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Philips GC1011

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Iron with spray mist. 1400W

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    1 Review
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      12.09.2007 10:35
      Very helpful



      A reliable iron for your basic ironing needs.

      When we recently moved house one of the house warming gifts we received was a new iron, a bit of a joke really as I truly hate ironing, still considering I'd broke my previous one it was a gift very much needed.

      Philips Comfort 1000/ GC 1011-
      The Philips Comfort 1000 is a relatively compact steam iron. It has Variable steam levels, altered by selecting the required level on the dial on top of the iron, the steam is continuous up to a level of 15g per minute, the ability to increase the level of steam means it is easier to deal with difficult creases in items.

      It's aluminium sole plate is raised slightly away from the iron itself, this is designed to make ironing items with buttons easier and saves endless ironing around the buttons, the plate is also meant to be scratch proof, making gliding the iron easy and preventing rust on the plate.

      As with all irons it has variable heat settings, also altered by selecting the level you want on the larger dial under the handle of the iron. There are 3 main settings, although you can set the temperature in between these. Up to level 1 is suitable for Nylon and silk, up to level 2 for wool and up to level 3 for Cotton and Linen.

      The iron is self cleaning, removing lime scale and debris from the iron which is particularly helpful if, like me, you live in a hard water area. The iron is easy to refill via the hole in the top of the iron, there is also a "Max" level indication on the side of the iron so you do not over fill

      My Experience-
      Despite my passionate dislike of ironing I do use the iron regularly, it is comfortable to use, not heavy or bulky making it easy to move over the garments you're ironing. The handle is comfortable and the space between it and the main body of the iron is large enough to accommodate far chunkier hands than mine. Choosing the heat and steam levels is simple with the dials easy to change and clearly marked for the settings you want. The steam variation button is on top of the handle making it easy to change without having to stop your ironing and fiddling with the dial.

      The refill hole is quite large, not so much that it will leak or spill but you can still refill the iron quickly without the refill reservoir overflowing, in previous irons I have used the hole has been quite tricky to pour the water into but this iron is a breeze to refill. With a cord length of approximately 1.9 meters you would think you have a fair bit of length, I however have found that unless I want to iron directly by the power socket the lead is not long enough and I have to use and extension cord. The cord is quite flexible, although not to the full 360 degrees that some irons allow, it is also fully waterproof, a reassuring aspect considering the dangers of water meeting electricity.

      The iron heats up quickly and has a light to show that it is switched on, a helpful feature for me considering I'm always walking off leaving irons on. The button groove between the sole plate and the iron is a great feature, with a husband and a son I get through a lot of shirts so this feature makes my job just a little easier, not having to fuss around the row of buttons making sure there are no creases left.

      Other than the lead length one of the only complaints I have is the colour, while white and pink may appeal to some people it's not the colour for me, this though is a shallow cosmetic complaint which doesn't affect how the iron works.

      I've used the iron on all sorts of fabric from tough denim jeans to satin and organza dresses and so far I've had no problems with the iron, although I would always recommend ironing the more delicate items which require a low temperature first and work your way up to the items which require the high heat, that way there's less chance of damaging the delicate items.

      The iron is available from as little as £4.99 at Asda and Online, as well as other retailers, I think it's fabulous value for money and would certainly recommend it for someone looking for a basic steam iron.

      Hmmmmmmm curious quick ratings there, I never realised irons had battery talk time!


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