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Morphy Richards 42296

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    2 Reviews
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      21.08.2011 09:32


      • Reliability


      love it!

      Not many people like ironing, especially me. So anything to make ironing a little bit easier is great! I was recently bought this iron as a gift when I moved into my new home. I have seen this being sold in Tesco before for over £100.00 so it was a pretty generous gift. I would never have spent such money on an iron but after using this for a few weeks I can see why people love it and spend so much money on it.

      The iron heats up very quickly, and heats the water up too. The water tank holds 1100ml of water which is fab if you are doing a huge pile of ironing as it means you do not need to keep refilling the water tank. The iron comes with a tank which it rests on, that is quite heavy, however, the actual iron is very light in weight.

      As with most irons it is a simple case of fill with water - plug in and go. The iron seems to glide over clothes really well, int he past I have had to push down very hard to get rid of creases, and after feeling how light this iron actually is I thought that I would have to do the same thing. I was wrong!

      Another great feature on this iron is that you can adjust the rate in which the steam comes out!

      Overall I would give this iron 10/10 it is fast at heating up and quick at removing creases. Great timesaver!


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      14.04.2009 18:07
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      See Review

      For years we had been using a normal run of the mill iron that was until Mrs P decided she wanted a steam iron. So we started to look around for a steam iron, we had been buying cheap and cheerful irons for many years now and thought it was about time to shell out.
      Knowing nothing about steam iron, we did like many consumers done and googled steam irons to see what we were looking for. To be honest there was not all that much information available to someone who knew nothing.

      So in the end we decided to go to Comet and look at there limited range of steam irons. I was shocked by the prices of these items, surely there can't be that much of a difference.

      We decided on a Morphy Richards 42296 Elite steam generator

      *Why Morphy Richards and who are Morphy Richards*

      This is a company that I know has made many household appliances for many years, after some research I can now tell you that they have developed and manufactured products for over 70 years. To be more exact the company started back in 1935 when two friends Charles Richards and Donald Morphy formed the name we know and love so well today. The first product going under the name of Morphy Richards came of the production line in Kent back in 1936. There first product was a radiator.
      Personal Opinion - Morphy Richards is a name that I can trust and will continue to trust for years to come, there reliable and provide excellent products at affordable prices.

      *Cost and availability*

      This particular item still sells well on the UK market and can be bought from many outlets; here is a quick glance at the market:

      Choice Brand - £79.99
      Amazon £99.99
      Tesco £114.00

      I really believe that this item compares well in the current back, especially given the fact not so long ago this was priced at over £150.
      I bought mines for £100 on a bank holiday special from Comet

      *what it has to offer*

      We bought this particular model for a few reasons and the main one being the fact it was a good price, but now taken in to account what it offers I think we got ourselves a good deal.

      * Large water tank - This can hold 1100ml of water which allows for longer time without having to refill.

      * 2 minutes to heat up- From filling the machine and the turning it on you only have to wait a maximum of 2 minutes this is regardless of how much water is in it.

      * This beauty has a big hose! Ladies calm down, - its cord is a massive 1.8 meters. Caution this gets very hot too.

      * Stainless steel sole plate - as it a steam iron the actual iron is very light in weight.

      * 2200watts in power- according to the instruction booklet the higher the watts the better the performance but I also think the more electricity you will go through.

      * Continuous refill - Meaning you will never be without the iron when in use, the iron will alert you when the water is running low and you can add more to allow continuous play.

      * Non Slip feet - Giving the fact it's a tank I strongly believe that all of these items should come with this feature.

      *First Use*

      Not long after we got the item home we wanted to try it, so out came the instruction manual. After filling the tank with fresh water we plugged it in to the mains and selected the setting you require, your actual iron is just like a normal iron with regards to the settings. So you can adjust it to suit yourself. When the iron is ready you light will go green to highlight this to you.

      Now that's your ready to iron! Well just before I would definitely recommend that you just press the trigger just to clean the iron of any dirt that may be lying within. Bearing in mind this is the first time you have used it.

      The cord which carries the steam from the tank too the iron is very hot so be very careful when using it.

      When we first used it we ironed one of the kid's covers just for the sake of it.
      But it was not too long until Mrs P put the new addition to the test, so out came the black back full of clothes that required ironing. Water tank full and ready to go.

      Mrs P was amazed with the performance of the iron and was happy to say it did cut down the time she taken to complete the iron, she also loves the fact that you can have your shirts on a hanger and iron them in up upright position. No more having to spray a the clothes wet and then going over and over the same part with the iron as you force all your weight on it, this steam iron just glides through the creases and really does leave them crease free.

      When the iron is in use you are required to keep your finger pressed on the button under the handle to generate the steam. When you take your finger off it simply stops. Or you can do want my loving wife has done and has a piece of string that is tied around the handle and all she does is simply slides it and over the button when in use and when not it slides back.

      Only thing that annoys me about the iron is the size of the base, its bulky and does take up some space on the shelf underneath the iron board.

      *Different settings/Warnings*

      The iron has different settings available to use:
      You can vary the rate the steam comes out, three different settings allows you to adjust.

      Setting one - 22.5G of steam per minute
      Setting two - 45G of steam per minute
      Setting three - 90G of steam per minute

      When the scale cartridge at the rear requires changed an audible bleep will sound, now as yet I have never heard this and I have been using the machine for the past 4 months. I can only assume it likes my Scottish water.

      *Technical Specification and further information*

      Now I am no expert about the technical side of things so I have taken the information below from the instruction manual which was provided with the iron.

      Appearance - Mostly purple in colour with a touch of white.
      Weight - 3.88KG

      Dimensions - Depth 19cm - Length 37cm - Height 29.5cm
      More information is available from www.morphyrichards.co.uk
      Morphy Richards provide a standard one year's guarantee with all the products, if you need to contact them during the initial 12 month period there details are as follows:

      Help and support - 0844 871 0953

      Spare Parts - 0844 873 0719


      I would have no problem recommending this particular item for a family; I would say it's not suitable for an older person or someone on their own. It's ideal if you have lots of ironing to do but if it's just the odd item I would just stick to the conventional iron. The performance from this iron is fantastic and its does especially well on upright items such as curtains. It does reduce the time one spends ironing but unlike they claim it does not cut the time in half.

      Worth £100? Yes in my opinion as we have 4 of family so we benefit from it.

      Thanks Reading

      *This review has also been posted on other review sites*


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