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Morphy Richards 40668 Steam Iron

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    2 Reviews
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      29.04.2012 17:32



      Recommended for regular use but not the best iron out there!

      I recently had to purchase a new iron because my old one was becoming un-reliable and it kept leaking all the while! I purchased the Morphy Richards 40668 Steam Iron from comet for £27.49 which is fairly reasonable! It's so much better, it doesn't leak, it's definitely reliable and best of all its anti-limescale!


      This fantastic product is a steam iron,
      it has a whopping 400 ML water tank and
      it's only 1.5 KG in weight!


      Unfortunately, this iron doesn't have an auto shut-off feature and it doesn't have an anti-calcium cartridge which is really annoying because most other irons do! But on the other hand it's still a brilliant product and its very reliable!


      Even though it's a good iron, I don't think the design and colours are very appealing. Pink, black and white don't go very well with each other and to be honest the shape isn't the best either!

      The average customer rating for this product is 4/5 which is very good but if I had to grade it I would award it a 3/5 because of the design but I would give it a 4/5 for how good and reliable it is!

      It's very helpful for getting to those awkward spots on your clothes and for getting the creases out! The shot of steam is dedicated to helping you get those very awkward creases out! The 400 ML tank means that you don't have to keep re-fillings in-between ironing!

      Recommended for people who iron regularly and for people with who need a good and reliable iron!


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      11.08.2011 08:50
      Very helpful



      A great iron from Morphy Richards that gets the chore of ironing done effectively and quickly

      Mr Lools has a strange sense of humour sometimes. I mentioned in passing on day that we could probably do with a new iron as our old iron (which was bought when we first moved in together 6 years ago) could do with replacing as the cord was starting to fray. Anyway after a shopping trip (for a birthday present for me) and a few beers with his best friend he came home with a "present for me". My excitement was short lived as he presented me with an iron which would help me "iron his shirts properly". Thankfully for his sake his gift the Morphy Richards 40668 Steam Iron was actually a smart buy.

      ***Morphy Richards 40668 Steam Iron***
      The Morphy Richards 40668 Steam Iron is a 2000 watt steam iron. The iron is described to be "lightweight" weighing 1.1kg. It has a steam output of 35g/minute and a shot of steam of 110g/min. There are variable steam settings. The iron is anti-drip with a large water tank with a capacity of 400ml and a water level indicator.

      This is an iron so never going to be the most aesthetically pleasing appliance but I was actually very impressed when Mr Lools showed me his purchase. The iron is a sleek looking iron with a "soft grip handle". The main casing of the iron is shiny white plastic but the centre panel and the water tank are bright pink see through plastic which is very bright and vibrant. The iron has a dark steel grey coloured ceramic soleplate with button groove. There is a temperature ready indicator on the dial which has settings for various materials including linen, cotton, wool, nylon and silk. The iron has a 2 metre power cord.

      The Morphy Richards 40688 Steam Iron is available from Argos, Debenhams, B&Q, Tesco, Currys, Comet and Amazon. I am told Mr Lools purchased this from Argos when it was on special offer at Argos (at half price) and was £24.99 instead of £49.99. Prices vary quite greatly for this iron however a quick web search found B& Q are currently selling this for £17.99. This is excellent value for money and although a mid-priced iron it has a lot of features that more expensive irons boast.

      ***My Experience***
      I will be honest I've never been a big fan of ironing and I tend to keep ironing to a minimum. I do iron bedding (well duvet covers and pillowcases). About 75% of the items in my wardrobe don't get/ need ironing. My twin boys clothing tends to not need ironing (apart from shirts or special occasion outfits) it's actually Mr Lools' clothing, shirts trousers and T shirts that benefit from ironing which made this "gift" to me from him quite ironic!

      Our previous iron was a very basic £9.99 Asda special bought 6 years ago therefore any iron would have been an improvement.

      The first use of the iron was to iron duvet covers and pillow cases. This has to be the ironing task I hate the most and it is always met with great displeasure. My white duvet cover set seems to come out of the tumble drier completely creased and with my old iron on the hottest setting and with the use of a lot of steam it would take at least 30 minutes.

      Firstly filling the iron up with water in the water tank was extremely simple. Opening this water tank slot is easy and I was surprised at just how large the hole to fill up with water was. This makes it a lot easier to fill up and you don't find this a fiddly task you can actually just put the iron under the tap with a low flow of water with no spillages. I was actually surprised at how large the water tank was in the iron. In my old iron this was very small however the 400ml water tank in this Morphy Richards 40688 Steam Iron seemed endless.

      I then turned the iron on at the plug which turns the iron on and heats up and I set the dial under the handle to the cotton setting (which is the second hottest setting just before linen). Within 30 seconds the red button on the iron clicked off which indicated the iron is ready to use. This heated up much quicker than my old iron which would take double this time.

      As I started ironing I was extremely impressed with the weight of the iron. It felt so light even with the 400ml water tank full up. This makes moving the iron about very easy but also great for those times that you have a big pile of ironing. After we have been on holiday I often would get "ironing arm" where my arms ached from ironing mountains of clothes with my old iron where with this iron it is not the case. On the first use of this iron I managed to get my duvet cover and pillowcases ironed in 15 minutes which I was extremely pleased about. During this time I had to use the bursts of steam however not as frequently as I would have to with my old iron as the iron seemed to get creases out by just gliding over the fabric.

      I do find when ironing clothing the iron is easy to use because of its design. Being so lightweight helps but it is very manoeuvrable because of the handle and also because the plate of the iron seems to glide rather than drag. This makes ironing shirts easier as you feel you can iron all areas of an item of clothing rather than just larger sections.

      The iron has a dial with different heat settings for different materials. The coolest setting is silk, then nylon, wool, cotton then linen. On my old iron I found that in order to get the creases out of cotton I would have to put it on the linen setting. With the Morphy Richards 40668 I find I can iron cotton on the cotton setting. The iron does seem hotter; you can feel the heat if you touch over material you have just glided over but I have not burnt any items as yet. I mainly use the iron on the wool, cotton or linen setting but on occasion I have used on the nylon and silk setting. On both these settings the iron is very effective and to iron a nylon t shirt creases come out on the first run over the fabric. Using this to iron a silk scarf takes less than 30 seconds as you literally just have to glide the iron down the scarf.

      I have always found ironing linen quite a chore and would get frustrated with ironing linen trousers but the Morphy Richards 40668 has definitely made this task easier. I tend to use the steam setting to do my linen trousers but I can get creases out of these trousers by running the iron over creases no more than twice and I can probably fully iron my linen trousers in half the time I used to with my old iron. Mr Lools has also noticed how effective the iron is and seems happier to iron his own clothes rather than depend on me to do so (or wear them creased) which is definitely a benefit and makes this iron quite a good gift.

      Using the steam settings is very easy. For constant steam this is done with the press of a button and then you press the button again to turn this setting off. This gets out deep creases and I find works well when ironing linen trousers or items which are completely creased rather than just in a few places. There is also a button on the top of the iron which gives bursts of steam this works well when you have a deep crease on a piece of clothing that is not creased all over. I usually find that the crease is removed using this setting within around 10 seconds of using the burst of steam. There is also a water spray which allows you to spray a mist over the item in order to make ironing easier. With all of these spray functions I have found that the hissing noises are not quite as loud or vicious sounding like my old iron but much more effective.

      The large water tank is definitely a benefit. Even with a large pile of "holiday ironing" which included bedding, and at least 30 items of clothing the water tank did not run dry which is particularly impressive as my old iron would have needed refilling at least twice!

      My only real criticism of the iron is the length of the cord. The cord is 2 metres long but personally I feel another 1m of cord would make it easier to use. You have to stand quite close to a plug socket especially if you need to make use of all of your ironing board for ironing bedding for example. On many an occasion I have felt the power cord pulling tight as I iron.

      I have been using this iron for over 11 months now with no problems. I do empty the water tank out after each use. I also have not noticed any visible limescale and I feel the plate of the iron still heats up as hot as it did when new.

      As someone who despises ironing I would definitely say that the Morphy Richards 40688 Steam Iron is a great help. The iron is lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and most importantly gets deep creases out of items quickly meaning your time spent ironing is minimised. The design of the iron inside and out makes this a smart choice. The large water tank is a benefit if you have a lot of ironing to get through.

      For £24.99 this is not the cheapest of irons but it's worth paying a little more for if it means you spend less time ironing in my opinion.

      A pretty pink girly iron that is excellent value for money and makes ironing easy even for men too!


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