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Morphy Richards 42345 Aquamax Premium

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2 Reviews

2000 Watts, Corded Iron, with Vertical Steaming

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    2 Reviews
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      04.01.2008 04:12



      i will stick to my old iron

      I was given this iron as a free gift from empire stores catalogue for placing an order with them.
      If the useless heap of junk hadnt been free i would have sent it back and asked for my money back.

      I plugged the base in and filled the iron with water, this i had no problems with.
      I placed the iron onto the base to allow it to heat up, this took much longer than my ordinary iron does to heat up.
      Once the red light went off to say the iron was hot enough i began trying to iron a t-shirt but the creases did not seem to be coming out.
      For fear of burning the t-shirt if i got the iron too hot i swaped the t-shirt for a pair of jeans.
      Put the iron back on the base to heat up to max and when the light eventually went off again i tried to iron the jeans, it didnt work i think i possibly managed to iron more creases into them than out of them as the iron seemed to be like sandpaper going over the material even though there was nothing on the metal.

      The light comes back on to tell you that it needs to be put back on the base to heat back up at least once a minute and takes between 10 to 15 seconds to reheat.

      This was possibly the most time consuming ironing i have ever done, wouldnt recomend this to any one


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      18.06.2007 11:13
      Very helpful



      Avoid this iron like the plague, it is awful!

      Being a domesticated goddess as my husband calls me usually means that he requires a shirt ironing, something I loathe doing but alas something I have to do on a regular basis to avoid him leaving in a morning looking like he has just been dragged through a brush backwards. I am slightly neurotic about clothes having no creases in them at all as I’m a great believer that presentation and the clothes we wear are the first thing new people see as we go around our daily lives.

      The decision to purchase the Morphy Richards 42345 Aquamax was my own so as you will become aware as you continue to read on, the blame rests entirely upon my shoulders. I worked on the theory when deciding to make my purchase that an iron that has a water reservoir to keep the heated iron damp and costing £49.99 would be superior to a cheaper model where water had to be sprayed as I ironed.

      I am terrible at describing how things look but thankfully there is a picture of the iron above. It is made up of two component parts; the base unit holds the water (up to 1.1 litres) and the actual iron, which is attached to the base by a thick, insulated cord. Both sections are made from a fairly thick plastic while the base is quite colourful and is partially made from a see through aqua coloured plastic enabling me to see how full the reservoir is. In terms of size the entire unit is large and comparable to the size of two normal irons stood on top of each other. The temperature of the iron is controlled by a dial that is located on top of the iron, just below the cushioned handle. In addition to this, there is a red indicator light to signify that the iron is at the selected temperature. As far as feature goes, this is as complex as the iron gets and could not be easier to figure out how to use which is good considering the one sided A5 instruction note. I say note as a small leaflet cannot really be described as a guide.

      When I first used the iron I found that the reservoir was very easy to fill thanks to the large hole where water is poured in. This is unfortunately as good as it got and from then on in my problems with this product started. I set the temperature to cotton as I was ironing a shirt and stood around waiting, and then waiting some more for the red light to go off. It took five minutes for this to happen during which time the iron made some quite scary gurgling and bubbling sounds while large amounts of steam were produced. I put this down to the fact that it was the first time it had probably been powered up so let that slide. A shirt which to be honest wasn’t very creased as it had been hung up in a wardrobe for a few days was placed on the ironing board and I picked up the very light iron and started ironing. To say that it doesn’t glide over fabric is something of a massive understatement and to iron one shirt took me 15 minutes because it was so hard to move it around without fear of it sticking to the shirt. On top of this every minute or so the temperature light would come back on as the iron started to cool which meant that it had to be repositioned back onto the base unit for a few moments. After finishing I hung the shirt back up and within 5 minutes most of the creases I had just ironed out had reappeared, albeit not a severe, they were still there.

      The above was my first experience of using the iron and I tried not to get angry at the thought of my weekly ironing taking 3 days to complete but found that when I continued to use it the time taken to warm up from cold still took around 10 minutes, it still made the same scary noises and could not maintain any of the temperatures I selected for longer than 2-3 minutes leaving me so frustrated at times I wanted to pick the unit up and throw it through my kitchen window. I may not like ironing but I’m positive, as a labour saving device it should not make me want to scream and kill the nearest living thing to me.

      As an iron the Morphy Richards 42345 Aquamax is quite possibly the worst I have ever used and wouldn’t even if in an evil mood recommend one to my worst enemy as I know how angry and frustrated I got trying to use it.

      In summary, the bad points are:

      Takes 10 minutes to warm up
      It cannot retain temperatures selected
      Doesn’t remove even light creases

      On the positive side:

      The reservoir is easy to fill
      The iron is lightweight

      Looking at the pros and cons you can probably see now why I have now thrown this away and bought a cheaper and infinitely better iron. Only a masochist would buy this iron.


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