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Minky Iron Holder

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    1 Review
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      29.07.2013 18:13
      Very helpful


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      An ideal way to store your iron

      One of my biggest bug bears is clutter, I cant stand it. I have to have everything tucked away especially in my kitchen, I haven't got an awful lot of worktop space and what I do have I like to be clear. Apart from the kettle  everything else goes in a cupboard which is fine until it comes to the iron which has to stand on the side until its cooled. I knew I needed a holder of some sort that I could keep my iron in but also that I could put the iron straight in when I was finished with it. I had a look online and  found the Minky Iron Holder from www. betterware.co.uk where they currently cost £12.99, I knew this would be a good one as my mum had been using one for years. 

      The Minky Iron Holder measures approximately 18 x 34 cm's, its made mainly from white thermoplastic and has a silver metal heatproof plate on the back of it. The iron holder needs to be screwed to the wall using 2 screws which are supplied with the holder.

      The front of the iron holder has two plastic arms in which the iron sits and around the outside of the holder there is a ridge cut away for the cable. 

      To use the iron holder couldn't be easier you just slide the iron down into the plastic arms and it will sit there.

      I'm really pleased with the Minky Iron Holder, I can pop my iron in it as soon as I have finished with it, I like the fact that the heatproof plate can withstand a hot iron and I like the way the cable can be wound around the holder so it is tucked right away and up high out harms way. 

      I have been using my Minky iron Holder for about 4 years now and it remains as new, as I mentioned my Mum uses one of these and she has hers for as long as I can remember and its still in one piece so the quality is there. 

      If you have been looking for somewhere to keep your iron that can be used straight away while the iron is hot I would recommend the Minky Iron Holder, I bought mine from Betterware online, I'm not sure if the Betterware catalogue has them in as we never get one, but they are also available from Amazon UK for £8.92 and B&Q for £7.98 so its worth shopping around. 

      This gets my full recommendation and 5 Dooyoo stars. 


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