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Philips GC2840 Powerlife

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    2 Reviews
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      22.02.2011 12:52
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      A very good iron with a great design, and very easy to use

      I purchased the Philips GC 2840 iron about about 6 months ago and I paid a price of around £40 from my local Argos store. My previous Iron was also a Philips, and it had served me very well, so I was keen to get something very similar.
      £40 might seem quite a lot to pay for an iron, but I have bought cheap electrical appliances in the past and often regretted it within a few months as they start to fall to bits

      The GC 2840 is a very nice sleek looking iron, which is stylishly coloured in red and white. It does look a little feminine with its soft white and red / pinky colours, but as I only do a little bit of ironing, and I'm always at home alone when I do it, I can live with the feminine looks of the GC 2840!

      There are 2 nice red buttons at the top of the iron, which are conveniently positioned next to the strong white handle, easily in reach of the thumb when they need to be pressed to inject a little extra steam in the case of the button to the right hand-side, or to spray some water in the case of the button to the left.

      The GC 2840 SteamGlide iron features continuous steam output of up to 32 g/min which is more than enough, but by pushing the red button on the right hand-side, an extra-powerful steam boost of up to 100 g/min comes thrusting out of the bottom of the iron to help remove even the most stubborn creases easily.
      The SteamGlide soleplate is Philips' premium soleplate, which helps to improve the overall ironing experience by enabling the iron to glide across the garments, and the pointed tip gives an accurate finish. It offers great scratch resistance, excellent gliding and is easy to clean, and mine is still looking like it has never been used.

      There is a red coloured dial on the water tank, which can be adjusted to a different temperature for different fabrics ranging from nylon through to wool or cotton.

      Aside from the girly colouring qualities, this iron is a very solid little unit which weighs in at 1.2 kg. The steamglide design makes the ironing a very easy task, as the iron does literally glide over the clothes with a nice smooth action, which is easy on the arms and wrists.

      The clear water tank has a 300 ml capacity, which is more than enough, and I tend to only ever fill it about a quarter full. The tank is really easy to fill up, it is filled by holding the iron horizontally, and flipping open the white plastic lid to reveal a nice sized, round filling hole which can then be filled up straight from the tap, whilst monitoring the level of the water through the transparent plastic tank.

      The electrical lead is nice and long in length at 2 meters, which is plenty long enough, without being too long, but care must be taken to prevent it from becoming a tripping hazard, especially if there are young children around.

      Other features include:

      2200W of power
      Constant high steam output
      Variable steam settings
      Pointed steam tip
      Drip drop system (to prevent any water leaks)

      **** My overall opinion ****

      I have been really pleased with the Philips GC 2840 iron, and so has my wife. The iron temperature heats up almost instantly when it is plugged in, and water is easy to pour into the water tank via the decent sized opening.

      The steam boost is a fantastic addition to the iron, producing masses of nice warm steam whenever it is required by the simple press of a button, which is always handy to have dependent upon the garments in question.
      I like the weight of the iron, it is quite lightweight, but the steamglide soleplate design makes it feel even lighter.
      It is really easy to clean, and overall I would recommend it, and have been very pleased with its performance to date.

      Thanks for reading

      © L500589 2011


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        02.11.2010 22:40
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        It's a great mover!

        Buying irons is not one of my favourite pastimes but seeing as my 'old faithful' was on its way out I was on the look out for a pretty lightweight model that performs well. I am not the sort of girl who enjoys ironing over the same area of fabric for a long duration of time; and so I was hopeful that I would discover an iron that performed well in less time!

        I spotted this Philips model on Argos.co.uk and the reviews sounded good. I liked the colour (pinky), the design and the fact that it self cleaning! Oh that is a plus isn't it. We have hard water in our area so I was pleased to see that it has an Anti Scale function too. The iron weighs in at 1.2kg and is great to handle whilst being weighty enough to bear down and give the garments or bedding some 'pressing' treatment.

        The water capacity is quite a size (300ml) and the design is transparent so you can see how much you have left - you can fill this baby straight from the tap which I think is really handy and I couldn't do this with my last 'old faithful'. The heat settings are on a dial which is clear and easy to understand - just twist to the cottons or synthetics or wool etc and off you go, easy! There are two buttons on top of the handle - one of them is for a burst of steam (100g/min) whilst the other is to activate the cleaning system! This is so clever, I am impressed.

        The length of the cable is good at 2m! and you can easily store the cable by wrapping it around the base of the iron and fastening it with the attachment - this is simple to do.

        The iron has a ceramic sole plate that is really smooth, when I am using it the iron really glides over the garments, it feels great! The iron heats up quickly which is a big bonus for me - no more waiting around to get going with the pile of ironing lurking in the corner! I have noticed a big improvement on performance from my last 'old faithful'. I do no need to iron things repeatedly and press down hard - I just glide the iron along and the creases are gone - even on my bedding which normally gave me real problems - with stubborn creases that I needed to damp down in order to get anywhere and even then the bedding wasn't crease free - well it is now!, I am really impressed - the first time in years that I have bedding to be proud of! It looks so good!

        My Verdict!
        Well as I began with, ironing is not something that I can say that I have ever been enthusiastic about, but is it any wonder! I have been missing out! I was struggling to remove stubborn creases and often burning the bottom of the 'old faithful', ironing was a real chore. And now, with my lovely Philips 'Pinky Perky' (thought I would name it now) I am sailing along with a smile on my face - to say that ironing is now my favourite pastime would be telling all out porkies but I can say that because of this iron (newly christened 'Pinky Perky') I now take great pleasure in the task and I am so pleased with my pristine results. This iron is really user friendly and clever, light with a long cable, heats up quickly and does a great job - and it is a pretty reasonable price too for a 2200 watt model.

        I can recommend this iron to you without any hesitation - it is great! Go get yourself a Pinky Perky and see!


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        Short name: Philips GC2840