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Breville VIN291

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Brand: Breville

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    1 Review
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      25.03.2013 23:00
      Very helpful




      Breville Breville VIN291 Red Collection Steam Iron

      This iron was recently reduced in sainsburys from £64.99 down to £ 19.99 so it was a real bargain and I love a bargain!

      All of the instructions in the manual indicated that I would use it the same as I would any other iron but when I first opened it, the iron did look more complex than other irons I had used.

      It's quite a snazzy iron, being red with black trim and even has a red wire, hence it earns its place in the red collection.

      I usually iron on steam but there is the option for no steam ironing. To change the settings for steam there is a slide button at the front. When on zero, there is no steam and then it's graduated depending on the amount of steam required. On the top of the iron are two silver buttons one to steam whilst the iron is pressed on the fabric for a burst of steam and one featuring the 95 g steam shot which really does throw the steam out, helping with the ironing of even shirts.

      The iron can be used for vertical ironing, but I haven't tried this although I love the instructions telling me not to use it on clothes which are being worn. Apparently it works by holding the iron away from the fabric and letting the steam do its job. For this reason the iron has to be hot as this way there will be more steam generated.

      The handle is nice and easy to hold, and has a soft ridged grip cover. On this handle is an indicator which shows the heat of the iron. Even if I forget to change the temperature setting I just have to look at the handle to see how hot the iron is; the further up the red temperature gauge there is light, the hotter the iron is. This is quite a handy feature as its very visual and doesn't rely on the ironed constantly looking at the dial.

      The dial itself is a typical iron dial showing where to turn depending on the fabrics, and ranging from the lowest temperature for synthetics up to the hottest for cotton.

      On the front of the iron is a lift up lid into which the water can be poured. For the purpose of this there is a jug supplied with the iron but after using it a few times, as ever, I lost it and didn't bother again. The water level is shown at the side of the iron and I can easily see where I should fill it to as there is a maximum mark.

      There are a number of useful features, and one I like is the anti drip feature. If the iron is too cool to generate steam, such as when ironing very delicate fabrics then the water supply is automatically cut off so that no drips go onto the fabrics. I like this as some irons I have had have dripped water and left a way mark so the clothing has had to be washed again. Not only does it state that it has this feature but it does actually work.

      The iron has an anti scale feature which again is a bonus as I find that it keeps the burst of steam and the plate much cleaner than when there isn't this feature.

      Whilst the iron promises to be self cleaning there are instructions informing me that I should clean the plate after every use using methylated spirits. I have to be honest that I don't do this and yet the iron doesn't seem to have any problems when I next use it.


      This is a great iron. The steam is generated easily and when I press the button for a steam burst I get plenty of steam on tough creases without ( as my last iron did) leaving any small bits of what I can only presume is limes ale.

      The handle is really comfortable to hold and the front is nicely pointed to get into tricky places.

      I thought it was more complex when I started using it but that was only because at the side of the iron there are a series of pictures. It transpires however that these are just there to tell me all of the functions of the iron and other than this they have no purpose.

      An easy to use, very efficient, and for me cheap iron which I would recommend

      Thanks for reading

      Daniela xx


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    • Product Details

      Power through your ironing pile in no time with this 2400W Breville VIN291 Red Collection Iron / It features a 95g shot / so it can tackle the toughest of creases / Illumination in the soft-grip handle indicates when the correct temperature has been reached and the vertical facility is ideal for ing curtains dresses on hangers and soft furnishings / Short name: Breville VIN291

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