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Morphy Richards 40654 Turbosteam

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    2 Reviews
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      06.09.2009 14:41
      Very helpful


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      it is modified and works well with its water spray and steam based system.

      I bought Morphy Richards Turbosteam 40654 few months ago when my previous iron of same brand but different model was not functioning well.
      The Morphy Richards Turbo steam 40654 is nice iron. It has all the important functions .

      Weight: The iron is not very heavy in fact light weight. I always liked the heavy irons as it presses the cloths properly and removes the crease better. But for the weight it works pretty well. Only needs cloths to be slightly wet for better function.

      quality: The Morph Richards is a good name and so the quality is pretty good .

      size: The iron is slightly big size so cove the cloths quickly.

      wiring size: The wire is medium size .

      water tank: The size of tank is quite big and I need to fill in a at least full glass of water. There is no marking on tank to tell the amount in volumes.

      Price: I bought for £18 but if the price is Google then one can find the iron slightly in low price.

      There are duel way of pouring water on cloths which is spray and steam. This light weight Morphy Richards Turbo steam is very good iron. It is modified and works well with its water spray and steam based system.
      When steam is on it quickly iron cloths without any efforts. The iron is instructed to empty the water tank when finished to save it from rusting and blocking the steam wholes.

      I am happy with this buy. I can say its worth paying.


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      09.09.2008 22:42
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A nice cheep and cheerful iron that does the job.

      I had not realised what a clumsy person I was until today! I have been a bit lazy, ironing wise for over a week now, so on my day off and with me having the luxury of both of my kids being at school and nursery, I decided to bite the bullet and do the ironing. The fact that we are actually having to climb over it to go upstairs had nothing to do with it, of course!

      So, I set up my ironing board and get stuck in, I find once I have done a few items I can usually get into "the flow", and then I can finish the entire pile without to much bother. I had just got the flow when I did something a bit silly! I put the iron, upright mind, and turned around to get some more ironing, when I turned back around I saw the iron falling to the floor. I tried to grab it and in so doing I flipped the iron over, the iron landed plate side down. I thought, it hasn't broke, i've got away with it.... No such luck! I picked the iron up to find the entire plate side of the iron smashed, with all the wires exposed, bum holes! (The sad thing is I actually thought that! LOL).

      I decided the only thing to do was go straight out and purchase a new one, else the poor kids would be leaving the house tomorrow looking like no-one owns them!

      I drove straight to my local supermarket (Asda), and went straight to the very small electrical section. I have purchased electrical items from there before and have never had any problems with the equipment.

      There is a small yet varied selection of irons to pick from, starting from £3.97 for the smart price iron upto the more expensive £40 irons, that at that price I would hope they would iron and hang your clothes up for you!

      I decided on the iron I had just actually broken. When I purchased the first iron it was in the sale and cost me £20, this time it has been reduced even further, now to £9.97.... bargain!

      The iron in question is the Morphy Richards TurboSteam.

      The iron in question, when removed from the box is a sturdy yet sleek looking creature, cream and jade green in colour.

      On the handle there are two buttons, one is to shoot a fine water spray, to help remove stubborn creases, alternatively if this method doesn't work next to it there is a steam button, this when pressed, shoots a large burst of steam that supposedly makes the creases just drop out.
      I very rarely need to use either of these functions, the iron gets very hot and I always have the steam function on full whack, making the creases history!

      Under the handle there is a circular dial, this is the temperature knob. Turn the knob clockwise to get the lower settings, perfect for nylons and silks.
      Turn anti-clockwise and this increases the temperature for more hardy prces of clothing, cotton, denim...etc.

      There are three heat settings, these are - 120c max, cool
      160c max, warm
      210c max, hot.

      Again its very rare I use any others setting than hot, I don't tend to wear many delicates that need ironing.

      Getting started - I generally always use the steam function, in fairness after the ironing has been sitting in the pile for a week, it tends to need all the help it can get!
      Included in with the iron is a small filling jug. This holds 400ml of water, the exact amount the iron takes. You simply stand the iron upright, open the tab, found almost at the "nose" of the iron, then pour the water in, closing the tab securely after filling.

      For my method of ironing I turn the steam onto full, this can be achieved with a sliding bar situated above the water tab. The bar has again three settings, off, medium steam and full steam, perfect! You simply slide the bar across to the desired setting and away you go.

      The iron, when upto the desired temperature, can then be used. The base plate is aluminium and is incredibly smooth, and makes the job much easier. The first iron I owned was so bad, everything had to be ironed under a scabby old tea towel, ahhh the innocence of youth!

      When you have finished your ironing, and if your anything like me that will be three hours later, you must empty the water from the steam chamber. The water in my area is quite high in limescale, so if the water is left in the steam holes block very easily in the base plate, I have also found that even when these holes block up they do tend to leak a little dirty water at very inappropriate times, ie twice when I was ironing my husbands white designer shirts!

      There is a final feature on this iron that helps to combat the limescale problem, when finished with the iron switch off and pour out almost all the water. With the final few drops still in the steam chamber pump the shoot steam button on the handle, this should clear away any debris and dirty water still sitting under the base plate, making it clean and ready for the next time you do your ironing.

      This iron is not only suitable for ironing clothes but states it can be used as a vertical steamer. Simply switch on as you would to do the ironing, hold vertical (obviously) and press the shoot steam button whilst holding the iron a few centimetres from the creased item, the instructions show this feature being used on a pair of hanging curtains.
      This is a nice feature, but as for the vertical curtain ironing, the only time your curtains would be creased is when they have been washed, so surely it would be easier to iron them when not hanging?

      After reading the storage instructions I was surprised to see they advocate standing the iron upright so as to stop any water left in the unit from escaping and discolouring the base plate . I have always lay mine down, the way that you would receive it in the box, I know better from now on! The other thing is not wind the cord too tightly, this should stop the flex becoming kinked and damaged within and hopefully prolonging the life some what... yeah, that don't help me!
      There is even a picture showing the best way to wrap the cord up, around the bottom of the unit.

      The unit I am reviewing is the one with coated base plate, so these instructions are suitable for this one, and this one alone.
      If for any reason some man made fibre fuses onto the sole plate, you should simply set the steam button to it's highest setting, then pass the iron over a piece of cotton to remove. This is a useful feature, my son's Thomas the tank clothes seem to have a high proportion of transfer pictures or alternatively little rubber plaques, stating that these are copyrighted clothes. I always, no matter how hard I try to avoid, seem to iron straight over these and created smudges across the front of the item of clothing. Bad enough that I have ruined a top, at least I won't have ruined an iron!

      The cleaning instructions for the outside of the iron is simply wipe over with a damp cloth and a little detergent.... Now that I can cope with!

      Featured in the instructions leaflet is a list of information to keep with the iron in case of a fault, they state they are more qualified to deal with queries than the store were it was purchased.
      The list includes - serial number, receipt, model number and name....

      There is finally a list of numbers to ring for help and information these are -

      Uk helpline - 0844 871 0953

      Replacement parts - 0844 873 0719

      Ireland helpline - 1800 409119

      There is also a two year guarantee on these products, however there is a list of exclusions, funnily enough the exclusions list is not included, so can only assume you will be advised of those upon trying to replace or fix a faulty unit.

      This is a lovely iron, it is a perfect shape to fit in any sized hand, the base plate is smooth as glass for perfect results everytime, and the price is more than reasonable, would I recommend....yes!

      For more information on this product and the many others available in the range visit -

      Thanks for reading x


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    • Product Details

      Morphy Richard's powerful 2000w Turbosteam iron is perfect for all households with heavy wash loads. Boasting variable and vertical steam with an impressive 30 gram per minute steam output as well as an 80 gram shot of steam, this range is perfect for combating heavily creased fabrics.

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