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Morphy Richards 40655

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    2 Reviews
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      04.04.2012 20:24
      Very helpful



      I like ironing but not with this iron!

      I must be one of the few people that actually quite like ironing...I know, shock horror! And what's more, my favourite thing to iron are shirts...gasp! I get quite a deep satisfaction from turning a wrinkly, rough item of clothing into something smooth and crease free and find it quite therapeutic. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't iron for the sake of it, but when face to face with my weekly pile I don't despair like most normal people seem to. And I iron everything too - well, apart from underwear and socks! - including bedding, teatowels and dusters. Yes, dusters. My mum told me they pick up more dust if you iron them (she came out with a convincing line about static something or other and I believed her!), so they get ironed too. And when I moved into my first flat an iron was top of my list of things to buy.

      I've had it for about 7 years now so can't remember exactly how much I paid for it and after looking online I can't find anything identical but similar ones seem to be selling for around the £20 mark and I can't imagine that I would have paid much more than that as I had a very long list of things to buy.

      It's much like any basic iron really with a white plastic body trimmed in a nice pale green colour, with a metal base and a cord of approximately 2 metres. My version is called a TurboSteam but looks identical to the picture above.

      It has a dial on the lower part of the main body for you to adjust the temperature setting and, helpfully, the dial is arranged by fabric so you know what setting to have it on for different items of clothing. The lowest being silk and the highest being cotton/linen.

      On the handle part of it there are two large white buttons, one for letting steam out and one for shooting little jets of water and a little knob that you can adjust the steam setting with. There is also a flip cap which you open to pour water or ironing water (a luxury I do without unless my mum's feeling generous!) in to (this feeds the steam and water jets).

      The iron is very simple to use, you simply plug it in at the wall, place it safely on your ironing board and wait for it to heat up. This usually takes a couple of minutes to reach it's hottest setting and then it's ready to go. I find it a very easy iron to use and the shape of the metal plate on the bottom makes ironing much less hassle. It has quite a sharp point on the front of it so that you can get into awkward joins in clothes like pockets and seams etc and it glides over fabrics very smoothly without making them bunch up as other iron's I've used have done. It is quite light so doesn't feel heavy in my hand and I can easily iron for an hour or so without it making my arm ache. The settings are all easy to adjust to whatever capacity you want them to work at and, all in all, it does a good job of getting my clothes (and dusters!) wrinkle free.

      Whilst I have been pleased with this iron in so far as it gets the creases out of clothes and other things very easily and quickly there are several issues I have with it which mean I would be unlikely to buy another one and also that I will probably be investing in a new iron soon as they really are starting to bug me now.

      Firstly, when it's heating up if you leave it laid at an angle on the wire rack of the ironing board (so with the metal base facing downwards but not flat) it spews hot water over the carpet. I think this comes through the little holes on the metal plate but can't be sure. Not good if you're walking past barefoot! It also sends out huge amounts of steam at this point too.

      Secondly, the buttons for the steam/jets of water are very tough to push down and I can't do this with my thumb as I'm ironing I actually have to stop, hold the iron with one hand and use the other hand to press the buttons. This is not ideal as the purpose of putting the buttons where they are is so that they can be used with the same hand that is holding the iron!

      Thirdly, as I'm ironing lots of water often leaks out. Again, I think this comes from the holes on the bae but I'm not sure. It definitely doesn't come out of the top part though. This is really annoying and often leaves clothes with a big wet patch on them.

      Fourthly, the cord could do with being about a metre longer. It is really difficult to find a comfortable position to iron in when it's only 2 metres long as the ironing board has to be parallel to the wall in which it's plugged in, otherwise I can't reach the other end of the ironing board and it makes ironing trousers and other full length items very tricky.

      Lastly, it is very difficult to top up the water levels on it. You have to hold the iron at just the right angle otherwise water pours out of the hole and goes everywhere. Because of this I never fill it up whilst it's plugged in any more and only ever do it over the kitchen sink and make sure that I keep the plug well away fom the sink

      Whilst I have no quibbles about the way this functions as an iron, ie getting the creases out of fabrics, it is a very annoying appliance to use because of all the niggles mentioned above. Whilst they all seem small complaints individually, when taken together it makes it a bit of a pain to use. The moral of this story is that I won't try and economise with an iron in future and will spend a little bit extra to get a bit better quality. So I wouldn't recommend this iron and as a result will be giving it 2 stars only.

      My plan of action now is to moan loudly every time I iron to see if hubby will cough up and treat me to a new one :)


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        11.08.2009 17:03


        • Reliability


        reliable and good value

        This is a great iron and sells for under £20. I recommended it to my neighbour when she needed a new one and she is delighted with it. (well, as delighted as you can be about ironing). The main thing I like about it is that it is not too heavy. When I was looking at irons I could hardly pick some of them up - imagine how it would be after half an hour ironing and filled with water! It slides over the clothes nicely, and I believe this is due to the aluminium soleplate which cheaper irons may not have, so it's worth looking out for. It has a power on indicator light, 1800w power, a 2m power cord and comfortable cushioned handle. Temperature gauge easy to use, 30g/min constant steam output, 70g shot of steam. Variable steam, vertical steam and fine water spray. There is a 400ml water tank capacity, well shaped water jug to fill up, self cleaning feature and safety cut off. Morphy Richards give a 2 year guarantee which is pretty good. I have had mine longer than that and it still works great.


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        Short name: Morphy Richards 40655

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