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Morphy Richards 40420 Breeze Steam Iron

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    1 Review
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      06.11.2013 18:08
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      A great value iron

      This is our second iron of the year unfortunately - the first one was prematurely ruined by picking up black marks from our ironing board and unfortunately became unusable only after a couple of months. We recently purchased a different one, being this Morphy Richards one, as a replacement because it was very cheap, at £15 in Tesco. It comes in two colours, purple (shown here) and pink which is the one we have. It is a steam iron, which I find very useful for ironing things straight from the tumble dryer but doesn't come with many other features. As a person who hates ironing, this one was perfect for my needs!

      The iron is similar sized to other irons we've owned, being around 27cm high, 15cm wide and 13cm deep. It is quite weighty to pick up, but I've never found this to be a huge problem and I feel that it helps it stand properly on the board when not in use. It's doesn't feel weighty enough to me to be an issue to use when lying flat and moving across clothes. To use the steam feature, the iron is filled at the back via a small hinged opening - a small jug is provided in the box too to help with this process and that's very handy to have because it would be impossible to fill from the tap directly due to it's small opening.

      Then, it's just a case of plugging the iron in and switching it on. There's an orange light under the handle that indicates when it's ready to go. The cable is an acceptable length - it's not overly long but it's not really short - just right to use as long as place the board quite close to a socket. It would have been more of an issue to me if it was longer as I feel it would just get in the way when ironing. The plate to the iron isn't anything special, it's classed as non stick and I think that claim is correct. I like the feel of the plate gliding over our clothes. I usually just turn it up to the higher settings when in use on anything apart from very delicate items and I've never found it to stick or feel as though it will stick - the plate moves across all of our clothes at ease.

      I also find that the steam spray is more than adequate. There are two buttons on the top of the iron that can be pressed to operate the spray and the the steam options. There's even an option to amend the size of the steam that is created by pushing a setting up and down accordingly although I usually just leave ours on one of the middle settings. I don't use the steam one all that often really, but I do find that the spray one is very handy, especially when ironing something that is full of creases. A couple of sprays from the button and enough water is provided to ensure that the creases are easily ironed out - it really makes a hard task much easier.

      The temperature of the iron is determined by a dial as with most irons, situated underneath the large handle. This is my only small issue - it's very difficult to know which setting has been chosen on there as there's no clear line or mark on the iron that indicates to the user the setting that's been opted for. I'm lazy in a way as I tend to just keep mine on the same higher setting as most of our items are made of similar cotton materials but I think if this iron was used for a range of items as in most households, I think the dial may become a bit of a pain. Whenever I do change the setting, I have to be very careful with it and have to study underneath the handle to make sure that it's set correctly. The only thing to indicate the setting chosen is a small piece of plastic that is exactly the same colour as the iron itself so it's not very noticeable on the eye! The dial does help a little bit with actually choosing the setting though as it's settings are labelled for the various clothing materials as well as by temperature eg cotton, linen and silk.

      This is a basic iron - if you're used to using ones with features and gadgets then this is perhaps not for you. If however you're just after an iron to get the job done quickly that's easy to use without fancy extras, then I would definitely recommend this one. I'm really glad that we chose this as the replacement as for £15 I think we've received great value for money. I would have no hesitation in picking up the same one again in the future. As long as I keep it off the board stand (so it doesn't come to the same unhappy ending as the last iron!) I see no reason why this iron won't be in our house for some time. I've rated four stars with one being removed for the need of a better setting marker for the dial but apart from that, it's all good.

      Thanks for reading :o)


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