He has now moved down to London so the cheap old one has gone into the attic and this one has been put in the ironing hanging stand thing in our cellar.
      The first this I noticed is that it is actually quite heavy initially when you pick it up. Once I started to actually iron with it I found that in fact it was not that heavy gliding across the clothes. It just seemed heavy getting it out of the box.
      The second thing I observed was the nice long cord. The cheaper iron had a very short cord which I found very annoying. This one means I can iron without having to have the ironing board rammed against the wall as close to the plug hole as I can get. Now I can stand and iron comfortably while watching the TV. The cord is a full 3 metres long so pretty impressive.
      Now this is a digital iron. I had no idea what this meant before it arrived. I have to say I am still not really sure. All I now know is that I can click on the temperature control until it reaches the type of fabric I am attempting to iron and then it sets the temperature to the correct one and stays at that temperature until I change it or switch off. I think it is more accurate than other turning temperature dials . It also makes a noise if you iron before it reaches the temperature and also if you leave it face down on the board without ironing which is a plus for me as it means you cannot forget it.

      There are 7 different fabric settings so you have plenty of choice and they are very different as i have tested them all from silk to denim and it does make a different when ironing the denser heavier fabrics to have extra heat and the constant steam.

      The iron has a large, nano-ceramic, diamond shaped soleplate which helps make the iron glide over all fabrics. I have had a non stick plate before and it does help. The last cheapie one was just stainless steel. This does give a nice free flowing glide over everything I have ironed so far.

      The sole plate is a diamond shape. It has a pointed edge at the top as with most irons but also at the back. It is meant to make the iron easier to move backwards and forwards but I cannot actually say I have noticed it helping that much. I do find it makes it easy to get into corners though which is handy if you are dressmaking as you need sharp creases and neat joins to get a neat finish.

      This iron has an easy fill tank that seems to hold a huge amount of ironing water. According to the blurb that comes with the iron this has a 45g constant steam and powerful 100g steam shot. I have no idea what this means except that the amount of steam that comes out as I iron is constant and a decent effective amount. The shot of steam is handy for when I want to iron things like linen table cloths that are dry rather than ironing them wet.

      The tank is a good size and holds a huge 400ml of water which means that you would have to have a huge pile of ironing to empty it. I have never filled it to capacity and have never emptied it while ironing. Sometimes I still have water in the tank for a couple of loads of ironing.
      The iron is anti drip so does leak water over your clothes if it has not got up to heat when you start ironing like my old one did. It is also ant scale so must have some magic ingredient hidden to stop scale building up. It is self cleaning using the special setting.

      The final steam function on this iron is the vertical steam function. This means that I can use the iron vertically and I have used this for getting creases from coats and also some curtains that I hung up after storing that were a bit creased.


      The price on Amazon is $42.23 but I was fortunate enough to pay only £20 which I think is a great price. I am not sure I would have been tempted at £42 but then I did have a functioning iron even if it was rubbish so £40 is less tempting for a bargain hunter like me.


      Well yes I am happy with this. It does a good job and makes ironing quicker and easier for me. If you have a posh iron that looks like a major kitchen appliance then you may find this less exciting. I am more than happy and for the amount of ironing I do I can see this giving me years of use.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same.


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