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Domena Iron Press

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    5 Reviews
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      28.08.2008 15:18
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      Good iron but it has its bad points

      I use a press iron when there's loads to do, but i think ideally I would have both, press iron and normal iron out for different types of clothes.
      The iron has a large water tank which is good, and a fair sized board. The things that i find annoying compared to a normal iron is, that the bottom soft board is normally cold so you can put your hands on it when laying clothes down, but this one heats up quite a bit, making it too hot, also the hot plate is in the way and when laying clothes on to the board the tops of your hand are very close to the hot plate, and I have touched it a few time and it isn't nice. The ironing quality is lower as it presses it all at once, and you cant see what your doing at each bit. But as I said I would have both out together to tackle the ironing.


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        01.12.2005 13:29
        Very helpful



        Works well on large items but a permanent site on a table is needed to make it practical.

        I remember seeing these presses at Ideal Homes Exhibitions years ago and have always thought they looked a good idea.

        Back then I was single, penniless and, more to the point, lived at home and (shamefully) had a personal ironer in the shape of my mum.

        Time passes (oh doesn’t it just!).

        6 months ago, after having a family of 4 stay over for the night, I found myself with a stack of bed linen straight off the line and in need of ironing. I put the daunting job off for as long as I could and then got stuck in. After an hour or 2 of draping linen everywhere, mopping my sweat covered brow, taking painkillers to stop the ache in my arms and back and thinking that there must be an easier way, I had a flashback to the smiling, immaculate looking, sales lady demonstrating the press at the Ideal Homes way back when.

        Dump the ironing and find the Argos Catalogue.

        There it was….The answer to my dreams. The Domena Steam Press.

        Oh dear, expensive, but it must be worth it, I saw the ease in which the sales lady comfortably demonstrated the crisp, crease free items of clothing (mostly tea towels as I now recall and one shirt that had been ironed within an inch of its life during the exhibition and didn’t really need ironing to start with).

        With more money than sense I immediately trundled off to Argos and stood in the queue with mounting anticipation.
        Out came this huge box in the arms of a struggling assistant. Fool that I am, there’s me, getting on in years and with an aching back and arms from the linen de-creasing, expecting something that I can slip under my arm and hotfoot home with.

        Well, I did get it home with more than a struggle and, eventually, with some help.

        Still excited at this point I opened the box and placed the demonstration video in the player. There’s only one thing more boring than ironing and that’s watching a film of someone ironing! Turn the player off and just do it but what can I iron? Look round for some item I missed in the marathon ironing session I had earlier. A tea towel! Great!

        Where to set this press up? Hmm. I am not lucky enough to have a laundry room, a dining room and not even a utility room so the only place within 1.8 metres (the length of the mains lead) of an outlet socket (220-240 volts) I could use was on the third floor landing. Another struggle (even though this 12kg press closes and has a carry handle) later I had the press set up on the floor at the top of the stairs.

        I filled the, transparent, 750 ml, water container (which produces 90g/min steam output) with tap water and placed the filter cartridge (to prevent scale build up and is replaceable) where it’s supposed to go and switched the dial through its various adjustable (standard) temperature settings to get the highest heat. The heating plate temperature pilot light showed that it was ready for use within a few minutes and lowering the arm slightly produced a cloud of steam. I was ready to go.

        In placing the tea towel carefully on the covered base of the press, the size of which is reputedly equivalent to 5 conventional irons, I made my first mistake. One very red knuckle where I touched the upper, anodised, heating plate which, I might add, gets exceedingly hot. (Well, I suppose it is an iron!)

        I pulled the very easily activated handle down until I was immersed in a cloud of steam…. maybe it doesn’t need so long, again remembering the perfectly manicured sales lady of my past. Take the handle down so that the plates are touching giving an automatic 45 Kg of pressure and hold there for a few second (this is easy peasey). Allow the arm to rise (don’t let go if the arm isn’t locked as it springs back up at quite a rate) and ‘Hey Presto’ a beautifully pressed …… crease right across an otherwise wonderfully crease-free portion of tea towel! Ah yes… remember to make sure the clothing is very flat, with no folds before bringing the handle down. Very straight forward really although could prove a problem when ironing items other than tea towels.

        Eventually I had a superbly ironed tea towel. Very pleased with myself, I continued by looking through my son’s wardrobe to find clothing that could do with an extra press and chose a shirt so I could try out the little soft spongy thing that comes with the press. This is used to press around buttons without shattering the button itself or scratching the plate. (Hmmm). The result was good, eventually, but I could have made as good a job, and quicker, with my old iron. The next item was a T-shirt. This was good although I just couldn’t stop the ironed in creases at the armpit or the line left where the front of the neck touches the back of the shirt. Then I was in the airing cupboard looking for more items and tried a pillowcase. Wow, this was great (apart from the fact that the material was draped on the floor as I passed it through the press. (need a table for sure). And then on to the BIG ONE… I chose a duvet cover that I had ironed earlier. Great! Much easier than the hand held, much quicker and the results brilliant. I think the press would work well on small items like some children’s clothing but , thank goodness, those days are gone for me.

        An hour later, my back was aching even more due to the fact, without a table, I had placed the press on the floor. ‘Silly move’ I hear you shout, but I didn’t have a choice unless I had cleared my computer from its desk.

        Anyway, I am sure you get better at using this press with practice but I found that after getting fed up with seeing it on the landing every time I passed I put it away. Not an easy job as it is cumbersome and heavy. I cleared a space in a cupboard for it to go and apart from a couple of times where I have fought it out of its storage place, there it remains. I’ve found a much simpler way of ironing; it’s called a tumble dryer. (What a slut… but a slut without a back ache! Life’s too short and I prefer to be writing about iron presses than using them :-)).

        As an afterthought, I suppose I should have given this item a dazzling review and then hopped over to ebay and put it on there at a knock down price, much less than the £199 I paid for it at Argos, £249.99 at Great Universal or, the cheapest I’ve found, £176.99 plus shipping from 24-7 Electricals).

        Anyone want to buy a little used iron press?… buyer collects from the third floor of my house.

        Thanks for reading.


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          27.11.2005 21:37
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          Makes ironing quicker and easier.

          Ironing is not one of my favorite chores especially when there's lots of it,
          So when I first saw this presser I had to buy it,

          The children were just learning how to use the steam iron and found it all pretty boring and got themselves into a bit of a bother, and when I saw the domena presser I thought this would be a lot easier for me and for them and it is!

          This great little presser will press all types of materials including wool.
          And when using this presser remember you are pressing both sides of your item as there is a top-plate and a sole-plate,
          The sole-plate is equal to six normal sized irons so it gets the job done much much faster.

          You can have the presser positioned where you want i.e. in sitting room,
          Sit and press while watching TV!
          Mine sits on top of my worktop in the closed position ready for use.

          This is a very user friendly presser,
          Easy to fill with water.
          Easy to clean.
          Easy to carry.

          First of all it has a temperature control dial which heats up to a very hot 2200 watts.
          And with the continuous steam option makes it easy to press thick cottons,
          i.e. denim my sons love it for this.

          It's also great for pressing sheets and curtains ect as you can fold them in two or more and put them through the presser and still get a good result depending on the thickness.
          And because this is a presser there's none of the stretching of the material that you get with an iron as the item is pressed from top and bottom so your clothes actually look better,
          This is especially so with T- shirts,

          I bought my Domena a few years ago for £220 from Argos,
          My oldest son has just moved into his new flat and bought one for himself for £199 from Argos, an updated model but with all the same functions as mine,

          The Domena comes in a Cream colour and can be used with ordinary tap water
          And is supplied with a water jug and water softener which last's for around 6 months~after which you can buy replacement softeners.

          I have never bought the softeners, I use water from my water filter which works just as well and saves money!
          Replacement covers are also available although I have never had to replace this yet,
          Deatails of these are in the easy to understand maual,
          It also comes with an instructional video so you cant go wrong! All in this was a very good investment and I would'nt be without it.


          2200 watts.
          Anodised soleplate equal to 6 normal irons.
          750ml water tank.
          100lbs pressure with fingertip control.
          Weight 12kg.
          1.8m cord.
          90g/min continuous steam.
          Integral anti-scale system.
          Anti-drip feature.
          Safety cut-out feature when closed.
          Temperature control dial.
          Temperature control light.
          Uses tap water.
          Safety thermal cut out.
          Can be refilled with no delay.
          Steams all fabrics.
          Wide angled opening for larger items.
          Operate whilst seated.
          Instruction video.
          Locking handle for easy storage and carrying.
          Left and right hand use.

          Happy pressing.


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            10.11.2005 03:05
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            A Brilliant time saver, with wonderful results

            My friend had one of these and she used to rave about it to me, my mother had one also and she couldn't get on with hers, but I always wanted one and didn't have one until this year. I think it is brilliant....

            well thats the short review,

            Seriously though, It is very simple to use, you just need to make sure the garment is flat on the base, pull the lid down and wait a couple of seconds then lift the lid up, as long as you had flattened the garment ok there should be no creases.

            I did have a few teething problems with shirts at first, but getting used to doing them now.

            You have to start with the collar and the sleeves then the body, the best way is to push all the garment to the back of the press then move it forward as you have ironed it.

            You have a little pad that comes with it, which you can put under buttons etc and pockets to stop any marking. You also have a water sprayer for difficult cottons.

            THE BEST THING I FIND - is that you don't get back ache from standing over the ironing board. You don't get arm ache running the hand held iron over numerous garments, and you are not standing there getting sore feet, arms and back and very sweaty for hours -

            It is at least 3 times faster maybe even quicker than that - well for me anyway.

            There was only one tiny thing that I found when I first started using it, with an iron you know not to touch the metal plate on the front of the iron, with this you tend to forget that it gets really hot. you have to move your garment around the base and your hands and arms are under the hot top plate, you have to be very careful - when I first used it i suffered a lot of burns. learnt my lessons the hard way.

            It has a beeper to tell you that the press has reached its temperature - has a dial for different settings and materials - steam setting (but it hardly uses any water), it locks and has an easy carrying handle. Fits nicely on your dining table so you can sit in comfort on the chair to do the ironing.

            Beeper also tells you if you have left the lid down for too long and the press is still turned off. It will also automatically turn it self off at this point.


            Guaranteed anti-scale for 6 years
            locking handle makes it easy to transport
            can be used while user is seated
            instructional video
            extra wide opening
            90g/min steam rate,
            large soleplate equal to 5 normal irons,
            integral anti-scale system giving 6 years guarantee
            fingertip control, instruction DVD
            wide opening for large items and
            can be operated shilst user is seated.

            Also you can iron sheets easily by just folding them as it will press through several layers.

            A bit expensive but WORTH IT.


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              21.05.2001 05:30
              Very helpful



              I cannot believe I am about to write on the following subject. It is the thing I hate most in the world and would gladly pay someone to do it for me. I always leave it till the very last possible moment but the worst thing of all is that it breeds like wildfire, so, by the time I come to tackle it, it has quadrupled in size and has turned from a small pile into an absolute mountain. I am of course talking about ironing. I would rather clean the toilet than iron. However, tonight I had the experience of a lifetime and actually enjoyed ironing for the very first time. In order to reduce the horrendous task I spent around £45 on the best iron I could find. It promised to reduce my work by half and I ran home full of enthusiasm to tackle the mountain which was hidden in the cupboard under the stairs. However much to my disappointment, I had once again fallen for the advertising aimed at the idiot - "does what it says on the box".....it didn't :-( Call it frustration, anger, accidental or whatever but somehow the new iron fell to the floor, a few bits fell off and it refused to work. I have to admit I was a bit desperate. I have been on a course for five weeks and have managed to avoid the evil task, but the mountain under the stairs had suddenly grown arms and had started to open the door and creep out, it seemed to like my mother because every time she visited, it jumped out of the door just to remind her that it was still there. A friend of mine had recently purchased a Domena Press and had enthused about it. I asked to borrow it to bring my ironing up to date. It was delivered 10 minutes later and I set it up for the evening. It was simply a plug and play system.....and play I did..... It looked like a miniature ironing board with a lid or in fact reminded me of a small sunbed. I had to place the garment on the bottom plate and depress the lid for 5 seconds. The realisation that I could iron a t-shirt
              in two presses did actually fill me with excitement...sad or what!! The mountain very quickly disappeared and the task which would normally have taken 5-6 hours was over in under 2 hours....except for the fact that I then went all over the house looking for things to wash and iron. By the end of the evening, I was even pressing socks. This piece of equipment has changed my attitude to ironing. At a cost of £210, it may seem excessive but when I count up the number of hours that I am saving, it very quickly pays for itself. I could of course justify it even more by mentioning the saving in electricity, but I don't need convincing that this labour-saving device will also save me money, as long as it saves me ironing. The presser has roughly the same heat settings as a traditional iron and can take creases out of most fabrics, the added bonus of a steam facility really does enhance its capabilities. With an ironing surface of five irons and fingertip control I couldn't fail to be impressed. I can't pretent that it is initially easy to use with anything other than straight flat objects. I tied myself in knots with the first few shirts, but applying a little water and a lot of determination soon resolves that problem. You soon develop a technique which you can then apply to any article of clothing. You will need an area of around 3 square feet to use this presser..and....oh yes another, much larger area to hang all the items you can find to press :-). However, it does fold down for storage. The biggest problem that I found in using this presser was the fact that I still had to hang everything away in cupboards.....never before has every article of clothing in the house been washed and ironed....I mean, when was the last time you ironed a face-cloth. The best thing is that my husband and eldest son also enjoy using it, although I am sure that novelty will wear off pretty soon...lol And.....all that time
              I am saving, well....I am spending it all on dooyoo....at least I can call that a healthy addiction....I think..:-)


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