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Morphy Richards 40723 Comfigrip

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    2 Reviews
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      29.08.2009 21:40
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      Glide through that pile of ironing with ease

      Everybody like to look their best so a well ironed shirt is a boon, unfortunately, the ironing is of course the tiresome part of the smooth shirt process, which will not only impress those around you but also make you feel that bit more confident and comfortable.
      Anyway, if you're like me you find ironing anything more of a chore than a happy event and you just want a device which will make the job that little bit easier and less hassle. So when I was on the hunt for a new iron, (as placing my trousers under my mattress overnight was beginning to annoy the wife), I came across a lovely looking little clothes pressing device which caught my eye, mainly due to its quite distinguished bit of colouring and the well known brand name etched on the side.


      * Illuminated water tank so you can see exactly how much water is left.
      * It has a Ceramic Soleplate which gives a smooth glide to help with stubborn creases
      * 2400 W of power
      * Vertical steam for ironing hanging things such as curtains.
      * Anti-scale which prevents limescale ruining the iron.
      * 3 metre of electric cable
      * 350ml water tank which lasts longer between refills
      * Auto shut off, 1 minute when lay down, 8 minutes when uprights, helping prevent accidental damage.
      * 40g/min steam output which helps give better results
      * 80mg steam shot which gets deep into the fabrics to help smoothen those creases.
      * Jet clean which helps unclog the soleplate
      * Fine water spray which helps with those really stubborn creases

      ** IN CONCLUSION...

      Well, what can you say about something that is built for one purpose only, that is to iron the creases out of material as simple as possible.
      This little blue plastic moulded water holder with a ceramic flat bed really does make ironing a breeze, gliding over most materials with such ease and maybe even a little grace in fact.
      Personally, I can't stand ironing, although I like a clean crisp shirt for work, so I have to do it regardless of the loathing I feel towards it, mainly as the wife won't fall for my begging techniques anymore, (still talking about ironing here people).
      So when I started to use this little blue iron I was well impressed at how easy it moved over the fabrics, almost floating like a hovercraft along the surface of the water.

      This iron is pretty light weight, even when full, and is very easy to manoeuvre around those stubborn creases.
      The water level is so easy to keep an eye on as you can see exactly how much is in the 'tank' through the transparent blue plastic casing.
      It has two buttons and a slide on the top for controlling the steam output and water jet, which expels from a tiny nozzle on the front.
      The dial for material options lies underneath the handle, you can select the chose of material you wish to iron, such as wool, Nylon, silk and cotton linen.
      The handle itself, as the iron itself states, is very comfortable indeed which gives that extra benefit when ironing those mountains of clothes late on a Sunday night ready for the kids in the morning so they can go to school looking neat and tidy, (it's a shame te kids ruin the hard work with-in minutes).
      And the addition of the Auto shut off system has really saved my 'ass' a few times, even if it may have ruined my clothes due to my own forgetfulness and shear stupidity... oh come on, I'm not the only one that has left the iron lay face down on a pair of trousers whilst my mind is taken elsewhere for a brief moment?

      In all, for an iron it does exactly what it is meant to do... it gets those creases out of your clothes, even those really bad ones.
      It is a nice colour of blue, although I think they do come in other colours, and the Morphy Richards mark tells you that you are getting a well known and trusted brand, which does not fall short for this rather splendid little clothes presser.

      If you do want to look into buying a new iron which will take a good 50% of the hassle out of those mountains of ironing then I do recommend this little beauty. And as for the price, well I recall I bought mine a year or so ago for about £45 and after a quick look around it is on sale for between £50- £60, which is a bargain really for what you get.


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        20.05.2009 23:15
        1 Comment



        Superior product, satisfying results

        Wonderful wonderful iron. I don't like ironing. I don't like having an enormous great pile to get through every week. I avoid ironing anything I can get away with! But some things just have to be ironed. Having struggled with a low specification Breville, until it started blowing the electrics (and yes I did change the fuse), I plumped for this model. Firstly the water chamber is easy to fill straight from the tap (carefully). It is comfortable to hold - not too heavy, but reassuringly heavy enough to feel like it's pressing on your garments without too much effort from you. It heats up to temperature so quickly, there's no hanging about. And the power! Wow! I noticed straight away that I was only going over each bit of cloth once - whereas I had got used to having to repeat this action over and over from different angles to get clothes properly pressed. Blimey it saves so much time, it's such a satisfying process. The results are superior too, and I found our clothes look in much better condition. Fab.


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