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Minky Classic Reflector Cover Ironing Board

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Brand: Minky / Type: Ironing Board

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    1 Review
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      20.07.2013 15:26
      Very helpful



      Ironing board

      Minky ironing board

      When I moved house, one of the things I obviously needed was an ironing board. I had already owned and used Minky products and given that I found them to be good quality and value decided to buy a Minky ironing board.

      The ironing boards come complete with covers in different designs, but I wasn't too bothered about this, since I know that whatever cover I have will eventually have to be changed.
      Unsurprisingly, given that this is an ironing board, it does look much like any other ironing board with a flat surface for ironing clothes on and metal legs. The proof of the quality is going to be in the using of it.
      The cover has a metallic layer which will apparently reflects heat back through the clothing to speed up ironing. The cover itself is rather jazzy being silver with white circles in diagonal lines across the board. It has a drawstring fastening and a foam back which does make it easier for ironing because I am not ironing straight onto the ironing board surface but something which is a bit padded.
      At the side of the ironing board there is a small open metal surface which I assume is for resting the iron but I have never found it sturdy enough to put the iron on because it seems to be at a bit of a slant and I keep thinking the iron will fall off. The ironing surface is 110x35cm, which I believe must be about the norm for an ironing board, and it is height adjustable up to 92cm. It boasts of having 9 height adjustments, but given that I just pull it up I tend to just pull it to the highest height without taking any notice of optimum height. To get the ironing board down I simply pull back the metal handle underneath

      the ironing board and it folds nice and flat.one advantage is that it is quite light, being under 5kg, so there is no straining when carrying the ironing board from the cupboard to ironing space.
      The ironing board costs £27, and whilst I bought mine from Tesco, I believe it is widely available from different suppliers.


      A decent enough ironing board but given that ironing isn't a job most people like to do, it's hard to wax lyrical. I did have a look at different ironing boards and saw the price of them, so this one seems to have a middle range price tag. I did want an ironing board which was easy to find a new cover when needed (not yet) and there are plenty of covers in a range of designs available for such a time.
      The ironing board is easy to get up and down and not any more noisy than any other ironing board I have owned, so no complaints there. It also stands up nicely when rested against the wall in the cupboard and I have no worries about it falling over.
      The cover is nicely padded which makes the ironing of clothes smoother but I can't vouch for the reflector making any real difference, but thankfully it is nice and sturdy so doesn't wobble when ironing.

      A good ironing board which does the job
      Thanks for reading
      Daniela xx


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