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Morphy Richards 40675

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    1 Review
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      27.07.2011 08:48
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      A great Iron for getting rid of creases and is comfortable to use and hold

      Ironing is a job I really hate to do and in our house now my husband now does the majority of it as it's a job he doesn't mind doing whilst watching some sport. I still do some ironing however so I can still comment on this iron that we have had for about 2 years now.

      It is a Morphy Richards iron and at the time cost us around £30 from Tesco. The iron and the instructions we found to be easy to set up and understand. The instruction manual now never needs to come out as we are so familiar with how to use it but at the beginning it was a simple to understand reference guide to the iron as we got used to it.

      The iron itself is a mixture of pink and white and actually looks quite girly but it packs a mean steam punch. The handle is a soft grip cushioned handle so its nice to hold in your hand as you iron your clothes and has shown no signs of damage in the years of use we have had with it. The iron came with a pink water jug to help fill it up and this remains in use today with no damage to the plastic. The dial to select the temperature is under the handle and is easy to turn and glides to the right setting very easily. The heat indicators are not raised on the dial button are just embossed on it. However the embossing has not come away or faded in the years of use we have had from the iron.

      Features and how we find them

      Easy View 400ml Water Tank
      The tank we find to be quite large and we generally get about 40 minutes of ironing on one tank of water without refilling. The easy view tank is pink but it is still easy to see and determine how much water is in the tank when it is upright. My only criticism of the water tank is that the hole at the top to fill it up is quite small so you need to be careful as you fill it to stop water flowing over if its done too fast. This is a minor inconvenience and once we were used to it is something that rarely happens now. The lid to keep the tank closed flips up and down easily and has never come off as yet.

      No Drip System
      This system is to ensure that if you use then iron before it's reached the required temperature, water will not leak onto the fabric. Now I have to say that this is a feature that better suits my husband as I am happy to wait to hear the click the iron makes when it has reached temperature but he just wants to get going and often starts before the click sounds. However unlike our old iron this never results is any water dripping on to the clothes as he irons which I find great as it means I don't have to re wash them.

      Ceramic Soleplate
      This is said to be there to provide exceptional gliding abilities to smooth out difficult creases. Now whether it is a result of the steam or the ceramic soleplate I am not sure but we have never found any difficulties in how well this goes over clothes whether it is a light silk that needs to be ironed with care or a crumpled linen that needs a lot of steam we always find that the iron is able to get these out and move smoothly over the clothes without ruffling them or getting caught on the soleplate.

      This is supposed to make the iron heat up fast and I have to admit it only really takes a couple of minutes till we hear the click of the iron to indicate it has reached its top temperature with a full tank and this to me is fast enough to heat up for our use.

      30g/min Steam Output
      Now I am not really sure how they work out the figure of 30g steam output a minute but what I will say is the steam comes out in a nice constants stream as you iron so there is no gaps where creases haven't been ironed out in the fabric. This allows either my husband or I to easily press our clothes as the fabric seems to relax under the steam pressure without any problems.

      80g/min Steam Shot
      Sometimes when ironing I find you need a bit of extra steam to get rid of deep creases or in the case of collars and cuffs on my husbands shirts to get a crease line and to hold the cuffs and collars down and in place. The powerful shot of steam this iron gives seems to go deep down to get rid of the creases or in case of cuffs and collars put a nice crease line in to make it have a nice edge. This seems to work well on both cottons and linens in my experience. The button on the top of the iron for this is easy to use and has never got stuck or broken in anyway in the 2 years or so of use.

      Vertical Steam
      This is one of the features we perhaps use the least with the iron and whilst it is great for occasionally freshen up suits that have been hanging I have never used them on my curtains as the manual suggests you can.

      The iron has some anti scale properties which I am unsure how they work to prevent lime scale build up on the iron. We don't live in a hard water area but I have never seen any lime scale build up on this iron unlike my previous model which often would get some lime scale coming through the steam holes on to our clothes so I can only assume that this works very well and is adding to the life span of our iron.

      Fine Water Spray
      As with most irons there is a fine water spray button. It is easy to operate and never seems to get clogged and helps us both to dampen on occasions some clothes especially linens to aid removing crease from them.

      Jet Clean Facility
      This is easy to use and seems to helps maintain the performance of the iron by flushing the soleplate of any unwanted build up. We only do this when we remember and this I have to admit isn't as recommend every time we iron. It is simple to do all you need to do is turn the iron on to full heat then unplug and press the shot of steam button about 10 times whilst holding it over the sink then get rid of any water in the tank. When we do remember to this I do notice small amounts of lint bits come out but never very much so we must be doing it often enough.

      2 meter cord
      We find this cord length to be more than adequate for our needs and we have kept the cord loose in our under stairs cupboard to stop it getting curved and damaged by wrapping it around the iron. So far the cord remains undamaged and in good repair.

      Overall and recommendation
      We have been very happy with this purchase and it is still working well about 2 and half years later. I would recommend this iron as good iron for removing creasing easily and is comfortable to hold and never causes any sticking or damage to the clothes when we iron. It is not available on general sale in Tescos any more but it still can be found on some Internet sites new for around £19.99 and cheaper second hand on EBay.


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      Short name: Morphy Richards 40675

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