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Domotec DSG101 Oliso Auto-Lift Iron

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    1 Review
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      22.03.2010 20:26
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      Lift off technology takes some of the strain out of ironing

      I purchased this iron when my last one suddenly stopped working. I didn't want to pay too much having recently had the expense of replacing several major kitchen items. I checked many brands including Teffal, Black & Decker and even supermarket own brands. However, I ruled them out on either price, colour, weight or comfort. I have quite small hands and found that a lot of them had quite wide handles, making them hard to hold.

      I have a factory store locally that sells end of ranges, excess stock etc. for discounted prices and as I had been successful in buying my last iron there, decided to have a look before making a final decision. I am so glad I did. They had quite a large choice on offer and I finally settled on a make I had never heard of before namely Domotec-Oliso. It was in the sale for only £20 having been reduced from £30 and even that price would have been a saving as I searched on the internet when I got home and found the full retail price is actually £71. There is no way I would ever pay that much for an iron, in fact I would expect someone to do the ironing for me at the price!!

      The main reason for my choice is the auto lift feature on this iron which I had never seen before. Basically, instead of always having to stand the iron upright on its heel between each use, you just let it go and two lifter plates (one at the heel and one at the pointed end) drop down and raise the hot surface off the ironing board. The iron handle is touch sensitive so when you want to start ironing again you just touch the handle and the two plates retract again. It does make a slight whirring noise as it goes up and down but you soon get used to this. If you do not wish to use the auto lift technology it can be over-ridden and I find this useful when I want to stow the iron away. To deactivate the auto-lift you set a switch on the back of the iron to the Off position and it will act like a normal iron. If you wish to reactivate the auto-lift you just slide the switch back to the On position. I find it helpful to leave the auto lift in operation as that way I am less likely to burn anything.

      To fill the iron there is a flip funnel under the handle. When you open the funnel, a piece of curved plastic pops out which makes it easy to pour water into the tank straight from the tap. Although a small plastic measuring jug is supplied with the iron, I find you really do not need to use this. Once you have filled the tank and plugged it in, a green light will blink on the top of the iron. Once the iron is up to temperature the light will stay on constantly so that you know it is ready to use. The iron is designed to be used with regular tap water unless the water in your area is very hard in which case the manufacturer recommends using inexpensive bottled water or half tap water with half distilled water. Luckily I stay in an area with very soft water so this is not a problem for me.

      At the front end of the handle there are two dials. One is the fabric selector which allows you to select the correct temperature for the clothes you are going to iron and the other is the steam selector. The steam selector is actually more of a slide than a dial and allows you to select the amount of steam you wish the iron to produce. Steam is only produced when the green light is on constantly and the iron is lowered. You are able to slide the steam selector to off if you wish to do some dry ironing. The iron has an anti drip feature which shuts off steam any time the auto-lift is in operation.

      There are two buttons located just behind the fabric and steam selector dials. These are the spray and burst of steam buttons. The spray button should be pressed to produce a fine mist and is handy for removing stubborn wrinkles or creases. The burst of steam button produces a strong burst of steam from the soleplate but can only be used when the iron is heated to the wool, cotton or linen temperature range. An useful additional feature is the vertical steam function and to use this you press the steam button while holding the iron upright and is good for removing creases from hanging clothes or curtains. However, you are advised to wait 3 seconds between each press of the steam button.

      If the iron is not being used while it is still plugged in, the status light will flash red and the iron will turn itself off. The auto shut-off timing depends on whether you have the auto lift turned on or off. If the auto lift is switched on the iron will switch off automatically after 8 minutes or 30 seconds if knocked over. However, if the auto lift is switched off, the iron will switch off after 30 seconds of non use or being knocked over.

      I am really happy with this iron and it is only now, when I don't have to stand it upright after each use, that I realise how time consuming this was. I love the auto lift technology and only wish I had discovered it sooner. Great value for the money I paid but wouldn't pay the full RRP of £71. I would definitely recommend it if you are needing to replace your iron anytime soon.


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    • Product Details

      Domotec Oliso Auto-Lift Iron DSG101 No more burnt ironing board covers or garments thanks to the patented Auto Lift technology Touch sensors in the handle sense when you release the iron activating the automatic lifts in the sole plate that raise the iron off of the ironing surface making it impossible to burn the ironing surface Safer as it rests in the horizontal position so is less likely to be knocked over Ordinary iron rest vertically leaving the sole plate exposed making it easier to burn oneself Oliso DSG101 rests horizontally avoiding this issue Auto shut off after 8 minutes Reduces human wrist strain as picking up from horizontal is much easier for you Powerful 2400w for fast heat up and easy ironing Powerful 50g/min burst of Variable output Electronic temperature control Easy fill water tank Anti-drip system prevents spitting and re-staining Polished low friction stainless steel sole plate Spray features for tough stubborn creases Dry iron facility Self cleaning function Soft grip for added comfort in use / Short name: Domotec DSG101

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